What Is Cat Language Bible?

What Is Cat Language Bible?

No it’s not a bible! It’s a guide that will help you have actual conversations with your Cat so you can tell your little Kitty how much you love them through words. No more 2 3 words but actual conversations

It’s a book created by Jonas Jurgella who is a animal researcher and animal behavior specialist. He has worked with hundreds of Cat owners to help build bonds through the power of language and conversation

That’s right, you can learn how to talk to your Cat through this book Cat language bible

Now look

Let’s be honest with ourselves

As Cat parents, have we really connected with our feline friends?

Do we understand if your Cat is joyful or upset?

Confused? Irritated?

Isn’t it time we start to understand our Cats body language and build a strong bond and connection with our Kitty?

Did you know your Cat understands when you are angry or upset?

It’s a one way street because our Cat understands us and unfortunately we don’t understand our Cats the way we should

I think it’s time we build that connection

That is what Cat language Bible will help you do

It’s the go-to-guide for bonding with your Cat through language communication

Think about this

How awesome would it be to actually tell your Cat how much you love them using your own words?

How awesome would it be to actually have a true detailed conversation with your Cat?

You see, this book will help you take you from just having two word phrases which mean very little to your Cat to actually having a conversation with your Cat, similar to how you would with a small child

Cat Language Bible will help you look after your Cat even better

To be honest the price for Cat Language Bible is only $27

Did I mention that this also comes with some great bonuses that are FREE 

Here’s the bonuses that come with Cat Language Bible

Bonus 1 – The Cat Care Guide 

This guide will teach you how to show love to your Cat in a way that only few other can match.

In this guide you will learn how to give your Cat the proper attention they need, how to feed them, support them and entertain them.


Bonus 2 – Training Your Cat 

Training your Cat.. One of the hardest thing to do.

You can train a Dog but a Cat? That would be a achievement.

Good news is this guide will teach you how to build obedience the correct way using love, instruction and language all together

Bonus 3 – A to Z Feline Nutrition 

If you follow this guide then you will literally allow your Cat to live a life of strength, vitality and creativity.

Gibing your Cat nutrition is very critical in order to give them the best of life.

That is why this guide is very important!


Cat Language Bible is always updating as the author is always researching so if there is any updates you will get them for free

The best part is you have to do nothing!

If there is a new version of Cat Language Bible then you’ll receive it for free via email

In Conclusion 

Cats understand us

Now is the time to truly understand our little feline friends

We owe it to them

If you want to build that strong bond and connection with your Cat then this book will help you do that

You can find out more about Cat Language Bible by clicking here 

Just like with everything there are pros and cons

Here’s a list of all the pros


  • Easy to follow structure and format
  • Cost under $30 for this guide plus 4 extra bonuses which is a very good deal
  • You can build a strong connection with your Cat through this guide
  • Outcome based results, research and testing has created this strategy
  • Very detailed guide


  • eBook version only
  • You hold yourself accountable for success
  • Requires time investment


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