How To Keep a Cat From Spraying Indoors

Are you a Cat parent who is frustrated because of your Cat’s spraying problem?

Is it getting to a point where family members are telling you to get RID of your little furball? 

Then this article will make sure you you will still have your Cat no doubt and best of all this spraying problem is gone forever! 

It’s a common problem that us Cat parents can face and can be one the most frustrating problems ever!

Especially if you don’t know where the smell is coming from!

Looking for where your Cat has urinated is a mission itself

The whole house smells like urine!

It’s a pain right?

Not only that, family members are getting sick and tired

Relationships with your partner are becoming strained because of this spraying issue

It gets to a point where you’re thinking “Is my Cat ever going to stop spraying all over the house??”

It is a huge problem

But you don’t have to worry


This behavior can be stopped

Yes, that’s right it can be stopped… forever 

You just need to understand why your Cat is spraying indoors

What is causing this problem?

You gotta play detective mode

How To Keep a Cat From Spraying Indoors

There are many reasons why your Cat is spraying indoors

And it’s not to get you angry

It’s a Cat’s nature to spray

I’m going to first talk about the reasons why your Cat may be spraying

Then I’ll discuss how you can put a stop to your Cat spraying

Keep reading..

The first thing you need to is is make sure your Cat is not suffering from any kind of disease or infection which is causing this behavior

Medical Check up

Take your Cat to the vets to ensure your Cat is healthy and not suffering from any sort of medical condition

Medical conditions such as Cystitis or and other type of urinary tract disease could be a reason your Cat is soiling your house by leaving small amounts of urine frequently

You see, this infection or irritation can cause your Cat to urinate immediately instead of using the Litter box or going outside

Because the urine is in small amount this can be confused with spraying hence a vet check up should be done immediately

Okay, so you’ve been to the vets already and my Cat is fine so now what?

It’s great to know your Cat is healthy so now we can look at other possible factors that are causing your Cat to spray in the house

Marking It’s Territory

This is one the of the main reasons why Cats spray… it’s to mark their territory

You see, Cats are very territorial animals and when they spray the urine acts like a powerful communication tool to warn other Cats

Think of it like this,

Your Cat is putting up a “No Trespassing” sign to other Cats to let them know that you’re entering into my territory

Pretty fascinating right how Cats behave with others and just how they are created (But it’s not that fascinating when your whole house is smelling like urine! Lol)

This is a Cat’s nature and it’s what they do

If your cat is neutered and is still spraying then check out my article

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 

Your house is not yours now and even you, you belong to your Cat although I’m sure you’ve already figured that out!

Whatever you do though, never shout or punish your Cat

Which leads me to my second point

Don’t Punish Your Cat

I get it, it’s hard to keep your cool especially when it’s happening on a daily basis

I’ve been there too

My Cat would spray all the time 

I would clean the are where he sprayed and again he would spray there

So I know how you’re feeling.

Fortunately, my Cat has stopped spraying indoors completely and I done this by following a guide that I bought which made things very much easier

This guide is called “Cat Spraying No More”

You can find out more about this guide by checking out my article What Is Cat Spraying No More 

Anyways, as I was saying, never punish or shout at your Cat

It’s not their fault they’re doing this, like I said it’s in their nature and they actually have good reasons to why they’re spraying

Shouting at your Cat will only cause your Cat to become scared of you and this will also cause your Cat to become more stressed which can lead to even more spraying


Cats can get stressed! It’s important to know if your Cat is stressed and how you can calm him down.

When your Cat is stressed then this can trigger unpleasant behavior such as, you guessed it, spraying!

You see some Cats can get stressed over so many things such as

  • Change in routine
  • Owner being absent for a long period of time
  • Illness
  • New Cat in the house
  • Changes to the environment

These can all cause your Cat to become stressed which leads to your Cat spraying all over the house

If you want to learn how to help a stressed out Cat then you should check out my article

How to calm a stressed Cat down

New Furniture 

If you’ve bought a beautiful Couch or a great book shelf then be warned that your Cat may spray on it to mark it as “his”

This is what they do because it’s in their nature

New Change In The Household

As mentioned earlier, Cats do not adjust well to change.

You may have had a baby, or someone has come to stay over which disrupts your Cats daily routine

This may cause your Cat stress which then leads to spraying

Recognizing Their Own Scent

Your little feline friend may just want to spray on in his territory (Your house) just to recognize their own scent.

It makes them feel secure and safe

Okay, so now that we have covered the reasons why your Cat is spraying indoors, it’s time to look at the solution to this common problem

Clean Up The Area Thoroughly

If you have caught your Cat spraying then you should immediately clean the area

When I say clean, I mean literally clean! 

I would recommend using a product that has enzyme cleaners in them because they eliminate the urine odor completely

What Cat parents tend to do is, they use baking soda or vinegar, all these home remedies and yes it does clean the area and you may think the Cat urine smell has gone but that’s according to your senses

Your Cat’s nose is much more powerful and the urine that you can’t smell, your Cat will be able to smell and this will invite your Cat back again to spray in that same area

Once you have cleaned the area completely then if you can, block off the area temporarily so your Cat does not have access to it.

This will deter your Cat coming to that spot again.

Another tactic you can use is to close the doors to keep your Kitty out of the rooms he is spraying in

More Than 1 Cat In The Household Issues

If you have a multi-cat household then their is most likely competition between your Cats

You need to address this issue by increasing resources for your Cats

You might want to add another Cat tree (If you got the space)

Different toys throughout the house

Add more scratching posts

Add more litter boxes – the general rule is 2 litter boxes per Cat and try to place them in different areas in the house

Another tip you can do is, if your Cats are very competitive and aggressive towards each other, separate them and gradually reintroduce them to each other will help stop the squabbling and marking of their territories

Stop Neighborhood Cats


Try to keep any neighborhood Cats away from your house. If you do see any then scare them away and try to discourage them from coming into your Garden or front garden.

You could also temporarily block your kitty’s view of the window so he don’t see any unwanted guests

Once these Cats have stopped coming into your garden then you can uncover the windows again

You have to a security guard for your Cat! (The things we do for our Cats eh Lol)

Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

All adult Cats can still spray if after being spayed or neutered but it reduces the chances of them spraying and marking their territory

Show Affection To Your Cat


Love your Cat and show him a lot of affection because this will make him feel secure and less anxious

Stay interactive with your Cat, play with him, do some clicker training.

Basically spend time with your Cat and let him feel loved


Cats will spray because it’s in their nature and how they are

They don’t do this to get you angry and make things difficult for you

The mistakes us Cat parents make is we try to mask the problem like cleaning up the urine and hoping your Cat doesn’t spray again.

What you need to is understand what is causing your Cat to spray 

This article will have hopefully give you some advice and insight to why Cat spray

I know it’s a lot of information to take in and it’s like you don’t know where to start

I was like that too because my Cat would spray all over the house and it got to a point where family members were saying to get rid of him!

That was not a option at all but I had to do something quick to fix this problem 

How much times can you search on Google How to stop a Cat from spraying

Then you got different articles telling you to do this and that

The easiest way to stop this behavior is by following a proven system 

That is why I would recommend Cat Spraying No More

I bought this myself hence I’m recommending this to you and all Cat parents

It’s a guide/system that helps you understand why your Cat is spraying

What is causing this behavior

You’ll then be able to get the solution to this problem and stop your Cat from spraying forever! 

It’s a proven system that has worked for many Cat parents

To be honest, the sales page does look sketchy but I bought it to see what it’s about

And trust me, it goes way deep into why Cat’s spray

I actually have written a review of this so I would really recommend checking out my Cat Spraying No More Review



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