How To Get Your Cat To Stop Peeing Everywhere – Finally! A House That Is Cat Urine Free!

Arrgghh! Tigger has just peed on the carpet!

Oh and now he’s sprayed on our beautiful Curtains!

Has he just peed on my shoes?

Sound familiar? Yes?

Frustrating right?

When your Cat decides he wants to pee everywhere but the Litter box

I know how you’re feeling

I understand the frustration

The stress

The confusion

Even the anger

Don’t get me wrong

We love our Cats to bits!

Maybe more than we love our friends!

But when they start urinating everywhere then it can get difficult

It just feels like a problem that can never be solved

No matter how hard we try

The same problem – Your Cat has peed on your expensive carpet!

You can’t even go for a nice meal without the constant worry of your Cat peeing somewhere he shouldn’t!

I know the feeling because I’m a Cat parent myself

And things can become real difficult

Tension can start to rise between family members

And sometimes it can get to a point where family members are saying “Enough is enough! You need to get rid of your Cat”

Like that will ever happen

But the pressure can get to you

On one hand you’re trying your best to get your Cat to stop peeing everywhere (And that is not working at all)

Then you’re got family members putting pressure on you to either stop this behavior asap! or the Cat needs to go

It can be hard right?


The worst thing is, it’s like you’re going in circles

So now you must be wondering how can you stop this behavior

You’ve pretty much tried everything in the book!

You’ve Googled it and read different articles

And that can become overwhelming too because you got one website saying to do this and then another website saying don’t do this but do that!

You just wanna tear your hair out and scream!

You don’t have to worry though

Because your




Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed

This is all going to come to an end

Yep, that’s right

I’ll tell you how….

In this article you’re going to discover how to get your Cat to stop peeing everywhere

Will it take work? Yes of course

Will it work though? Why not? Your Cat is not going to keep peeing everywhere

It’s a phase or a behavior issue that won’t last forever (Although it may seem like that)

We need to tackle this problem from deep within

And by that I mean, we need to figure out why your Cat is not using the litter box

What is causing your Cat to pee everywhere (Or spraying everywhere)

So in this article we’re going to cover few things

So sit tight, grab a drink or a cup of coffee and get reading!

Is Your Cat Peeing Or Spraying? The Difference Between The Two

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between spraying is to peeing


When a Cat sprays then they lift their tail erect and then spray drops of urine on anything that is vertical such as curtains, the couch leg, doors etc – This is spraying

It’s only a drop of urine but boy it can stink up the whole house!

The worst part is you have no idea where it’s coming from because it’s only drops of urine

Cats spray as a way of communicating with other Cats

It’s a way of showing them that this area is my territory to back off! (My Cat used to spray all over the house constantly but thankfully he’s stopped now!)

Your Cat is marking their territory because of other Cats coming into your Cats area

A cat may still spray even after they have been neutered

You can check out my article

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 


You’ll know when a Cat has peed because it’s quite obvious – a puddle of urine

If you ever catch your Cat peeing, he would sit down (not all the way) and literally relieve himself

Pretty straight forward

Now that we know the difference

It’s time to figure out why your Cat is peeing everywhere

I mean you have a Litter box but your Cat is not using it!

Let’s look at first why your Cat is avoiding the Litter Box

Why Is Your Cat Avoiding The Litter Box?

There could be a number of reasons why a Cat has stopped using their Litter box

They won’t just stop using it all of a sudden or to get you angry

Unfortunately they can’t say to you why they’re not doing their business in the Litter box

It’s up to us Cat parents to work out the why

It could be a challenge but I’m here to help and I hope you gain some real value and hopefully your Cat stops peeing everywhere and uses the Litter box, or your Cat stops spraying all over the house

Anyways, let’s look at the possible reasons for Litter box avoidance

Possible Reasons For Litter Box Avoidance

Your Cat will stop using the Litter box for one the two reasons

It’s either



Behavior issue

Medical Reason 

If your Cat is not using the litter box then the first action you need to take is to pay a visit to the veterinarian

The Vet will physically exam your Cat and check the urine sample

Depending on the results your Vet will tell you what medication your Cat needs to take if there is urinary medical issue

Here are a few common urinary medical problems that Cats can suffer from

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) – This is when bacteria in your Cats urine can cause inflammatory response in the urinary tract
  • Bladder Stones – Stones in your Cats bladder can develop which can cause irritation and sometimes can even cause blockage
  • Crystalluria – Crystals can develop in your Cats urine which can cause your Cat irritation to the Urinary tract. This happens when the PH of your Cats urine is either too high or low

If your Cat is not suffering from any of these medical problems then it could also be that your Cat is in some sort of pain and discomfort elsewhere in the body

That is why a trip to the Vets should be done as soon as possible

You don’t want this to get serious

If you want to monitor your cats health and detect any early sign of any health problems then you can do this


Just by using a cat litter!

Yep, you can detect any early sign by your cat using the litter box

The litter I’m talking about is Pretty Litter – a must have for cat parents!

You can  check out my in-depth review of Pretty Litter

If everything is healthy with your Cat (I hope that’s the case) then we need to look at any behavioral issues

Behavioral Issues 

Let’s look at different behavior issues as to why your Cat is not using the Litter box

One of the main reasons is a dirty Litter box

Dirty Litter Box 

Cats are very clean animals and they are very particular about their Litter box

If the Litter box is dirty then your Cat will not use it

Think about it, we wouldn’t want to use a washroom that is filthy so why should your Cat use a Litter box that is not up to their standards

If it’s clean then it may be uncomfortable for your Cat to use, for example. the Litter box is not big enough for your Cat to use

The location of the Litter box is not to your Cats liking

If you have a Litter box that is covered then this could be a bother for your Cat

Sometimes the litter is uncomfortable for your Cat or the scent of the Litter could be strong


Cats can become stressed

Did you know, your Cat can sense you being stressed which can make them stressed too!

So try not be stressed around your Cat

When your Cat is stress then they stop using the Litter box

Here are a few things that can trigger stress in your Cat

  • New Cat in the household
  • New family member such a new baby or someone has come to stay over
  • A change in environment (Moved houses or added new furniture)

Check out my article how to calm a stressed Cat down

The Smell Of Old Urine Is Still There

If your Cat has urinated in a spot and it’s not cleaned properly then your Cat will know it’s peed there and will most likely return to that same very spot and pee again

Remember, your Cats sense of smell is much better than yours!

You have to make sure the smell of urine has gone away completely

There are many cat urine removers out there you can buy

I would recommend getting Rocco & Roxie

You can check out my in-depth review of this awesome cat urine remover by clicking the link below

Rocco & Roxie Stain And Odor Eliminator Review 

So here we have it

Possible reasons why your Cat is peeing everywhere and not in the litter box

So the question remains – How do you get your Cat to use the litter box again?

How You Can Get Your Cat To Use The Litter Box Again

The most common reason why your Cat has stopped using the litter box is because of the litter box (After you’ve got your Cat checked up and he’s all healthy)

So it’s time to look at the Litter box and see how we can change things to suit your Cat in regards to the Litter tray

Clean The Litter Box

The very first thing you should do is clean the litter box

You should try to clean twice a day (hard work but hey it’s for your Cat and for your benefit too!)

If you can’t do twice then at least once a day

Correct Litter Box

Try to get a Litter box that is big enough for your Cat to use

Your Cat should feel comfortable when they use the Litter box

Location Of The Litter Box

Make sure the litter box is kept somewhere quite in the house so your Cat can get some privacy too!

Avoid putting the Litter box next to their food bowl or by a washing machine

The loud noise can get your Cat scared!

If you have a small apartment you ain’t got much space then this can be a problem

You can check out my article >> Where to put Cat litter box in a small apartment 

If you can, try putting a Litter box in every level in your house

Because if your Cat is older then it could be difficult for your Cat to go upstairs or come downstairs every time they need to relieve themselves

Right Type Of Litter

You should try to use litter that your Cat likes

How do you find this out? Slowly introduce new litter and see which one your Cat is comfortable with and then stick with that

Unscented litter and dust free tend to work well with Cats

What’s the best cat litter to get?

Just as I recommended earlier

Pretty Litter is the must have for cat parents

Or if you want to try different options then check out my article

Top 6 Best Dust Free Cat Litter For Asthma

Number Of Litter Box

It is recommended to have one litter box per Cat plus a extra

Reason why is some Cats like to pee in one and poo in another

Keep Your Cat Happy

Try to spend quality time with your Cat

This will help them feel more safe and secure and ultimately happy

A happy Cat is a stress free Cat

And a Cat that is stress free will use the litter box

Win win situation right

At least spend 15 – 20 mins a day with your Kitty and play with them

Shower your Cat with love and affection

How? You can check out my article How To Make Your Cat Happy And Love You 

Clean The Area Thoroughly

It’s important that you clean the area where your Cat has peed thoroughly

You need to use a cleaner that has enzymatic cleaner which completely removes the urine odor

This will ensure your Cat does not come to the same spot and pee again

Want to know what is the best product to remove Cat urine smell?

>>Click here to discover which product you need to completely remove Cat urine odor<<

Proven System To Get Your Cat To Use The Litter Box

Dealing with this issue can be a nightmare

It does require patience and persistence

But what if I told you there’s a quicker way?

A proven step by step system you can easily follow to help your get your Cat to stop peeing everywhere?

I personally purchased this system myself and would recommend it to ALL cat parents

It’s called Cat Spraying No More 

Cat Spraying No More

This is a in depth guide that goes through everything!

Everything you need to know about why your Cat is spraying or peeing everywhere and how you can stop this behavior

Trust me, you’ll learn things I doubt you’ll find over the internet

The thing is, when we search for advice about this peeing everywhere problem you get told all sorts of things right?

This website says do this and then this website says don’t do this do that

It can become overwhelming and confusing

And the situation with your Cat is not getting any better

Relationships are being strained due to Cat urine making the house smell really bad!

It’s easier to follow something that is written out in a step by step system

All in one so it’s easy to understand

Here’s a screenshot of my order (just so you know I’ve actually bought this)

Cat Spraying No More

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When your Cat starts to pee everywhere then it can be a cause of concern which is why you should take your Cat to the Vets as soon as possible to make sure your Cat is healthy and nothing is causing this behavior

If your Cat is healthy then you need to play a bit of detective mode and figure out how to get your Cat to stop peeing everywhere and this article will have hopefully given you some advice and tips on what to look out for

Whatever you do, avoid shouting at your Cat as this will just make matters worse and won’t solve any problems

Patience is key here

This behavior of urinating everywhere is just a phase that will pass by, it just requires a bit of effort from your side

If you want to stop this behavior fast then I would really recommend checking out Cat Spraying No More 

You can read my review by clicking here

If your cat has been pooping all over the floor too then check out my article – How to stop a cat from pooping on the floor 

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