Understand Your Cat Better And Become The Best Cat Parent

Do You Want To Understand Your Cat Better?

Are you interested in becoming the best Cat parent out there?

Do you want to build that strong connection and bond with your Cat? 

Then carry on reading because this article is for you!


We all want to be the best cat parents out there

And to be honest we are (I’m a Cat parent myself) because we provide for our Cat everything they want and need

We do lots of things for them

We even spoil them with treats! (I certainly do, come on it’s so hard to say no when they look at you and slowly blink!)

I bet you’d agree with me when I say

You’ve shared your bed with your Cat

You’ve given your Cat treats simple by just the way he looks at you!

You play with your Cat and get the best toys out there!

You TALK to your Cat! I certainly do.. They’re the only ones that listen!

But what if I told you, you can actually hold a real conversation with them?

You can care for them better because you understand what they’re saying to you 

I mean, sometimes our little Kitty is meowing and it’s hard to figure out what they want right?

Imagine understanding them in such a way you know when they want food, when they want to cuddle, If they’re hurt

Cats are good are hiding any pain they’re feeling so its very important to know if they’re suffering from any kind of pain

If you have a Kitten and want them to grow up to become a a cuddle bug I would recommend checking out my article How to raise a Kitten to be cuddly 

Cats communicate with us via different ways

They may meow, growl or even hiss to communicate with us

But also they use their body language to tell us something or give us a sign

Such as their eye pupil or even their ears!

So let’s look at the different sounds your Cat does and what they mean

I want the Cat Language Bible and be the best Cat parent ever!

Understand Your Cat Better Through The Different Sounds

So let’s go through the different sounds your Cat makes and what they mean

The whole idea is so you understand your Cat in order to be the best Cat parent out there!


Cats meow for different reasons and each meow can be different which you must have noticed

It could be a deep meow or a very long stretched out meow

I’ll quickly go through the different meows they make and the meaning of them

Short Meow – This is your Cats way of saying hello to you. This type of meow you’d probably get if you’ve seen your Cat already during the day but you’ve just bumped into him in another room.

Multiple Meows – This is the same as the short meow but over again and again. You’ve probably noticed this when you’ve come back home from work or haven’t been home a for a while. What does this mean? It’s your Cat being excited to see you and has missed you! Your Cat would most like follow you around in the house for a while!

Who says Cat’s are independent! They love us and need us too as much as we need them (well not that much because we need need them!) 

Mid-pitched Meow – This is your Cats way of telling you she wants something and that is most likely to eat so if your Cat does this type of meow you should quickly find out exactly what they want otherwise they could become more vocalized

Long Meow – This is usually after the mid-pitched meow because you haven’t given them what they wanted. Your Cat is saying it’s starting to get serious what I want so be quick and give it to me!

Low Pitch Meow – Your Cat is complaining with this low pitch meow. She wanted Felix but you gave Whiskers. It’s a way of them telling you they’re disappointed. Best to find out what it is that she’s complaining about.

There’s plenty more of different meows your Cat does. If you want to know more you can check out Kittentoob 

Here’s a video of Cats meowing

Adorable right?


When your Cat is sleeping on you and purrs, it feels so good!

My Cat does this when he wants to cuddle, he’ll sit on my lap and purr away

When a Cat purrs it’s usually because they’re happy and content

But do remember, this is not always the case.

Cats may purr because they’re in pain, feeling frightened or threatened

Research also says it’s a way of self healing

If you notice your Cat purring and behaving in a odd manner then you should go straight to the Vets to make sure everything is okay


I love this sound. It’s like a meow and purr together

This trilling sound is a positive welcoming vibe by your Cat

If you haven’t heard of this trilling sound then check out this video below

It’s too cute!


Growling is a warning from your Cat

This could be to humans, Cats or any other animals

Cats growl out of fear, territorial, or anger


Has your Cat ever seen a bird outside through the window and just started making this meowing a bleat sort of noise?

This could mean your Cat is excited or frustrated because they can’t reach the bird or just plain excited seeing it

Here’s what is sounds like


It’s similar to a snake hissing and is a way of your Cat saying back off

If your Cat is hissing it’s best to actually back off and give your kitty some space


Caterwauling is like a high pitched wailing noise your Cat makes

If your Cat is caterwauling then you should pay attention and make sure everything is okay


6 reasons

  1. They’re in pain
  2. The need to breed
  3. To alert us if their is any activity outside Eg another Cat has entered your Cats territory
  4. They are feeling insecure or vulnerable
  5. Get your attention
  6. Might mean your Cat is disoriented

Don’t ignore the Caterwauling!

If your Cat is Caterwauling don’t just assume it’s typical Cat behavior.

Find out the reason and take the necessary action.

You should get your Cat checked by the Veterinary professional to ensure everything is okay

So there we have the different ways your Cat communicates through vocals

Let’s now look at how to understand your Cat through their ears

Understand Your Cat Better Through Their Ears

You must be wondering how do Cats communicate with their ears?

Let me tell you

And you don’t have to be a Cat expert or a Cat whisperer!

If your Cats ear is pointing to the top of their head and is facing forward means that your Kitty is alert, it could mean they’re happy or interested in something and if something does happen they’re ready to jump!

If your Cats ear is flattened backwards then this could mean they’re irritable or nervous. Be careful because they could attack

Understand Your Cat Better Through Their Eyes

You can tell a lot by just looking at your Cats eyes

Check out this image below to understand your Cat through their eyes

Credit to funalive

Understand Your Cat Better Through Their Body Language

Cats use their body language to communicate with you

You can tell a lot by just reading their body language

credit to prettylitter

As you can see in the image above Cats use their body to communicate with you to express how they are feeling

As Cat parents we need to understand our Cat and look out for these clues they are giving us

By doing this, we can understand our Cat better than ever which will only increase the love and bond between you two

There we have it, how to understand your cat better

If you want to learn how to communicate with your cat then check out my article

How to talk to your cat 


To be the best Cat parent is not just about providing your kitty with toys and their basic needs

Yes, you have to do that to keep them happy and content

That is why it’s important to show your cat you love them 

We as Cat parents do that and that’s really good but can we do more?

Of course we can and that is understanding our little feline friend better

Don’t get me wrong, giving them toys, spending time with them, providing the highest quality of food is doing a lot for our Cats but that’s just physical

What about mentally and emotionally? Can we make them happy emotionally?

That is why I have written this article to help me and you become the best Cat parents out there and build that strong bond and connection with your Cat

Cats want that love and affection from us and to give them that we need to understand our Cat

That is why I would highly recommend Cat Language Bible Cat Language Bible

This is a guide that shows you how you can learn how to speak directly to your Cat by communicating your thoughts and feelings word by word

This guide will help you understand your Cat by using a careful understanding of your Cats body language

And using the power of animal science, you will learn how to build that connection, a strong bond and a foundation of human-feline connection

How cool is that? Isn’t that something you would love to do?

I mean you can tell your Cat exactly how much they mean to you in a way they understand


We’re ready to spend over 100 bucks to buy the best Cat tree

We can spend x amount of money of the highest quality of food

But are we ready to invest in learning how to communicate with our Cat? How to look after them and care for them?

I didn’t even mention you get 4 awesome bonuses with the Cat Language Bible

Here’s what you’ll get with the Cat Language Bible 

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So in total you’re getting 5 guides that pretty much will help you become the best Cat parent 

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I’m happy to say that it’s not

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I want the Cat Language Bible and be the best Cat parent ever!

I want the Cat Language Bible and be the best Cat parent ever!


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