Best Product To Kill Fleas On Cats – (No More Itchy Cat!)

Fleas on cats is a typical problem that pet owners have to deal with on a regular basis if they do not attend to the issue beforehand.

Once the cat is infested with fleas, the fleas can easily become a problem for not only the cat that is affected by the infestation but also the people who are caring for the cat.

And once that happens, it’s not a easy job to get rid of fleas because they keep coming back!

That’s why it’s very important to deal with this as soon as you notice fleas on your Cat

Hi there, Susan here. Today, I want to talk about an important topic that all cat owners should really take note of – fleas in cats.

Cats are beloved animals and pets, and they truly make great companions for anyone, but when fleas start to infest these animals, things can quickly become frustrating.

Not only is your cat at risk of conditions such as allergic reactions and even infection when there are many bites on them, but your home may also become infested with fleas.

This can start to become a frustration for the entire family, waking up to itches and bites.

With the right product, however, there really is no need to be concerned about fleas on your cat – but with so many products available on the market, I find that many cat owners jump from one product to the other as they are not sure which ones are appropriate for them.

Here, we will take a look at why your cat may be infested with fleas, the potentially harmful effects that fleas can cause in your cat, and I’ll tell you about a great product that has been rated as one of the best when it comes to treating and killing fleas on your cat.

Common Reasons Why Cats Catch Fleas

When it comes to considering causes for fleas on cats, it is important to take into account the fact that cats are technical wild by nature – even though they can be perfectly domesticated, letting your cat out means they will be exploring and catching prey. This is one of the most common reasons why a cat would catch fleas – because they frequently find themselves between tall grass and other areas where fleas are commonly known to lurk around.

This is also why cats that are not allowed to go out on their own tend to be less likely to be infested with fleas – as they are not exposed to those areas that are breeding grounds for the fleas.

The Harmful Effects Of Fleas On Cats

One of the main issues about fleas on cats is the fact that they are often so small that a person would not notice one or two fleas that might have gotten on their cat. This, however, does not mean harmful effects may develop with only those few fleas that have made their way onto the coat of your cat.

Not all cats respond the same to a bite from a flea. Some cats will only have a mild reaction, where a bite mark will be present for a few days. In other cats, however, complications like an allergic reaction may develop. This can be unpleasant and lead to problems such as scabs, as well as red patches. The cat may also experience pain and tenderness in the areas where the fleas have bitten them.

Even though things may not seem serious initially, the presence of fleas on a cat can lead to the development of allergic dermatitis. This can cause the cat great discomfort and, in addition to the symptoms mentioned above, may also lead to hair loss.

There are other dangers lurking among fleas as well. For example, in some cases, a cat may be at risk of developing tapeworms, a type of parasite, which can be transmitted through fleas. When the flea carries the larva of the tapeworm, the larva may develop in the cat should the flea be ingested. This can cause a number of additional side-effects and symptoms, which could often lead to a trip toward the veterinary and additional expenses.

Other potential conditions that a cat may be at risk to if they are infested with fleas include:

  • Flea bite anemia
  • Hemobartonella

Can Fleas On Cats Be Prevented

There are ways to prevent a flea manifestation on a cat, with one of the most important being preventative care – in the form of appropriate flea treatment. There are different treatment options available that a cat owner can opt for. Some are applied on the coat of the cat, while others are rather in the form of a pill that is ingested and then gets to work from the inside of the cat.

It is important for the cat owner to be aware of the fact that not all of these treatments are equally effective – some tend to work better than others, but may also cost more. Thus, it is crucial to consider the risk factors for the cat. If there is a higher risk that the cat may catch fleas, then a more effective preventative treatment option should ideally be used. This can help to lower the risk of an infestation with fleas significantly – and would not only be beneficial for the cat, but also for the entire home.

Furthermore, the cat owner’s house should be treated frequently. Any bedding and linen, as well as furniture, where the cat will frequently spend time on,  should be washed with warm water. This can help to kill both fleas and their eggs, avoiding further infestations of these parasites.

An additional preventative measure that can be taken by a cat owner is to keep the cat on the inside of the house. In the modern day, people are increasingly buying accessories for cats to walk them and take them outside. These can help to avoid the cat entering areas that are infested with fleas – providing a significant reduction in the cat’s likeliness to catch fleas.

My Recommendation For A Treatment To Kill Fleas On A Cat

While there are quite a large variety of treatments available to help kill fleas that have already infested a cat, as well as to provide a mechanism of protection against future infestations, they are certainly not all the same.

I would like to recommend which I believe is the best product to kill fleas on Cats and that is Frontline Plus for Cats

Frontline Plus For Cats

This is a proven and tested product that millions of people are already using. The Frontline Plus option is an upgrade from the standard Frontline option and can provide assistance in killing parasites that have already called a cat’s coat their home. In addition to providing an effective mechanism for killing existing fleas on a cat, the product has also been equipped with ingredients that work systematically – once applied, the cat will be protected against fleas for as long as a month.

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The treatment only needs to be applied once a month and comes in convenient packages that give you a bulk supply of the treatment at a significantly reduced price.

While strong and effective, it is important to note that Frontline Plus for Cats has also been proven a safe option for killing fleas and will not cause harm to the cat when applied according to the included instructions.


Fleas on cats can be a significant bother – not only for the cat but for the entire family. Unfortunately, not all tick and flea treatments for cats are effective. Without the right treatment, fleas can infest a cat, cause complications, and become bothersome to the family.

I personally recommend the Frontline Plus flea treatment for cats. This option has been tested and proven effective in terms of killing fleas that may have already infested a cat, as well as help to prevent future infestations.

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As I’ve mentioned earlier in the article, it’s important to act fast!

Don’t just think the fleas will go away on it’s own because that will never happen

It’s hard enough for your Cat to keep scratching himself

It’s up to us Cat parents to help our Cats to stay Flea free!

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