Best Way To Stop a Cat From Spraying – For Quick & FAST Results!

In this article I will talk about the best way to stop a Cat from spraying

You will also learn why Cats Spray

Let’s get straight to it

The best way to stop a Cat from spraying is first understanding why your Cat is spraying

Have you ever asked yourself “Why is my cat peeing everywhere all of a sudden”

Cats will not just spray for no reason

It’s up to you as a Cat parent to understand the root of this problem

I know this can be a challenge

Because you want your little furball to stop spraying asap!

I know and understand because my Cat would spray everywhere!

And boy it does get frustrating


Especially when the whole house smells like Cat urine

The worst smell in the world!

The worst part?

You have no idea where the smell is coming from!

So you’re now sniffing every corner where you think the smell is coming from

Looking like a police Dog sniffing for drugs!

But don’t worry

It’s not all doom and gloom

Because you can stop this behavior

Want to know the best part?

Every Cat parent can put an end to Cats spraying

I certainly did

And I’ll tell you what I had done

More about that later on

First let’s look at the reasons why your Cat is spraying

What is causing this behavior?

Carry on reading and let’s go through the different reasons Cat spray

Why Cats Spray

Cats spray for a number of reasons

They don’t spray just to annoy you and get you angry

Cats are awesome and well behaved (Well sometimes!)

So why do Cats spray

One of the main reasons Cat spray is a way of communicating with other Cats

Have you noticed your Cat ever meowing at other Cats? No right?

Cats ways of communicating with each other is through scent

Such as spraying or rubbing their head, body and tail glands on things to mark them  with their scent

This leaves like a signal for other Cats and lets them know that this place belongs to another Cat

So your Cat spraying is a way of letting other Cats know that this certain area belongs to him

Some other reasons why Cats spray are

  • To create a familiar scent to their territory (Yes, your house belongs to your Cat just as you do too!)
  • Some Cats may spray on family members belongings to mix the scent as a way of self soothing for your Cat
  • Cats may spray as a challenge to another Cat
  • Your Cat may spray on new furniture or objects bought into the house to mark it with their scent
  • Cats may spray when they are stressed
  • Some Cats may spray due to a different schedule. Cats are very routine animals and if there is a change in their routine this can cause your Cat to spray

As you can see from the above points mentioned, there are so many reasons why Cats may spray

That is why it’s important for you Cat parents to understand what is triggering your Cat spraying

If your cat is neutered and still spraying then check out this article

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 

So let’s go through how we can stop Cats spraying

How To Stop a Cat Spraying

Let’s look at different ways to help put a stop to this behavior

The first thing you should do is

– Get a Vet Check Done 

Before you assume that your Cat is spraying for all sorts of reasons, it’s best to get your Cat checked out by a Vet to

Make sure he is healthy and nothing is wrong with him medically that is causing him to spray

– Never Punish Your Cat 

I know it’s frustrating and can get really annoying

Especially if this is a continuous problem

I mean, how many more times do you have to clean up Cat spray


Punishing your Cat is not the way forward

Don’t yell at them

This will just make things worse

Your Cat will respond by getting stressed which again will lead to more spraying

Not only that

It will break that special bond you have with your Cat

And I’m sure you don’t want your little furball to be afraid of you

Instead of shouting at your Cat

identify the root of the problem – what is causing this behavior

It does require patience and understanding

But with time your Cat will stop this behavior

I will tell you how I stopped my Cat spraying in my house (Carry on reading)

– Give your Cat more love and affection 


Play with your Cat more, show him the love he wants and deserves

This will help your Cat feel less anxious and more secure

– Use Enzyme Cleaners To Clean The Urine 

If you see where your Cat has sprayed then make sure you clean the area thoroughly with a product that has enzyme cleaner in them. This will completely eliminate the urine odor.

Cats have very strong senses and although you have cleaned up where your Cat has sprayed, if it is not done properly, your Cat will go back to that particular area and spray again

You can check out my top 5 Cat urine odor removers by clicking here 

Which one do you use and would recommend? Let me know in the comments below

You can also check out my article – How to get rid of Cat Spray Smell 

– Give Your Cat Safe Places 

Make sure your Cat has a safe place to retreat for that makes him feel safe such as, Cat trees, Cat shelves that are very high up – They love to be high so they can have a full view of their territory

– Stick To Your Cats Routine 

Try to stick to your Cats schedule

Feed him at the same time

Play with him at a scheduled time

If you have to change his schedule then do so but gradually

Sticking to your Cats routine will reduce any stress which means no spraying!

– Try To Keep Cats Away From Your Garden Or Area 

Cats are very territorial

As soon as they think their territory is being invaded they will spray

As mentioned earlier – this is their way of marking their territory and sending out a message to the other Cats

If you see any Cats entering your Garden then scare them away so they don’t come back

That will be a big help for your Cat too

– Use Synthetic Pheromones 

Wherever your Cat has marked, place a synthetic pheromone that will help your Cat feel relaxed and keep him calm

– Temporary Lock Doors 

Keep your kitty out of the room he has sprayed until you can sort out the problem

These are ways you can use to stop your Cat spraying

It is hard work and requires effort and patience

Once you’ve identified what is causing the issue, you should be able to put a stop to this behavior

Remember how I mentioned what I had done to stop my Cat spraying in the house?

Let me tell you what I believe the best Cat spray solution is

Best Cat Spray Solution


I know how hard this is and frustrating

I have been there

Having guests over and your house smelling like urine

It can put a strain on relationships

Or get to a point where you are deciding if you should give up your Cat

I’m sure this is not even the last option Cat parents would want to do

But there sometimes is no choice

But then again they’re family

Good news is you don’t have to

Here’s the best part

You can keep your Cat and stop them from spraying – Permanently


This is what I done

I knew understanding why they are spraying is going to be tough work

I needed a guide

A system to follow

A easy step by step guide to follow showing me how to stop this behavior

That’s the only way I could think of

So I came across “Cat Spraying No More

Which is this awesome guide that goes very in depth on why Cats spray and how you can stop them permanently

It’s something I needed

So I purchased it

I’ve never looked back now

And I’m a much happier Cat parent

Because this guide literally gives you a system to follow to stop your Cat spraying

It’s been such a big help

That is why I would recommend this to ALL Cat Parents

It really is a must have

No Cat parent wants to shout at their Cats

Or even worse – Give them up

You can read my Cat Spraying No More review

Here’s the best part

You don’t need to pay full price

You can get a coupon code by clicking here 

If you don’t think this will help you

Then there’s a different guide called “Cat Spray Stop

Which is a self help guide to stop your Cat from spraying

This guide helps you stop your Cat spraying in 7 days

You can check out my Cat Spray Stop review 

This guide uses a unique method called T.T.S which stands for Taste Touch Smell to stop your Cat from spraying instantly

If you’ve never heard of the T.T.S. method then let me explain this a little bit further because it blew me away when I came across this method!

What Is The TTS Method?

This is a unique method created by the owner of this product to help your Cat stop spraying and also to stop this behavior in the future!

I’ve never come across this but when you learn about it, it’s a very clever way to stop your cat from marking his territory!

So what this method does is, it uses your Cats most keenly developed senses against her but in a good way!

You’re not doing anything wrong you’re basically making your Cat understand that spraying is wrong and it needs to stop!

You could put it this way

You’re playing mind games with your Cat!

Look, I know it and you know it, our Cats own us, mentally and physically!

But this method actually gives us the chance to use her senses against her to stop her spraying

Pretty cool right?

But don’t let this fool you – We Cat parents are always owned by our Cats (I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

If you want to know more about this really unique and interesting TTS method for Cats then you can do so by reading my Cat Spray Stop Review 

Both guides are really good and they both have the same objective – To stop your Cat from spraying

And they both use different ways and methods to help you stop your Cat from spraying

In Conclusion

It’s not impossible to stop your Cat from spraying

It’s natural behavior for your Cat to spray

You can stop this behavior but requires understanding your Cat

It does take time and patience

I would again advise not to punish your Cat for doing something which is natural for them

Hopefully this article will have helped you identify why your Cat sprays and ways to stop your Cat spraying

I hope the guides I have recommended you will be of great use to you






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