How To Raise a Kitten To Be Affectionate

Are you worried that your cute little Kitten won’t grow up to be affectionate and all lovey dovey?

I mean there is a saying that Cats are very independent and they don’t need us

Have you heard of that?

I want to let you know that this is not true at all!

Cats are very emotional animals and they are very sensitive too

Imagine, coming home from a hard days work and your Cat quickly runs towards you and brushes against your leg because he’s happy to see you?

How would it feel if you’re sitting and just chilling and your Cat wants to cuddle with you and sleep on your lap? It would feel bliss right?

I bet you’re thinking my Kitten will never do that!

I’m here to argue with you (In a nice way of course) Well not argue but to show you how you can get this to happen

Which is why In this article you will learn how to raise a kitten to be affectionate

You will learn how to treat your Cat at a very young age so when they get older they become a cuddle bug!

My Cat, he loves to cuddle now and first he was not like that at all

He’s going to be 12 years old, boy time flies (Cherish every moment with your kitty because by the time you know it they will be all grown up!)

I still remember how when he was a baby, he wasn’t as affectionate as I thought he would be

But as time went by and by meeting his basic needs and other things too, he now looks for every opportunity to cuddle with me!

He just loves sleeping on my lap!

That’s enough about me and my Cat

Let’s talk about how you can raise your little feline friend to be a affectionate Cat

Before we actually get started you need to remember that Kittens have different personalities and temperament just like us humans

So it’s not a going to be they become affectionate overnight

It’s a process and can take time but with these points and advice I’m going to give you, it will help your Cat become a friendly affectionate Cat

Let’s get started!

How To Raise a Kitten To Be Affectionate

If you want your kitten to be affectionate then you have to meet your kittens needs

Now when we say meet their needs

Naturally we think about

Good food,

Spending time with your kitten

Giving them attention

Providing toys

But one of the most important thing we can do is to understand our kitten 

Learn how to actually talk to your cat and understand what they are trying to tell us

This leads me to my first point

Communicate With Your Kitten

Talking with your kitten is very important

It’s a great way of showing love and affection to your cat

The best part?

You could tell your kitten how much they mean to you and how much you love her in a way she understands

Connection is a beautiful thing

And by connecting with your kitten by talking to her at an early age will only make her more affectionate towards you 

Did You Know?
The Japanese researchers found that cats understand humans, not just by voice tone but also identifying certain words including their names, the owners name, various commands you’ve used, and many other stunning eavesdropping techniques that you had no idea about…

Does it take skill to learn how to talk with your kitten?

It is something that you do need to learn

That’s why I would recommend this awesome guide called

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In this guide you’ll learn

  • Specific thoughts, phrases, and feelings that your cat also communicates via body language
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In short

You’ll be able to take much better care of your kitten and become the best cat parent ever

What does that mean for your kitten?

She’ll be more affectionate to you

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Communication is important and this guide will help you become the best at communicating with your kitten

Which means your kitten will surely become more affectionate!


This is one of the most valuable things you can give to your kitty because they crave for this. The more attention you give your Kitty the more he’s going to feel loved and that will put him on course to become a cuddle bug when he grows up. When I say attention, I mean full attention without any distractions

We’re all guilty of being glued to our cellphones (I can be guilty too!) and it’s a distraction. We can sometimes check our Cell without us even realizing!

When you’re with your cute little Kitten, then give him your undivided attention. Show your Kitty how much you love him and he’ll do the same back as he gets older

Play With Your Kitty

Slightly similar to giving your Kitten attention but this is more interactive play.

Your Kitten is full of energy and needs to use it up. Play with your Kitten at least 20 minutes a day and provide him with a variety of toys.

This will build a special bond and connection with your Kitty and again, as time goes by your Kitten will remember this and will become more affectionate towards to you.

When my Cat was a Kitten I would play with him everyday and spend a lot of time with him and I think for this reason, he now is a cuddle bug and is affectionate towards me and my family members.

Feed Your Kitten & Provide Fresh Water

This is one the essentials for your Kitty, meeting your Kittens need. Provide him with the highest quality of food and make sure water is always available for your Kitten.

This will keep your Kitten healthy and strong and by doing this you’re showing your Kitten how much you care for him and this will make your kitten more affectionate. It increases the bond between the two of you because you’re giving your Kitten the very best of food and your Kitten knows that my “Slave” is providing me with food

Expose Your Kitten To Different Sounds And Experience

Get your family and friends to come over and meet your little kitty. Let your Kitty see different people and be around them.

Do the Vacuum, or show your kitten tap water running

The idea is to get your kitten used to all the things he may see later in life

All these sounds and experiences will help your Kitty understand and enjoy these things instead of being afraid later on in life

You’re just getting your Kitten to understand and appreciate all these things sooner rather than later

If you have children or you’re going to have children come over then do make sure they do not startle your Kitten because it can be scary for your Kitten. Let the children near your kitty but under your supervision

Take Your Kitten To The Vets

Get your kitten a check up at the vets and give the necessary vaccinations that the Vets advise to ensure your Kitten is healthy

This plays an important role in raising a Kitten to be affectionate

You want your Kitty to be a healthy strong Cat when growing up r

Create a Cat Environment

Make your house Cat friendly

What I mean by this is, provide toys as I mentioned earlier, get some Cat shelves, a Cat tree, maybe some safe plants

Make your house a place that will keep your Kitten happy

Cats love being high above the ground which is why I mentioned Cat shelves and a Cat tree

This can give your Kitty a place of security and even just personal space.

Your Kitten will feel more secure and happy and grow to become a well adjusted affectionate Cat

Cat trees can be expensive so if you’re on a budget then you should check out my article

Top 5 best affordable cat trees

Want to know which cat tree I would recommend and I’m sure your little furball will love?

The armarkat cat tree

It’s awesome

I have written a in depth review which you can check out by clicking the link below

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

Hold Your Kitten

Try to hold your kitten as much as you can without going overboard

Let your Kitten get used to being cuddled from a young age and they’ll want that when they get older

It’s a win win situation

Please make sure you don’t force your kitten to cuddle (I’m sure you won’t)

It’s also a great way to show your Kitten how much you love him and create a special bond between the two of you

Don’t Shout Or Punish Your Kitten

This is the worst thing a Cat parent can do

You probably won’t ever think about shouting at your Kitten or even worse punish them but you’ll be surprised how Cat parents resort to this

I mean yes, they can do things which can frustrate us but they’re not doing it purposely for example spraying or scratching the carpet. It’s in their nature so it’s up to you how you deal with these type of behavior.

I would recommend checking out my other articles to get an idea on how you can tackle these common behavior from the root of the problem

Punishing or shouting at your Kitten will make your Kitty afraid of you let alone become affectionate

Pretty much defeats the purpose of raising your Kitten to be affectionate

Always show love and affection to your Kitten and you’ll get the same back

Groom Your Kitten

Cats spend around 30% of their lives grooming themselves! But they wouldn’t mind a little help from their human slaves!

My Cat loves when I stroke him behind the ears of under the chin. Places where it’s hard for him to reach.

Try it yourself and see how much your Kitten will love it. He’ll probable start purring and sticking his head out more because he’s in bliss!

This also creates a special bond too

Give Your Kitten Treats

Cats love treats! Well my Cat does and literally demands for it

If we don’t give in then he’ll manipulate us by slowly blinking at me and meow in such a way that it hits the heart

Trust me, it’s hard to say no to that!

Anyways, you should give your Kitten treats too and watch he becomes your best friend!

Make sure you don’t overdo it because this will become a habit for your kitten and will expect a treat all the time

Stroke Your Kitten

Similar to grooming your Kitten you should pet your Kitty too as much as you can from an early age.

This helps your Kitten to establish a positive and comfortable association with touching.

Let your Kitten learn your touch and scent

This will create a feel good connection in your Kittens brain when you stroke him

Talk Sweetly To Your Kitten

A bit like how you would talk to a child

In a sweet, quiet calm manner

Make this a habit of talking to your Kitten and hold her closely to when you talk to him

Check out my other article out on how to talk to your Cat

If you take action on all these tips with your little feline friend then as your Kitten gets older he will become such a cuddle bug!

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The most important thing is to give your Kitten your unconditional love

The more love and affection you show your Kitten the more you’ll get back

Give your Kitten your undivided attention, put away your Cell phones and Tablets and just let it be you and your Kitten. Your Kitten will appreciate this

Follow these 12 steps and put them in to action and see how your Kitten grows up to become a affectionate Cat!

Remember – It’s not a overnight thing where you Kitten will all of a sudden become a cuddle bug. It does take time and patience.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you want to really show your Kitten how much you love him and how much you care for him?

What if you could actually care for your Kitten better than before?

Maybe you want to learn how to talk to your Kitten in a way they understand?

That’s why I would really recommend checking out Cat Language Bible

You can check out my non bias review by clicking the link below

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