How To Stop Cats From Peeing On House Plants

In this article I will talk about how to stop Cats from peeing on house plants

I will talk about why your Cat may be peeing on your house plants

I will then give you a solution to this problem

Let’s dive in

How To Stop Cats From Peeing On House Plants

If you’re like my neighbor that loves Plants in the house then I’m sure you would be very annoyed when your Cat decides he wants to use your Plant as a place to pee

It can be very frustrating

I mean you’re growing these beautiful plants only for your Cat to ruin them by peeing in them

So why is your Cat peeing in your house plants?

Why is he not using the litter box?

These are all questions that need to be answered

Don’t worry I will answer these for you

Carry on reading

Why is my Cat peeing in my house plants?

You see Cats like to pee in soil or loose material

Your house plant is a very appealing spot for your Cat to pee in

So it’s natural for your Cat to pee in something that has soil in it

It could be because it’s similar to this litter box too

Why is my Cat not using the litter box?

Your Cat may be avoiding the litter box for a number of reasons

Cats will usually use the Litter box and they won’t just stop using it for no reason

Let’s go through the reasons your Cat may be avoiding the Litter Box and using your house plants a place to pee

Wrong Location 

Where is the Litter box kept in your house or apartment?

The location of the Litter box is very important because if it’s kept some where in the house where a lot of noise is coming from, chances are your Cat will not use it

For example

If the Litter box is in the Laundry room

The washing machine and dryer will make a lot of noise and this can scare your Cat which will create a negative association using the Litter Box

Make sure the Litter box is not where your Cat eats because your Cat will not appreciate relieving himself near a place where he has his food

If you have a small apartment and don’t know where to put the Litter box I would suggest reading my article

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Dirty Litter Box 

You wouldn’t use a washroom that is dirty right? Neither will your Cat use a Litter box that is dirty and not clean

Cats are already clean animals so they would need their Litter box cleaned at least everyday

Make sure you clean the Litter Box regularly

Number of Litter Box 

General rule is to have a extra Litter box for your Cat

Cats like to pee in one and poo in another

Try adding another Litter box as this usually helps when Cats pee in other places apart from the Litter box

To find out more why your Cat may not be using the Litter box you can check out my article

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How To Stop Your Cat From Peeing In Your House Plants

No more worrying about your house plants being soiled because I’m going to share you with some tips you can use to protect your Plants

1. Place items on the soil that your Cat does not like and find unattractive such as small rocks, citrus peels and pine-cones, this will deter your Cat from using your Plant as a place to urinate

2. Cats hate aluminium foil so place the edge of the pot with foil. This will stop your Cat from climbing the pot

3. You can try and place your Plants in a room where your Cat cannot have access to due to the doors being locked

4. You can also put double sided sticky tape on the edge of the pot. Cats don’t like the feel of sticky tape on their paw

5. Cats hate citrus. So place Orange peels throughout your Plants soil. That will save your Plant from your Cats peeing in them

In Conclusion

If your Cat is peeing in your Plants then the first thing you want to do is get your Cat seen by a Vet just to rule out any medical conditions

Your Cat could be peeing in your house plants due to the reasons I mentioned about avoiding the Litter Box

If you follow the tips on how to stop your Cat from peeing in your House Plants, this will hopefully stop this behavior

If you have a problem with your Cat not using the Litter box then I would recommend checking out my article

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