How To Keep a Cat Entertained In An Apartment – Even When You’re Not There!

Cats love space and they need it as well

They’re predators and they love chasing things, jumping on things and you know just love running around!

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever noticed your Cat just suddenly out of nowhere just run! Literally dart across the room for no apparent reason?

They provide so much entertainment right?

You see, Cats have tons of energy especially when they’re kittens

They need to use all that energy up somehow and they do this by running, jumping and playing around

If you’re living in a house that has tonnes of space then it’s easy to keep your Cat entertained because you could have a special play area for them, buy a huge Cat tree etc

It’s a different story when you’re living in a apartment

Not much space to play around with and as I mentioned Cats need the space

So the question is How To Keep a Cat Entertained In An Apartment?

It’s simple

Provide them with toys

Just kidding! There’s more to that!

Providing them with toys is one aspect yes

But you could do more of course

And in this article I’m going to talk about the different way you can keep your Cat entertained in a apartment


Let’s dive right in!

How To Keep a Cat Entertained In An Apartment

If you live in a apartment then space can be tight

And the thing is, do cats get bored in apartments? 

They can if you don’t provide them with the entertainment that they need

I’m not talking about PlayStation or movies!

There are different ways of keeping a cat entertained in a apartment

So let’s go through different ways you can keep your Cat happy, healthy and full of life.. Basically entertained

Play With Your Cat Daily

You might already know this but I think it’s worth mentioning because sometimes we can become lazy and a reminder is good for us right?

You should spend at least 15 – 20 minutes everyday playing with your Cat

Cats can get bored too

There’s a myth about Cats – They’re independent and they don’t need us

This is not true

Cat’s are sensitive and emotional animals and they need our love and affection and one way of showing this is by playing with them

This will also increase the bond between the two of you which is a bonus

There’s many toys out there that you can buy

Make sure there are a variety of toys for your Cats because Cats can get bored easily just as us humans do too (Well I certainly do!)

Here’s some Cat toys you can get for your little kitty that should keep her busy when you’re at work

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy – 3 Levels of Interactive Play – Circle Track with Moving Balls Satisfies Kitty’s Hunting, Chasing, and Exercising Needs

This toy will keep your Cat busy for sure!

It’s an addictive and interactive toy which is designed to keep your Cat’s attention by having 3 colorful balls moving around on 3 levels!

Looks pretty cool as well

It’s perfect for more than one Cat which is a bonus!

Great way to keep your little furball busy, active, excited and provide entertainment!

The price is actually good too

#1 best seller on Amazon too so I’m sure you can’t go wrong with this one

Check Price On Amazon

Hartz Just For Cats Midnight Crazies Cat Toy

MOODY PET Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy

I love this toy because it’s battery operated so you don’t have to do any thing

If you’re lazy like me then no need to worry because you don’t need to assemble anything!

The string is flung continuously which offers your Cat non stop entertainment

Check Price On Amazon

Playing with your Cat everyday will give your little kitty her daily dosage of entertainment too

It provides them with exercise, keeps them healthy, stimulates their mind.. so many benefits!

Get Another Cat

We all love company and your Cat will too

If you’re away at work for the majority of the day then it’s difficult for your Cat to keep herself entertained all day right? I mean how much can she play with the toys

Adding another Cat will give your Cat company and they can play with each other

Trust me they’ll have fun

If you’ve never had 2 Cats then you’ll be surprised how much they run after each other and play fight

It’s cute and it gives them something to do when you’re away right?

If you do want to get another Cat then there is a lot to consider

Such as

  • Increased expense
  • Introducing them to each other

So do consider this if you are looking to get another Cat

Get a Window Seat

Cats love looking outside especially at birds.

They’ll look at them for hours chattering away

This will give them great entertainment – It’s like watching TV!

What you could do is, place a bird feeder nearby and this will give your Cat guaranteed entertainment when you’re away at work

Arrange Furniture In Way Your Cat Can Jump From And To

I’m sure not every piece of furniture you may have is not restricted for your Cat to jump on right

You can arrange furniture in a way that your Cat can jump from and to. Your Cat will love this because they love jumping from one thing to another

That is why Cat parents hate it when their little kittys jump on the kitchen counter!

Cats love high places because it gives them a sense of security and safety

Being in a high place your Cat can survey her territory (Your apartment)

Try it, if you can move furniture around for your Cat give it a go and see how your Cat will love jumping from one place to another

Man, Cats are awesome right! Just writing about them you realize how awesome they are

(I love Cats hence the website name “Catloverhere”)

Get Some Scratching Posts

You don’t want your Couch to scratched up by your Cat right?

Couches don’t come cheap so you are better off investing in some scratching posts for your Cat

I talk from experience

My cat scratched up my leather couch!

But I can’t blame him right?

Because he’s just being a cat

And I didn’t have a scratching post for him

I sure have learnt my lesson

Your cat needs a scratching post 

You see your Cat needs to scratch because it keeps their nails healthy, It removes the dead outer layer of their claws and it also marks their territory by leaving a chemical scent wherever they scratch.

That is why your Cat may scratch up your furniture or couch even though they have scratching posts.

To stop this behavior, make sure you have a place in every room for your Cat to scratch.

Here are some of the best Cat scratching posts I would recommend

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post



Great height standing at 32 inches tall

It allows your Cat to fully stretch – Trust me your Cat will go crazy over this!

No need to worry about it tipping over – It has a very sturdy base

4.5 stars out of 5 – Over 8000 reviews – Now that is really good!

Price is reasonable too

Click the link below to check the latest price

Check Price On Amazon

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post (Large Size, Warm Gray). [Multiple Scratching Angles to Match Your Cat’s Preference]

What I love about this scratching post is that it’s designed to suit your Cats needs

It has a hole in the middle so your Cat can explore and play

It comes with a 6 month warranty!

Not bad

Check Price On Amazon

I would recommend getting a cat scratching tree

Basically it’s a cat tree with man scratching posts

You can check out my article

Best cat scratching tree 

If your cat is scratching up your furniture then here’s a article that I have written that will help you stop this behavior

How do you keep a cat from scratching up the furniture 

Also, if you’re wondering where to put a scratching post

The best place in the house

Then have a read of this article

Where do you put a cat scratching post 

Give Your Cat Some Space

Cats want their space too at times and I know it can be difficult for your little Kitty to get privacy in a small apartment.

Not to worry though because you can get a enclosed Cat bed like the Mod Dream Pot Cat Bed which will give your Cat the most comfortable place to sleep in and just hang out. It can also be like a little shelter away from people

The best part? It doesn’t take up much space so it’s very ideal for apartments. Happy days!

Get a Cat Tree

Cats love to climb, jump and explore and the Cat tree is the perfect way for your Cat to have all this in one place

This will keep your Cats busy and entertained throughout the day

Now you must be thinking – How can I get a Cat tree for a Apartment? It will take up so much space!

That is true but there are Cat trees out there that are slim and tall so they don’t take up much space

Have a look at these awesome cat trees for apartments

Best cat trees for small apartments to buy 

I would recommend checking out

Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige


Looks pretty awesome right?

It actually is!

It is 72″ tall which is pretty high (cats love high places!)

There are many scratching posts too

A great way of keeping your little furball entertained especially if you’re at work

I won’t go into too much depth because I have written a in-depth review on this

You can read it over at Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

If you want to check out some awesome cat trees that cost under $100 then you should check out my article

I recommend some really cool cat trees

Click the link below

Best sffordable cat trees

Cardboard Boxes

Cats love Cardboard boxes!

My Cat loves to sit in it and play in it

I don’t know what’s so entertaining about Cardboard boxes but hey, if they love playing with it you might as well let them grab some from your local supermarket and let your Cat play with it

You could even get them for free so saves you money too

It’s a great way keeping your Cat engaged and entertained whilst you’re at work

Great thing about this is, it does not pose any risk to your kitty and can be easily replaced

Win win situation!

Paper And Paper Bags

Yep! Cats love playing with paper and paper bags

You must have noticed yourself

You get a brand new toy for your kitty but she is more interested in the bag than the toy!

Cats are so intriguing creatures.. full of wonderment and surprise!

The reason why Cats love playing with Paper bags is because of the crinkling sound it makes.

Also another reason is mental stimulation.

The ASPCA state that this type of playing benefits your Cats mental stimulation

You see, if your Cat is by herself and she has nothing to do, playing with paper bags is effective and fun way to stimulate her brain. This also can prevent behavioral issues in the future

A occupied Cat is a happy Cat

What you could do is, before you leave for work or if you’re just heading out for a bit then leave some paper bags lying around in the apartment in different places so your Cat can stumble across them throughout the day

Please make sure to remove any handles attached to the paper bag as this can be a choking hazard


If you live in a small apartment and have a Cat then it’s easy to keep them entertained

There are many ways you can make sure your Cat does not get bored

Follow the tips I have provided in this article and your Cat will be entertained all day long!

I always stress in my articles that you should spend time with your Cat

Leave out the technology.. just you and your Cat

Play with her, talk to her and shower her with love and affection

Want to know how you can show your cat you love them?

Check out my article – How do you show your cat you love them

Talk to your cat too

If you’re wondering how to talk to your cat then I’ve written a article about this too

How to talk to your cat 

Cats can understand us more than you think!

How do you keep your Cats entertained? Have I missed something out?

Let me know in the comments below!



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