Top 20 Cat Bloggers To Follow

Everyone loves Cats

That’s they always get distracted watching Cat videos

Talking about Cat videos check this one out below

Now who wouldn’t find that so adorable!

Before I carry going from one Cat video to another let me tell you what this article about

Me being a Cat parent myself and a sort of new Cat blogger I want to get the word out there

What I mean by that is, I want to direct people to the best Cat bloggers

This website has all different articles on Cat behavior etc but I want to help you out even more than that

I want to help you connect with the best bloggers out there

By doing this, I hope I am doing my bit for the online Cat community by connecting you Cat lovers to awesome Cat bloggers

So with this in mind, I have put together a list of my top 30 Cat bloggers from the around the web who I think are doing a FANTASTIC job in helping Cat lovers

So without further-ado let’s look at my top 30 Cat bloggers

A big congratulations to those on the list – Keep up the good work!


Kamira is a Cat blogger who helps other Cat parents deal with Cat loss. It’s never easy losing a Cat but Kamira helps you deal with this loss. She is truly a inspiration


I love Katzenworld because they are unique! How? They have 9 passionate Cat bloggers that have gathered from around the globe that share amazing content! Deffo worth a visit

The Purrfect Job 

Alice Chau-Ginguene is a Cat sitter and Cat behaviorist. She pretty much spends most of her life with Cats and if she is not with Cats then she’s writing about Cats! Did I mention she also scoops Cat poop a lot! Check out her blog and see how she literally became Catwoman!

Sandy Robins

Sandy Robins – The Country’s leading multi-media celebrity pet lifestyle expert and influencer. She certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to cats so if you want to become a better Cat parent be sure to check out her website

Meows N Paws

If you want to learn how to keep your Cat entertained then you need to check out Meows N Paws. Monika Flora has done a great job to help other Cat parents keep their little feline friends even more happier!

The Fluffy Kitty 

I love this blogging team Paul and Brittany and their little cute Cat Yoda. Yoda looks so adorable and I love his fur color (check it out on their website). This website is following Yoda on his adventures and also you can read the latest articles all related to Cats such as Cat travel, behavior, nutrition etc

The Conscious Cat 

One of the best Cat bloggers out there – Ingrid King, who is an award winning author and a popular Cat blogger. The Conscious Cat features articles on Cat nutrition, Cat health, Cat behavior, pet loss and much more. I would deffo recommend checking her blog out! You’ll find everything you need to know about Cats!

Following Cats 

If you’re a Cat lover (Of course you are!) then you’ll love Following Cat because it’s all about the joy of keeping a Cat. The website is run by Tina who loves to write and read. She also volunteers as a website administrator for a local volunteering group that works with Countys animal shelter to boost adoption rates.

Island Cats 

A fun loving blog that features the Island Cats! Who are the Island Cats? Go check them out and you won’t be disappointed! You’ll definitely have a smile on your face

Love And Hisses 

Love and Hisses definitely deserve a place in my top 30 because of the awesome work they do supporting Cat charity work! They have some beautiful pictures of kittens on their website that will cheer you up because that’s what Cats do right?

Rascal And Rocco 

I love Rascal and Rocco who are two cheeky brothers! They were adopted by L. E. Mastilock. Stay entertained by checking their awesome website out and see what these two cheeky brothers get up to! Maybe you could relate too!

Sandpiper Cat 

You must be wondering why this blog is called Sandpiper Cat. Well there’s always a inspiration behind a name of a blog. I’ll let you read the story behind the name of Sandpiper Cat. You can do this by checking their website out.

That Cat Blog 

I had to include this in my top 30! That Cat blog features high quality public stories about Cats which I’m sure you’ll love! Go and have a browse around on their website

Way Of Cats 

This website is run by Pamela Merritt. She started this site to help Cats become the loving companions they all want to be. I love her motto which is “All we have to do is understand their nature” which I totally agree with.

Purrington Post

I love the purrington post because the team behind it is awesome! They’re all Cats! Lol I love the name too, pretty cool right? This website has all you need to know about Cats from their behavior to just Cat facts then you should deffo check out purrington post.

Feline Behavior Solutions

This blog is all about preventing Cats from being abandoned, abused or surrendered. Marci Koski is the owner of this blog and she is a Cat behaviorist who develops personal behavior and training plans for Cats and their owners. I would really recommend checking the blog out because they have some quality articles!

Your Cat

I love this website because once you browse around you’ll stay on it forever! They have some great stuff from Cat advice, Kitten care, different type of Cats. It’s for Cat lovers all around the world. Go check it out now!

Lola The Rescued Cat 

This blog is about a Cat named Lola who was found in a bin! (How terrible is that) and was rescued by Dawn. Lola went from a kitty found in the dumpster to now a princess. She’s looked after well now. Anyways this blog has three main themes – Advocacy, Education and Entertainment.

The Meow Blog 

If you’re looking for funny Cat videos, Heart warming Cat rescue stories, cute Cat pictures or videos then you have to check out The Meow Blog! They got some awesome stuff about Cats

Momma Kat And Her Bear Kat 

I love this blog because you get to learn what your Cat is trying to say to you and each other! You’ll learn lots so go check it out!

There you have it!

My top 20 Cat bloggers that you have to follow for 2018 and beyond!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Have I missed any other awesome Cat bloggers out?

Let me know in the comment below and I will update this post and include them!


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