Best Cat Urine Remover For Hardwood Floors – (The Best Urine Remover For Hardwood Floors?)

Hey Cat parents, in this article you’re going to discover the best Cat urine remover for hardwood floors

If you’re really frustrated figuring out how to remove that urine stain and that foul smell then you’re in the right place

Not only are you going to discover the best urine remover but you’ll also learn how you can stop your Cat from using your house floor as a litter box and finally use the litter box! 

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I’m a Cat parent myself so I know exactly how you feel when your Cat decides to leave a puddle of urine for you

Especially after you’ve just done a good scrub of your floor and made it look all clean and shiny and sparkly!

And within a few minutes of your cleaning up, your Cat leaves a puddle of urine

Why can’t my Cat just use the litter box??

We’ll tackle that problem later on because

Let’s first look at what is the best urine remover that you can use to clean up this mess

Best Cat Urine Remover For Hardwood Floors

There are so many urine removers out there but it can be hard to pick one

I get it, you want to use the best

Not some cheap quality that does half the job

I’ve done my research on what is the best urine remover

And the winner is……

Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover Oxy Fresh Scent

What’s so great about this?

Let me tell you the benefits of this Urine remover

Very Affordable Price!

I love how Nature’s Miracle is very affordable

Last time I checked the price there was a sale on so it was a discounted price!

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Made With Natural Enzymes 

You want a urine remover that has enzyme in them

Why? because this breaks down the ammonia that is found in Cat urine

It’s the ammonia that makes your house smell really bad

You know that foul urine odor smell that engulfs your house?

Yes, the ammonia is what causes this smell

You see, you might think by just giving a quick clean and it looks as though there is no urine left, that it’s all gone

The stain may have gone but the smell is still there which again is ammonia

So the enzyme in Natures Miracle work against this ammonia to remove it completely

Which basically means that foul Cat urine smell is gone completely 

I used to wipe my Cats urine with dettol or any other cleaning product and there’s me thinking “job done”

But then the smell of urine would always be there

Now I know why the urine smell would linger around

Can Be Used On Hard floors as well as Carpet and Home Furnishing 

I know you’re looking for the best Cat urine remover for hardwood floors, but Nature’s Miracle can also work on Carpet too and and home furniture which makes it very versatile

So if your Cat urinates on your beautiful Carpet (maybe you have carpet upstairs, I’m just guessing!) then you can use Nature’s Miracle to remove that too

It’s a win win situation!

Safe To Use Around Pets And Children 

You don’t want to get a Urine remover that is dangerous to use around your Cat or children

That would not be a good idea!

It can be difficult looking for a Urine remover that has enzymes in them which is safe to use around children

But not to worry because you can use Nature’s Miracle around children and other pets too

It’s completely safe!

Gives you a piece of mind. right?

Made With Natural Enzymes

Some Urine removers contain chemicals in them which is harmful

The great thing about Nature’s Miracles is that it’s made from natural enzymes

You don’t have to worry about any chemicals being used

That is why it’s safe around children and pets

Stops Your Cat From Re-Soiling 

Sometimes, what can happen is, you’ve cleaned the urine puddle and think you’ve done a pretty good job, only to discover your little furball has gone to that same exact spot and urinated again! 

That can be frustrating right?

This happens because the urine stain was not cleaned properly

Although it looks clean and no sign of urine, that’s not the case for your Cat

Your Cat sense of smell is strong and he can smell where he actually urinated

That will make your Cat go back and urinate at the same spot!

With Nature’s Miracle you can be assured your Cat will not go back to the same spot to urinate

All these benefits makes it a no brainer when you want to buy the best Cat urine remover for hardwood floors

This product has all the right benefits to make it the best Cat urine remover

Now that you know what is the best product out there to remove Cat urine from hardwood floors, I want to go through why your Cat is not using the Litter box

My Cat is NOT using the Litter box no matter what I do! How can I get my Cat to use the Litter box again? 

This is a common problem for Cat parents

Your Cat is using the Litter box and then all of a sudden he decides to use your floor as his litter box

There could be many reasons for this

I’ve written a full article about this issue which you can read about by clicking the link below

Stop Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box

Let me briefly go through the number of reasons why your Cat has stopped using the Litter Box

  • Medical Reason – If your Cat has stopped using the Litter box all of a sudden then you need to get your Cat checked up at the Vets Asap. Your Cat could be suffering from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which is a common cause for Cats to avoid using the Litter box
  • Stress – Yes, Cats can get stressed and this is a cause for your Cat to stop using the litter box. Want to learn more about Cats being stressed and how you can calm them down? Click here
  • Litter Box Location – Your Cat may have stopped using the Litter box because of where it actually is kept. If the Litter box is near a dryer or a washing machine then this can get your Cat scared when using the litter box. This will create a negative association when your Cat uses the Litter box which ultimately will result in litter box avoidance. I know how looking for a place to put the litter box can be a bit tricky, especially if you live in a small apartment. You can find some great tips and advice on where to put a litter box in a small apartment by clicking here 
  • Number Of Litter Box – If you have only one Litter box then you should add one more. Some Cats like to pee in one and poo in another
  • Dirty Litter Box – If the Litter box is filthy, then your Cat won’t use it. Pretty obvious! Make sure that Litter box is cleaned regularly for your owner! (Your Cat Lol)

Final Thoughts

You can remover urine stains and the smell from hardwood floors using Natures Miracle

It is safe to use around pets and children so there is no worry in there

The best part is, you know for sure that the smell of foul urine will be gone forever!

I hope you found this article useful and has helped you get a deeper insight into why your Cat may be leaving a puddle of urine for you instead of using the litter box

Remember my fellow Cat parents, patience is key here

Never ever shout at your Cat or punish your little Kitty if they’ve not used the litter box

This will just make matters worse

Your Cat will start to feel afraid of you and that is not something you want I’m sure

That’s all from me!

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