Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment

It can be hard to buy a Cat tree

Especially when you don’t have much space to play with

You have to work with small spaces and to find a cat tree that will fit there is difficult

So it’s important to buy one that will not take up too much space but is big enough for your Cat

Last thing you want is to make a mistake because It’s not a small investment

You’re paying good money to buy one

And I get it, your Cat deserves the best

I’m a Cat parent myself and of course I want my Cat to have the best Cat tree out there too!

But at the same time I want to save money and not go overboard and spend $$$$

In this article I want to give you the top 3 best Cat tree for small apartment that you could buy

The best part

It won’t take up much space

In fact it will fit in small spaces so you got nothing to worry about

Your cat will love it too!

You need some cat furniture and getting a modern cat climbing tower is the best furniture to get for your cat!

But first we need to understand what makes an awesome modern cat tree

You don’t want to buy blindly only to realize you’ve spent nearly 100 bucks and the Cat tree has just toppled over

I want to help you save money and buy the best cat trees you can get!

Let me save you the time of doing research and provide you with the information you need to know about a modern Cat tree

What Is a Cat Tree?

Cat trees are a artificial structure that is created for Cats so they can play in them, sleep and relax

You can call it cat furniture

It also gives your Cat exercise as they climb up them or jump off them.

Do Cats Need Cat Trees?

Yes of course!

It’s a place for them to feel like a Cat where they can scratch the scratching post that come with it

They can climb high and observe their territory

It’s a comfort zone for them too

If you have multiple cats then they have a place to play and keep them entertained

So yes Cats/Kittens do need Cat trees

What Are The Features Of An Awesome Cat Tree?

There are many features you should look out for when buying a Cat tree

Let’s go through them so you have a good idea

The Best Cat Condos Are Tall In Size

Cats like having a aerial view of their territory.

Have you noticed how Cats love sitting in places that are high above the ground?

It’s because they feel safe as they can see everything below them

If your Cat does not like guests or you have your nephews and nieces come over often then a Cat tree that is tall is a safe haven for your Cat

He can resort to his tall Cat tower that will keep your cat feel safe high above the ground

If your Cat gets stressed easily then a tall Cat tree is the best option for them because they can go to their safe space and out of the fear zone

Want to keep your cat off the kitchen counter?

Getting a tall Cat tree will stop your Cats behavior of climbing on the kitchen counter or on top of the refrigerator

Tall Cat trees will be very beneficial for your Cat

The Best Cat Towers Are Made Of Strong Wood Or Wood Products

Cat trees that are made of strong wood are of the best quality

They can be expensive but it’s worth it because they last longer and more sturdy

The Best Cat Condo Are Strong And Sturdy

You don’t want to buy a Cat tree that can easily topple and fall down

You want one that can hold good weight and multiple Cats also

Cats love climbing. It’s in their nature and they’re not afraid to climb to the very top

But, if the Cat trees topples then this can make your Cat nervous to climb Cat trees

You need a Cat tree that has a good solid base structure

The Best Cat Trees Are Covered In The Best Materials

What do I mean by best materials?

Materials that will last long because your Cat will dig his claws in nearly every place in that Cat tree

The Cat tree should be covered in materials that is strong and durable for years of fun and clawing for your little furball

Cat trees that are covered in carpet are the best and will last longer.

They will feel nice under your Cats claws

I think Carpet covered Cat trees are the best out there

They will last longer and you won’t have to worry about your Cat digging his claw into his Cat tree!

The Best Cat Tree Have The Best Features For Your Cat

You get different types of Cat trees

Some have cubby holes in them, different tiers, toys that dangle and all sorts of scratching post attached to them

All these features are pretty awesome but it’s up to your Cat if they’ll be into them or not

Take notice of your Cats personality

Does your Kitty love jumping on counters? Does he love climbing? Does he love scratching?

Based on your Cats personality you should buy a Cat tree

But I think Cats just love exploring and hiding and climbing so a Cat tree that has multiple things going on they’ll love it

You know your Cat better than anyone else so make a decision based on that!

It’s important to remember, if you have a elderly Cat then he may not jump as much as he used to, so you might want to get a Cat tree that has stairs which would be more suitable for your Cat

Again, you know how your Cat is and it’s your decision which Cat tree would be best for your little furball

The Best Cat Tree Will Compliment Your Home Decor

Your Cat don’t care what color it is or the patterns and design the Cat tree may have

It’s your apartment so you can decide which Cat tree would suit your apartments decor.. But don’t forget to make sure the Cat tree is suited for your Cat!

The Best Cat Tower Will Fit Right Into Your Budget

It’s very rare to find a Cat tower priced at $25

They range from $50 upwards

If you want good quality and one that will last long be prepared to pay a bit more

To be honest, it’s a very good investment because it’s for your Cat and they’re family and if you’re willing to spend good money then I would really recommend The Refined Feline Lotus Tower Cat Tree in Espresso

I’m not saying spend $1000 on a Cat tree! You can get a high good quality Cat tree for under $100

You can see my top 3 best cat tree for small apartments which all are very affordable

Top 3 Best Cat Trees For Small Apartment

Now that we’ve covered what to look out for when purchasing a Cat tree I’ve done research to provide you with the top 3 best Cat tree for small apartment

You don’t need to research because I’ve done that for you

And these cat trees will fit in small spaces so you got nothing to worry about

I only recommend the best because I’m a Cat parent myself

Our little kitties deserve the best entertainment right?

And these cat trees all have scratching posts built within them

No need to worry about your cat scratching up the wall or furniture

The best thing about a tree condo is you don’t have to buy a scratching post

At least you save money there right?

Here’s my top 3 Cat trees for a small apartment

1. Amarkat Classic Cat Tree 

So what’s so great about Amarkat Classic Cat Tree?

First of all it doesn’t take much space espcially if you’re looking for a Cat tree that will fit into your apartment

Dimensions – 50″ (L) 26″ (W) 74″ (H) 

The dimensions for this cat tree is actually perfect because

The width is only 26 inches and the length is 50 inches so it’s not something that will take up much space

It will fit ideally into the corner of a room

Very Strong And Sturdy

Considering how tall this Cat tree is which stands at 74 inch tall it is very sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over.

Another point to mention is, it is very strong so if you have multiple Cats they all can climb on it and it will be still fine

Looking at the reviews and my research that I have done, Cat parents that have bought Amarkat Classic Cat Tree have said they have had 4 Cats all at once using the Cat tree and one of the Cats is a supersized main coon!

You don’t need to worry about having multiple Cats using it regardless of their size

The last thing you want is a Cat tree that tips over

Amarkat Classic Cat Tree is strong and sturdy so you have nothing to worry about it tipping over!

Easy To Assemble 

You don’t need to spend hours assembling Amarkat Classic Cat Tree

To be honest with you, me personally, I hate assembling things especially if it takes too long and is very complicated!

This Cat tree has taken Cat parents just half hour to assemble.. without any assistance!

Plenty Of Room To Play And Sleep 

Your Cats will have plenty of room to play in this Cat tree

If you got little kitties they will love just climbing all over it

There’s also enough room to sleep in so your Cat can take a Cat nap in the Cat tree and use it for his own personal space as Cats do want personal space and this Cat tree will do just that!

The steps make it easier for older Cats to climb up the Cat tree

 Great height with different tiers

 Can Hold 60lbs Weight

 Easy To Assemble With Step By Step Instructions And Tools

 Multiple Scratch Posts

X At $94.99, It Can Be Expensive For People

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 33-Inch by 22-Inch by 72-Inch, Black

Cat Parents love the Mya Cat Tree and it’s not hard to understand why

It’s tall, great quality and easy to assemble

Dimension – 72″ (H) 33″ (W) 22″ (L)

As you can see the height is 72 inches which is just slightly smaller than the Amarkat Classic Cat Tree but hey it’s still pretty tall!

The width and length is ideal for a small apartment as it will not take up much space

It’s strong and sturdy which is essential for any Cat tree

The weight capacity is 60 pounds which is brilliant because it can hold up many Cats regardless of their size

It’s a 4 tier Cat tree which gives your Cat enough places to explore

Cats like being high above the ground and this Cat tree provides just that

What I love about this Cat tree is it has 10 scratching posts! You don’t want your Cat to tear up your expensive couch. Cats need to scratch and with this Cat tree they won’t have any reason to scratch at your beautiful Couch! Win win situation for you

It has a cute little mouse toy that dangles which your Cat will love to play with

The stairs in this Cat tree is a excellent feature because it would suit older Cats that can’t jump anymore

It takes only 30 minutes to assemble

It’s great value for money

It’s great for large cats too

So if you have a large cat this cat condo is fine!

The only negative I could find about this is there’s a mouse that dangles which can easily be snatched off depending how hard your Cat plays with it

But overall it’s a awesome Cat tree that is highly recommended by Cat parents

 Great height with different tiers

 30 Day Warranty For Any Manufacturer Defects


 Can Hold A lot Of Weight

 Easy To Assemble

 Multiple Scratching Posts

Cats Can Tend To Break The Dangling Toy

Overall it’s a great piece of

Check Price On Amazon

3. Animaze 6-Level Brown Cat Tree, 76″ H, 31 in

Animaze 6-Level Brown Cat Tree

I actually really like this one myself

It’s very tall and has many tiers so your Cat can go right to the very top and keep an eye on his territory (Your room, it belongs to your Cat!)

Dimension – 76″(H) 26″(W) 31″(L)

It’s 76 inches high which is taller than the first two I have recommended

That’s actually over 7 feet tall!

Cats love heights so this would be very ideal for your Cat if he loves sitting in high places

It’s narrow too which would fit perfectly in a small apartment so you don’t have to worry about space


I love the cubby holes in this Cat tower

Your Cat would love just hiding in there

It would be a little nice sleeping area right?

This Cat tree is very stable and sturdy which is important for a Cat tree as mentioned earlier

Reading the reviews – A Cat parent says, she’s got 4 cats in total, three are in between 11 and 13 pounds and a big 17 pound Maine Coon. They all climbed the tree at once and it was still sturdy

Shows how it hold up a lot of weight which is another plus point

It’s easy to put together so you don’t need to worry about the headache of assembling it

The only negative I can take from this is it does not have steps so if your Cat is old age and struggles jumping then it may be difficult for an old age Cat to climb this tree

 Very tall

 Great Value For Money

 Carpet Material Which Is The Best Type Of Materials For Cat Trees

 Can Hold A lot Of Weight

 Easy To Assemble

 Multiple Scratch Posts

No steps so may not be suitable for Cats that suffer from arthritis

Overall it’s a very good Cat condo that ticks all the right boxes especially if you have young Cats or kittens

It may not be suitable for older Cats

Check Price On Amazon


Investing in a Cat tower is something you won’t regret

Your Cat will appreciate and love you for it because it gives them something to do

It’s healthy for them as they can get exercise done too by climbing jumping on the Cat tree

It can be hard to find the right size Cat tree for a small apartment but it’s not impossible

There are a few things you need to look out for when purchasing a Cat condo and this article provides you what you need to consider before buying

Lucky for you, this article gives you the top 3 best cat trees for a small apartment

If you’re not the type to read a full article and skim down to the bottom I don’t blame you

So here’s the top 3 best cat trees for a small a apartment in-case you missed it

1. Amarkat Classic Cat Tree 

2. Mya Cat Tree

3. Animaze 6-Level Brown Cat Tree

Animaze 6-Level Brown Cat Tree

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