How To Make Your Cat Happy And Love You

Do You Want To Make Your Cat Happy And Love You?

Are you looking for different ways to make your Cat the happiest Cat in the world?

Or you want your Cat to love you in the same manner you love your Kitty?

Not to worry because in this article we’re going to go through different ways on how you can make your Cat happy and love you like never before!

Many people think that Cats are independent animals and they don’t need our love and affection

Anyone who has ever lived with a Cat or has a Cat knows this is not true

They need our love and affection although it may not seem that way

Cats are good at hiding their feelings.. A bit like playing hard to get but that’s the fun part right?

My Cat is like my wife.. Loves me to bits but won’t show it! Lol Only kidding…. About my Cat! (Seriously they both love me)

Providing your Cat with just food and water is not enough to make your Cat happy. There’s much more to that to make your little kitty happy

If you love your Cat unconditionally (I’m sure you do, otherwise you won’t be here) then you’re probably thinking how you can make your happy, if not even more happy

Being a Cat parent and a Cat lover myself, that is why I have prepared this article on how to make your Cat happy and love you

So without me babbling on about how much my wife loves me, let’s get straight to it!

How To Make Your Cat Happy And Love You

So let’s look at the different ways you can make your Cat happy (I promise it’s easy!)

Quality Nutrient Food

We want the best of food and by that I mean, food that will provide us with the nutrients we need to flourish our body and health. Your Cat is no different.

Cats need good quality food that will meet their nutritional needs and protect them from any type of diseases

I know it’s quite obvious, but if you choose commercial food then you need to choose high quality food

A good diet will keep your Cat healthy overall such as their hair, teeth, skin etc

Yes, good quality food can be expensive but if you got the money then what better way to spend it than on your little Kitty’s health?

Think about, the cost of vets can amount to a lot! But this can be saved by feeding your Cat good quality food. I guess it’s a long term investment buying the best quality of food.

But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t get good quality food for cheap. You just gotta read the ingredients and see which one suits your Cat the most

Do make sure you don’t overfeed your Cat because obesity is a common problem with animals.

A healthy balanced diet

Remember – Healthy Cat is a happy Cat and a happy Cat means they will love you more, hope that makes sense!

Clean And Fresh Water Available At All Times!

Similarly to the point mentioned above don’t forget to always have fresh water available for your Cat

This is key to preventing any Kidney Disease

I know, Cats drink very less water and they can be stubborn but what you can do, is place fresh bowls of water around the house so they have access to it from different locations

Cats tend to drink from directly from the tap or even sometimes from the toilet water (Don’t ask why). If this is the case then you could get them a water fountain or something similar.

This will prevent them from jumping on the Kitchen counter

Your Cat’s Health

Healthy Cat is a happy Cat (You must have heard that before!)

Make sure you have regular check ups at the vet to ensure your Cat is healthy

Keep up to date with vaccinations for your Cat and deworming too

Although your Cat may not be very happy about going to the vets but it is for their benefit

My Cat doesn’t like it one bit but it’s important for his health-being

Another Cat For Company

Some Cats love being the sole owner of their territory (Your home) but if you’re at work for most of the day and your Cat is bored at home then why not give her some company

She might not like it first but if you introduce slowly to each other, this will start them on the right foot.. I mean paw.. and by the time you know it, they will become best friends!

Give Your Cat Treats

Don’t even get me started with Cat treats with my Cat. He loves them to bits and will always ask for it!

They love treats and will love you every time you give your Kitty.

This will make them over the moon happy!

Don’t overdo it though because it will become a norm then

If they’re behaving well, or you’re training them to use the litter box or you’re feeling generous then give them but not just for the sake of it if you know what I mean

My Cat, what he does is, he knows where we put his treats so he’ll just sit there and look at me and then will slowly blink at me. It’s so cute! and he knows what he’s doing because I can’t say no to that

They sure know how to play you around so be careful!

Spend Time With Your Cat

Time is the best thing you can give your Cat

You should spend at least 15 – 20 minutes a day spending quality time with your Cat

This quality time you spend with your Kitty will create a special bond between you two and this will only create love for you in your Cats heart

Some good quality time. No Cellphone. No TV. Just you and your Cat

Snuggle with her

Play with her and pet her where she loves being pet!

If you have a Kitten and want your Kitten to grow up to become a cuddle bug then you can check out my article How to raise a Kitten to be cuddly 

Catify Your Home

Make your home suited for your Cat and their personality

Make it more fun for your Cat, give your Cat a challenge that will keep her happy and you know bored

So how can you make your house suited for your Cat?

  • Arrange your furniture in a way where your Kitty can jump from one to another. Cats love jumping and this will be some sort of entertainment for her
  • You could get some Cat shelves that you fix to the wall and your Cat can jump from one to another. It also gives them a high place to chill and observe their territory. Cats love sitting on high places, you may have noticed that already
  • If you have the space, make a play area for them. A Cat tree, some scratching posts, Cat condos and all sorts.

All this will make her happy and this will make your Cat love you too

Your Cat will feel more at home because she can do things that she was created to do which is to hunt, jump around and run around (They got a pretty easy life eh!)

If you want to get the best cat tree but are on a budget then check out my Top 5 best affordable cat trees 

Litter Box

Always make sure your Cat’s litter box is cleaned regularly.

Just as you would not want to use a washroom that is filthy, your Cat is the same

This will also stop other behavior problems such as peeing outside the litter box or pooing on the floor

Your Cat will feel happy too

Number Of Litter Box

The general rule for a Cat is a Litter box plus one

Some Cats tend to pee in one Litter box and poo in another

So it would be a good idea to keep two Litter boxes and avoid any accidents in the future

If you have multiple Cats then again the same rules apply

Make it convenient for your Kitty whenever they want to relieve themselves because the more Litter box you have the easier it is for them to quickly relieve themselves

Positive Reinforcements

Always praise your Cat

There don’t need to be a reason just giving them praise and positive reinforcements

You could even train your Cat to sit or to stop certain behaviors using positive encouragement

Training is also a good way to make your Cat happy because it helps stimulate their mind

To be honest with you, I’ve never trained my Cat

Have you trained your Cat? Are you training your Cat right now? Let me know in the comments below because I’d love to know what methods you’re using

Show Your Cat Love And Affection


Similarly to spending time with your Cat you should so a lot of love and affection to your Little Kitty

This will go a long way and will create a positive association of you in your Cats brain and that will result in your Cat loving you.. Happy days!

As mentioned earlier, Cats love the affection and attention we give them so give them just that!

Our Cats deserve our love and affection right?

There are many different ways you can show your cat you love them

In fact I have written a in depth article about this

Click the link below to check it out!

How to show your cat you love them 

Talk To Your Cat

I love talking to my Cat because he’s the only one that listens! Lol

But seriously, I actually do, call me crazy but it’s a good thing

You should talk to your Cat in a calm sweet manner

You can even learn to speak their language and actually hold a conversation with them!

Don’t believe me?

Check out this book >>Cat Language Bible<<

I’ll talk more about this book later

I actually have written a article on how you can talk to your cat

You can check it out by clicking the link below

How to talk to your cat 

Provide Entertainment


Play with your Cat

Let your Cat use their natural hunting instinct

Let them become the predator and chase after things

You can use a variety of toys I’m sure your Cat will love

My Cat loves chasing after a laser dot (I think all Cats do) he will go so crazy chasing after this red dot he provides me with the entertainment

Playing with your Cat will increase the love and affection for the both of you

That means your Cat will be happy and will love you even more

Scratching Posts

Cats need to scratch something, anything be it your expensive couch or your beautiful carpet but they have to scratch!

So instead of them costing you money, provide them with scratching posts 4

You see Cats need to remove the dead outer layer of their claws so giving them a scratching post you’re doing them a favor

You can get all sorts of scratching posts

Try getting a few and place them around the house

This will stop your Cat from scratching things she’s not meant to

If this does happen then whatever you do, don’t shout at your Cat or punish her because this will make things worse

I think the best cat scratching posts would be a cat tree that has scratching posts


Because it will be easier for you to get your cat to use the scratching posts that’s on the cat tree then just a single scratching post

You can check out my article on what cat tree that has a scratching post are the best

My top 5 best cat scratching tree 

Give Them Space

Yep. Cats need their space too

They hate it when their human slave is all over them

We need space to ourselves too and Cats are the same

Who doesn’t love their privacy

Cats love hiding away and sometimes in unusual places such as a Cardboard box

You can get a Cat Condo where they can just relax, sleep and feel safe

Cat Grass

Cats like to nibble on grass when they’re outdoors

So let’s make it possible for them when they’re indoors

There are many plants that you can grow which are not only safe but beneficial for your Cat too

Here are a few plants you can grow for your little furball

  • Cat Thyme
  • Valerian
  • Licorice root
  • Wheatgrass
  • Rosemary
  • thyme

Challenge Your Cat

Giving your Cat food everyday in the same food at the same time can have it’s benefits

But it can get boring too right?

Felines love to hunt for their food and use their natural hunting instincts

So let’s make it a challenge for them and spice things up

Instead of just feeding them in their normal food bowl you can use puzzle feeders and food dispenser toys to challenge your little kitty and let her use her awesome hunting instincts to get their food

This is also good for mental stimulation and keeps your Cat happy and entertained

Follow The Cat Language Bible Guide


You’re probably wondering what is The Cat Language Bible

Let me tell you

It’s a book that teaches you how to actually hold a conversation with your Cat.. I mean literally talk to your Cat in a way your little Kitty understands!

How cool is that?

You can finally tell your Cat how much you love them and how much they mean to you

I mean, yes you can follow these tips in this article and no doubt your Cat will love you even more but having a guide or a system you can follow that teaches you how to love your Cat even more through communication is a faster and quicker way

Look, we all love our Cats and we all want to be the best Cat parents ever

We’ll invest in this toy and that Cat tree to provide them with the very best

Wouldn’t a better investment be in learning a skill such as talking to your Cat so you can communicate with them at another level. You can tell them how much you love them

It can’t get any more deeper than this

You can learn more about this guide by checking out my Cat Language Bible Review 

Last time I checked it was $27 but there’s a special discounted price on offer >>Click here to check if the offer is still on<<


There are many ways to make your Cats happy and get them to love you.

If you follow the tips and advice in this article then within no time your Cat will love you

It can take time and you do need to be patience as this is not some overnight fix

But it’s a fun process right?

If you do want to make your Cat love you fast and want to make them happy then I would really recommend checking out Cat Language Bible 

Here’s to being the best Cat parents in the world!



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