Stop Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box

Are You Sick And Tired Of Your Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box?

Has it got to a point where family members are saying to get rid of your Cat? 

I get it

It’s like you’ve put together a 1000 piece jigsaw but the you’re missing the last piece (If that makes sense, it kinda does in my head!)

I mean, the litter box is right there ready to use but your little Kitty just doesn’t want to know

You’ve cleaned it continuously

Changed the litter god knows how many times

You’ve googled it and getting this advice from this website but then another different advice from another website

All you want is for your Cat to use the litter box, is that too much to ask??!

No not really (Yeah I answered it myself)

But it is frustrating right

The countless cleaning

The amount of times you’ve put your bed sheet in the wash

All that scrubbing and washing

It’s tiring and not only that

It’s expensive!

It’s not a nice feeling when you’ve bought a really beautiful Carpet that costs A LOT OF MONEY only for your Cat to use it as a Litter box

And now family members have had enough

Relationships are starting to get strained

You’re hearing things from your own family members

“Get rid of him now”

“It’s too much and he’s never going to stop this behavior”

It’s heartbreaking right?

Cats are family and you become so attached to them

They’re cute and adorable… until they start doing things that can really make you wanna tear your hair out!

Trust me, I know the feeling

Because my Cat would spray everywhere in the house!

The worse thing is, I had no idea where my Cat has sprayed

It got to a point where I was being pressured to sell my Cat.. Yes! Sell my Cat

How is that even possible

I had to do something quick

I needed to act fast to stop this behavior

I pretty much needed a solution to this problem ASAP

And you know what I did

And guess what

No more spraying

No more of my house smelling like Cat urine

No more worrying leaving my Cat alone at home

This behavior stopped!

I know what you’re wondering how??

It’s a secret but I’ll tell you because you’re a Cat parent (Yeah it’s no secret lol!)

But before I do I think we need to address how you can stop your Cat from peeing outside the litter box

I’d like to give you some tips and advice

I’ve done my research on why Cats pee outside the litter box and how you can stop this too

Saves you from searching all over the internet where you can have the answer right here

Okay so let’s look at different ways you can stop your Cat from urinating everywhere in the house and get him to use the litter box

How To Stop Your Cat From Peeing Outside The Litter Box

So your Cats peeing outside the Litter box and you’re sitting there tearing your hair out

I’m hoping you still have some hair because you can stop this behavior

Medical Reason

The first thing you need to do is make sure your Cat is medically okay

What happens is, Cats will avoid using the Litter box when they’re suffering from some sort of disease or infection

Most common is UTI

Your Cat won’t just stop using the Litter box for no reason

Take your Cat to the Vets as soon as possible and get a check up. You want to make sure your Cat is okay and healthy

Make this a priority

So you’ve taken your Cat to the Vets and he’s all good, nothing wrong and healthy as ever

Now what?

Litter Box Location

This is where Cat parents can go wrong

Where your Litter box is located is very important

You need to place the litter box where it’s convenient for your Cat and not for you (i don’t mean to sound blunt)

If the Litter box is in the basement next to the tumble dryer or washing machine then your Cat won’t use it simply because he’ll be scared with all that sound

This will create a negative association with using the Litter box

It’s all about creating a positive mindset for your Cat to use the Litter box

It needs to be placed where your Cat can go in privacy and has a escape route if you have a multiple cat household

Try not putting the litter box where your Cat eats because we wouldn’t want to use the washroom and eat in there too right? Same with your Cat

If you have a small apartment then it could be difficult where you could put a litter box which is why I recommend checking out my article where to put Cat litter box in a small apartment 

Add Another Litter Box

Some Cats like to pee in one box and poo in another so this might be a reason why your Cat has stopped using the Litter box

Try adding another Litter box

You could maybe put the Litter box where your Cat is doing his business

Change Litter box

Having a enclosed Litter box might look good and fit in with your decorations but your Cat may not like it

Try a different Litter box and see if that makes a difference

The idea is to trial and test

Clean The Area Thoroughly

This is very important

Make sure to clean the area where your at peed

Because if you don’t then your cat will come back to the very same spot and pee there again

What should you use to clean cat urine?

A Enzyme cleaner

This will make sure the smell of cat urine is gone completely

I would recommend

Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator,

This is the best cat urine remover out there

It’s the #1 best seller on Amazon which basically means every cat parent are using this!

The reviews are pretty awesome too


If you want the smell of cat urine to go away then this urine remover will do the job

The price is actually pretty affordable too – you’ll be surprised

Check Price On Amazon

Here’s a Quick Way To Get Your Cat To Stop Peeing Outside The Litter Box

Look, the main thing is you need to understand why your Cat is peeing outside the Litter box

You have to go detective mode and find out the cause of this behavior

And yes, it’s a challenge

But that’s the fun part right?

Until it becomes a real problem and you’re under pressure from family and relationships

You see, by the time you figure it out it’s kinda too late

Do you really want all that stress

I know what it’s like – You can’t leave the house without worrying your little Kitty might make a mess

You can investigate and try out these methods I have suggested

You could even browse around and see other methods and advice to stop this peeing outside the litter box behavior

But what if I told you there’s a quicker way?

Remember when I was saying how my Cat stopped spraying inside the house?

I bought Cat Spraying No More which is a proven system that stops your Cat from peeing outside the Litter box and helps you get your Cat to actually use the litter box

Cat Spraying No More

It’s also a guide to help stop Cat spraying too

This guide could be a life changer for you

Here’s a screenshot of my purchase just to prove that I actually did buy it

And I got all these amazing bonuses with it!

You won’t get anything better than this

Trust me, it goes so deep on why Cats stop using the litter box and how you can solve this problem

Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out because it can get too much!

We already deal with so much stress so why add even more

This is a proven system that you can follow step by step

It’s all on the plate for you

And what I love about this deal is, you get a 60 money day back guarantee! 

Oh did I mention there’s a deal they have and you get $10 off the original price?

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So you got 2 options

  1. Try to work it all by yourself and carry on spending money on cleaning products and UV lights. Worry about leaving your Cat home and take in all the stress from this behavior and the constant pressure from family members. I’m not saying it can’t be done but it’s not a quick fix
  2. Or you could follow a easy step by step system teaching you how to stop your Cat peeing outside the litter box and actually using it, PLUS you get all the bonuses as well AND with a $10 OFF coupon code

Cats are amazing. They’re awesome!

But when it comes down to this it can become frustrating and the main thing is we don’t want to get rid of our Cat or punish them and shout at them because they’re doing something which for them is normal

I don’t need to buy any Urine odor removers or UV lights or even brand new rugs

A small investment in this guide will help you solve this problem.. Once and for all!

>>Click here to get Cat Spraying No More<<

If you’re still not 100%, then you can read my Cat Spraying No More Review 


A Cat not using the Litter box can be one of the most frustrating problems a Cat parent could face

But it’s not the end of the world! This behavior can be fixed and you can get your Cat to use the Litter box

Follow the tips and advice in this article

But if you want a quicker way then I would recommend checking out Cat Spraying No More 

This is a proven step by step system that is designed to help you stop your Cat from spraying

You just have to follow the system

It saves you a lot of time and money

The best part

It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee! 

It’s a win win situation


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