How To Tell Your Cat You Love Them

Are you a true Cat lover and want to learn how you can show your Cat you love them? Keep reading because by the end of this article you’ll be able to shower your cat with love and affection in a way you’ve never even thought of! 

Are you a Cat owner.. I mean a Cat parent (We’re owned by our Cats, so we can’t own them right?) and love them to bits but just don’t know how you can actually shower your cat love and affection 

I mean, yes you can play with them and give them treats but isn’t there more to that?

The’re so adorable and they become like family from day one

My Cat has been with me for over 11 years now and he’s part of our family

I’m sure you would agree you love your Cat to bits

It’s just showing them how much they mean to you and how much you love them is the hard part

Or maybe your Cat is not as affectionate to you as you had hoped so you’re looking for ways to get them to love you too

So you’re looking for ways to tell your Cat you love them in a way they understand

Not to worry because in this article you’re going to learn how you can demonstrate to your Cat you love them

And once you get that right, watch how your Cat becomes a cuddle bug and wants to be with you all the time

What better feeling is there coming home after a hard days work and your Cat comes running to you brushing against your leg!

Fortunately my Cat always does that!

Okay, so let’s look at the different ways you can shower your Cat with love and affection

Here’s 13 cute ways you can do

Special Attention

Who doesn’t love attention? Everyone wants attention and wants to know that people actually care for them and your Cat is no different

Did you know Cats are emotionally intelligent?

They want to feel love and affection

There’s always that myth that people say about Cats

“They’re independent and don’t need our love”

That is not true at all!

To give your Cat your special attention is one the best ways you can give them the love the need and deserve

How do you give your special attention?

It’s simple – When you’re at home chill with your Cat

Give all your focus and attention towards your Cat

Let her sleep on you when she takes a Cat nap

It’s the same as giving your special attention to someone that is beloved to you

Just be in your Cats company and they’ll appreciate it

Slowly Blink At Your Cat

I love this one

Have you ever noticed your Cat looking at you with his half closed and then slowly blinks at you? Do you know what that means?

It’s a way of your Cat telling you he loves you! How cute is that!

My Cat does that to me all the time.. Well especially when he wants a treat he’ll manipulate me by slowly blinking at me

How can I not give him a treat after that! Lol

Next time your Cat slowly blinks at you, do the same back because it’s your way of showing your Cat you love them too

Pretty cool right?

Try it out and let me know in the comments if you got the same response back

Play With Your Cat

Cats are natural predators but unfortunately they don’t get to use their predatory skills as much

Here’s where you come in

Play with your Cat and let your Cat pounce on their prey

Toys that have a mouse at the end work really well

You should spend at least 15 – 20 minutes a day playing with your feline friend

This will build a beautiful connection between the two of you

It will also show your Cat you love them by spending quality time with them

Bonus! – This will also keep your Cat healthy too with all the running and jumping.. It’s a great exercise

Groom Your Cat

Although Cats spend around 30% of their lives grooming themselves (I know it’s like a 1/3 of their lives!) they would appreciate a helping hand too

Spend some time with your Cat and give him a nice grooming session

Grooming your Cat comes with many benefits too such as

  • Keeps your Cats fur tangle free
  • Helps reduce fur-balls
  • You’ll know if their are any skin problems
  • It creates a special bond

Cat Treats

Don’t even get me started on Cat treats because my loves them to bits!

He won’t ask for one but he’ll sometimes demand for it too!

I can’t blame him though because a treats a treat and I love myself a treat too!

Your Cat will not just love you for giving treats but will remember that you give treats so will always ask you for one!

Do give your Cat a treat but try not to overdo it because it could cause obesity

Stress Relief

Cats can get stressed too

There are many causes to why a Cat may become stressed so it’s down to you to make sure your Cat is stress free

How do you do that?

Provide your Cat with things that will bring joy to him such as a Cat tree or a window perch

Try to make the environment suited to their needs

This will give them safety and security

I believe every cat should have a Cat tree

It helps them be a cat

There’s so much benefits to giving your cat a cat tree

Here’s just a few

  • Keeps them fit and active
  • Provides them with safety (They’re very tall
  • They have scratching posts for your cat to scratch
  • They can play on it
  • Keeps them entertained

If you’re wondering which cat tree to get but at a affordable price then you should check out my article

Top 5 best affordable cat trees 

There’s some pretty awesome cat trees you can get at some real bargain prices!

If I was to recommend one then I would recommend

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Looks pretty awesome right?

I actually have written a in depth review about this cat tree

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Armarkat Cat Tree Review  

You probably think it’s expensive right?

You’ll be surprised!

Check Price On Amazon

Give Them Space

Everyone wants their own space

I certainly do from my wife! Lol just kidding I love her to bits

But seriously, sometimes you just want to take a breather and be with your own thoughts

Cats are the same too

it doesn’t help if you’re all over them all the time

Sometimes they may want to wind down and just left to it

You can give them their space by letting them be on their own for a while

Maybe your Cat just wants to sit at the top of his Cat tree and observe his territory

Or he just wants to relax on his comfortable bed

You know your kitty more than anyone else and you’ll know what he likes to do when he just wants to be on his own for a while

Put Away Your Phone

Our Cell phone has become a big distractions these days

When talking to people it’s better to keep your Cell out of sight and this same rule applies to pets

If you’re snuggling with your Cat or spending some time quality time with him, give your little kitty your 100% attention

Give Them High Quality Food

You should provide your Cat with the highest quality of food

Food that contains all the nutrients in them to help your Cat stay healthy

A healthy Cat is a happy Cat

This is a very great way of showing your Cat you love them

My Cat loves having a variety of food so we have to always mix it up!

What’s your Cats favorite food? Let me know in the comments below

Talk To Your Cat

You’re not the only to talk to your Cat if you do!

I talk to my Cat because he’s the only one who listens!

But yes, you should talk to your Cat because it’s a great way of strengthening the bond between you and your Cat. When you talk to your Cat with love and affection, why wouldn’t your Cat feel loved.

Talking to your Cat will also help your Cat feel understood whether he’s asking for food or just a snuggle

Do you want to literally learn how to speak to your Cat in a way like never before?

Keep reading because you’re in for a surprise!

Scent Mingling

Mixing your scent with your Cats will make your Cat feel secure and loved

Has your Cat ever rubbed her whole against your leg or arm? This is how your Cat mixes her scent with yours which is a true sign of trust and friendship

Give Them a Comfortable Bed

You should meet your Cats basic needs

This is very important of course

One of their basic needs is to provide them with a comfortable bed

Cats love to spend a lot of time sleeping or just taking a Cat nap and providing them with a cozy warm bed is something they will love and appreciate

Cats love being in high places so consider getting a Cat tree that has a bed at the top

That way she has a birds eye view of her territory (Your room!)

Your Cat will know how much you love her by you providing her with this amenity

You can check out my article

Best heated cat beds review

Quick And Easy Guide To Really Show Your Cat You Love Them

Okay so we’ve gone through different ways you can show you little feline friend how much you love them

That is great

But you know what is even better?

Learning how to communicate with your Cat at a higher level and tell them exactly how much they mean to you


If you’re happy with the way you’re communicating with your Cat and you think you are doing a good job showing your Cat you love them then that’s great!

But for those Cat parents who want to understand their Cats in a better way then I would really recommend checking out Cat Language Bible

Cat Language Bible

So what is Cat language Bible? And is it for me?

Good question

Cat Language Bible is a book designed to help those Cat parents to actually have a conversation with your Cat

Crazy right? Well not really because we already do that 

What makes this guide so awesome is that it teaches you how to communicate directly with your Cat and finally understand what your Cat is trying to tell you and also how you can tell them exactly how much they mean to you

Imagine how this will strengthen your bond with your Cat.. It will sky rocket!

Why do I recommend this guide?

It’s simple,

Our Cats deserve to have the best treatment

It’s time we give something back to our Cats and that is our love and affection and also understanding them too

This will help us Cat parents care for our feline friend better than ever

Does Cat Language Bible Work?

Here’s a testimonial from Therese Linn

Warning: a lot of the things you think you know when it comes to cat behavior are WRONG and this book will shock you! I always thought that it was fairly evident when a cat is happy, angry, playful, loving etc…but this book showed me that I was hugely misunderstanding my cat. I now realize that I always mistook her apparent annoyance with actual affection, her apparent grumpiness with loneliness, and I could never tell when she wanted company and when she just wanted to be left alone. Now I do and I have noticed that she is much more receptive to me and actually for the first time ever she has started sleeping next to me rather than running around meowing. It is an incredible feeling to be able to communicate with her – we now ‘say’ I love you to each other every morning!

It really is a relationship changer between you and your Cat

Also, with this Guide you get three other bonuses

Bonus 1 – The Cat Care Guide

Bonus 2 – Training Your Cat 

Bonus 3 – A-To-Z Feline Nutrition 

Super bonus – FREE Lifetime Updates

So that means you will get Cat Language Bible and all these other bonuses

Pretty awesome right?

You must be thinking this is going to cost $$$$

It should do because you’re getting so much!

But there’s a special price and it only costs $27! That’s right $27! 

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You’re only investing $27 to build a lifelong strong connection with your Cat

Think about it, we can spend over 100 bucks on a Cat tree for your Cat to play on

But spending under $30 will help you understand your Cat, care for your Cat, communicate with your Cat in a way he understands and you also get 3 awesome bonuses which basically covers everything you need to know on how look after your Cat

Isn’t that the ultimate objective of being a Cat parent?


Thank you for reading this article

I hope you have learned something new today

Most importantly take action and try the different methods in this article with your Cat

The main thing is, to build that strong connection with your Cat

To show them how much you love them and how much they mean to you

Here’s a awesome tip to cat parents by Mallory Crusta from

“Life with a cat becomes a lot easier—and a lot richer—when you recognize that your feline is all predator. From diet to playtime to the way your cat shows affection, everything they do stems from their carnivorous, predatory nature. Knowing that is going to revolutionize the way you train, feed, and shop for your cat. Instead of getting bogged down by trends and buzz, ask yourself “Is this what a carnivorous predator would want?” Looking at the world from a predator’s perspective makes everything clearer. It also gives you a happier, healthier cat.”

If you want to become the best Cat parent ever then I would really recommend checking out The Cat Language Bible.

This guide will help you communicate with your Cat like you’ve never before and also you will learn how you can tell them exactly how much they mean to you.

If your cat has all of a sudden stopped loving you for no reason then check out my article

How to make my cat love me again 

Let me know in the comments below any action you’re going to take?

Or maybe you’ve already tried something and it has worked?

I might have missed something out so comment below so other Cat parents can benefit too

Here’s to being the best Cat parent ever 

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