Stop a Cat From Peeing In The Same Spot

In this article I will talk about how to stop a cat from peeing in the same spot

You will learn how you can stop a Cat from peeing anywhere and use the litter box

Sound good?

Let’s get straight into it

Stop a Cat From Peeing In The Same Spot

Being a Cat parent myself, I know the frustration when your little furball decides to pee on your favorite rug or on your brand new carpet (which by the way is very expensive!)

The worst part is, you clean it up so thoroughly and make that spot spotless thinking your Cat will not pee there again

Only to realize your Cat has decided to pee again in the same very spot!

All that hard work and scrubbing!

It makes you want to tear your hair out!

Trust me I know the feeling

It can be really annoying

Constant peeing in the same spot and making your house smell like urine

It puts a strain on family relationship

To such an extent where you there’s talk about giving your Cat up

But that’s impossible because your little furball is family

You can never do that right?

But not to worry

Because you can stop this behavior

You don’t need to give up your Cat

And before we get into the different reasons why your Cat may be peeing in the same spot

I would like to emphasize not to shout or even worse hit your Cat

Shouting will make the problem worse!

It will also make your Cat afraid of you

It’s important to understand why your Cat is peeing in the same spot

What is causing him to behave in this manner

Your Cat won’t just stop using the litter box for no reason whatsoever

You have to get to the root of the problem and tackle it from there

Let’s look at the different reasons why your Cat may be peeing in the same spot

Health Issue 

The first thing you should do if your Cat is not using the litter box is to take your Cat to the vets to make sure he is healthy

A common reason a Cat will stop using the litter box and pee elsewhere is because of a medical condition such as Infection in the bladder or kidneys or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

If your Cat is healthy and nothing is wrong with him that is causing him to pee outside the litter box is there are other reasons we need to look at


Stress could be a reason why your Cat has stopped using the litter box.

Have you made changes in your household? Maybe you have added new furniture or redecorated the house? This can be a cause for stress in your Cat

You see, Cats love routine and as soon as changes are made this triggers stress in your Cat

Another cause for stress could be if you have moved houses

All this again is new to your Cat and it’s new territory

This causes your Cat to avoid using the litter box and pee elsewhere

If you think your Cat is stressed then you can check out my article

How calm a stressed Cat down

Cleaning the urine 

If your Cat has peed in a spot, you’ve cleaned it and your Cat has then again peed in the same spot then this means you have not cleaned the area properly

Cats can smell their urine even if we can’t smell it ourselves

Yes, when they first pee or spray, the urine smell is very strong and we can smell it instantly

Once you’ve cleaned it though, and you’ve used products that get rid of the urine smell, you may think the smell is gone but in reality it hasn’t which is why your Cat has gone back to the same spot and peed again

Because the smell of urine is there, your Cat now may think it’s okay to pee in there and will use it again and again

What you need to do is clean this spot thoroughly

You need to use Urine removers that have enzyme cleaners in them

This completely removes the urine smell to such an extent that even your Cat won’t be able to smell it

If you don’t know which urine removers to buy I have made a top 5 best Cat urine removers list

You can check it out – Best Cat Urine Remover 

Another you can do to stop your Cat from peeing in the same spot is to block it off

Wherever your Cat has peed, put something there to block your Cat from going there again

This will stop your Cat from peeing in the same spot

Litter Box 

If your Kittys litter box is dirty then your Cat won’t use it

Would you use a washroom that is dirty? Then your Cat is the same

You need to make sure the litter box is cleaned regularly at least everyday

Cats are very picky about their litter box

They are also very clean animals, I mean, they spend around 30% of their lives grooming themselves!

You can imagine how clean they are!

Litter Box Location 

This is another cause for your Cat to avoid using the litter box

Make sure the Litter box is placed somewhere in the house where your Cat has privacy

Also, make sure it’s in a place where your Cat has a easy escape route too

Don’t put the litter box next to where your Cat eats and sleeps

That will just deter them from using it

Also, avoid putting the litter box next to things that can scare them such as a washing machine or dryer

Your Cat will associate using the litter box as something that is scary

If you live in a small apartment and you find it difficult where you can put the litter box you can check out my article

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Number of Litter Box 

Some Cats tend to use one Litter box to pee in and another to poo in

Try adding another litter box and this may stop your Cats behavior of avoiding the litter box

As you can see, Litter box plays an important role in your Cats life

If the litter box is clean and placed somewhere convenient for your Cat to use then you shouldn’t have any problems with your Cat not using the litter box

As mentioned before, it’s important to get a health check for your Cat just to make sure it’s nothing medically


To stop a Cat from peeing in the same spot you have to make sure you clean the area very thoroughly with urine removers that have Enzyme cleaners in them.

You can check out my recommendation on the best Cat urine remover by clicking here 

Your Cat will carry on peeing in the same spot because he can smell the urine although you may not be able to

That is why you need a urine remover with Enzyme Cleaner in them because they get rid of the urine smell completely

You should also try to block off the area from your Cat so he doesn’t have access to it

As Cat parents we don’t look for the root of the problem on why your Cat may be peeing outside the litter box

I had this same problem with my Cat and it was really hard and frustrating

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