Happy Cat Month – 7 Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

It’s September which is Happy Cat Month!

So to all Cat Parents Happy Cat Month to you all!

In this month let’s make it for our Cats – Let them know they are special and let’s keep them happy

In this article I will talk about what is “Happy Cat Month”? (if you have never heard of it)

I will then talk about 7 ways you can do right now to make your Cat happy

Not just for this month – they deserve to be happy all the time right?

But it’s a good time to talk about how we Cat parents can keep our Cats happy now that we are in Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month – What Is It?

Happy Cat Month was bought to us by the CATalyst Council to help spread the importance of the health wealthfare and the importance of companion Cats

CATalyst Council wants to spread this awareness due to the misconception there is about Cats that they are self reliant and don’t need that attention, love and affection that Dogs receive.

You see, the truth is that Cats are very social animals

And they require that same level of affection and love that Dogs receive from their owners

And because of this misconception, Cats do not receive that same level of love and being taken care health wise as needed

So how can we Cat parents celebrate Happy Cat Month?

Think about the last time you have taken your Cat to the Vets? Was it in the last 6 months? Or has it been a year?

Take this month to take your Cat for a check up at the vets to make sure they are all healthy and well because Cats are very good at hiding pain

You can use this month to love your Cat even more and show them the affection they deserve

Use this month to build that connection with your Cat by playing with them and giving them undivided attention

Happy Cat Month is great way to build new relationships with your Cat and new habits!

Now we know what Happy Cat Month is and what we should do

Let’s look at 7 ways you can make your Cat happy

7 Ways To Make Your Cat Happy During Happy Cat Month

Let’s remember keeping your Cat happy is not just for one month but it should be all the time

But we can use this month as a stepping stone to creating even better relationships with your Cat

So let’s look at 7 ways you can keep your Cat happy

1. Feed Your Cat Well 

Giving your Cat the right diet is very important for their well-being

Obesity is a common source for domesticated animals so be sure to feed your Cat the right amount

Cats love treats and they will sure beg you for some or even manipulate you with their cute “Meows” and slowly blinking at you. My Cat loves treats and will demand for one and boy he knows how to get to my heart with his meowing. Give them treats but don’t overdo it because it can lead to obesity

Give your Cat quality food with the right ingredients

You can seek advice from your Vet on what food is best to give to your Cat

2. Keeping Your Cat Healthy 

Our little feline friends can easily catch illnesses and the worrying thing is that we might not even realize this as Cats are very good at hiding away any pain they are feeling

That is why a check up at the Vets should be done twice a year

If your Cat spends a lot of his time outside then you should ask your Vet for regular worming and flea treatment

If you notice your Cat over grooming and patches on his fur then it could be because of fleas. Try to make your house flea free as possible

Nothing is more annoying for your Cat then fleas biting him causing him to itch continuously

For more information on making sure your Cats healthy you should check out my article

9 Signs Of a Healthy Cat 

I would recommend giving your Cat Multi Vitamins to give them that extra boost

You can check out my review on Pet Bounce Multi Vitamins by clicking here 

It’s basically a Vitamin that provides support for your Cats health and well-being

3. Give Your Cat Plenty Of Love And Affection 

Being a Cat lover since a young age I really don’t like that misconception that Cats are self reliant and don’t need love

They are very social animals and seek attention from their human “Slaves”

Give your Cat all the attention he/she deserves

Spend some quality time with them, snuggle with them and let them take a Cat nap on your Lap (my Cat loves doing this!)

Tell them you love them and talk to them

They’ll appreciate that

You can check out my article How Do You Tell Your Cat You Love Them for some great tips on telling your Cat you love them

4. Play With Your Cat And Provide Them With Entertainment

Cats are predators and love to use their predatory skills by hunting and catching things

You should spend at least 10 – 15 minutes everyday just playing with them and providing them with entertainment

Use different toys so they don’t get bored

You can hide the old ones away and then use them again later on as this keeps them like new again!

This will build a connection with your Cat and will also keep your Cat happy and fit

5. Give Your Cat a Place To Scratch 

Cats love to scratch and it’s in their natural instinct to scratch as this relaxes their muscles and also sharpens their claws.

Some Cats love to scratch vertically and some like to scratch horizontally

Best thing to do is get both so it gives your Cat a choice


6. Keep The Litter Box Where It’s Convenient For Them 

The mistakes Cat parents make is putting the litter box where it’s convenient for them and not for their Cat

This is one of the reasons why Cats avoid using the Litter Box

Keep the Litter Box somewhere private for your Cat

Don’t put the Litter Box near their food bowl because I don’t think your Cat would appreciate relieving himself close to where he eats!

If you have a small apartment and don’t know where you can put the Litter box then you should check out my article Where To Put Your Cat’s Litter Box In a Small Apartment 

You should also clean the Litter Box at least everyday – A Cat will not use the litter box if it’s dirty just as humans won’t use a washroom that is dirty

7. Give Your Cat Privacy 

Cats want their personal space and some privacy too

Cats love to hide in a Cardboard box or a secluded area in your house

You can provide them with a hideout with just a Cardboard box

You can find out more on keeping your Cat happy by clicking here

In Conclusion 

Keeping your Cat happy is not just for Happy Cat Month

It should be all the time

Your Cat wants the attention, love and affection

It’s just sad that the misconception is Cats are self reliant and independent

Let’s use this month to show our Cat we love them

Let’s tell them we love them

Get them checked out by the Vets to make sure they are healthy

It’s important that we show them we love them and understand them too

I would really recommend a book called “Cat Language Bible

This book will help you learn to communicate with your Cat directly and finally understand what your Cat has been trying to tell you all along. And now you can tell them exactly how much they mean to you

From this book you will be able to

  • Learn how to speak directly to your Cat, communicating your thoughts and feelings word by word
  • Understand if your Cat is joyful or upset, irritated or confused
  • Using the power of science, find out how to build a strong connection and foundation of the human-feline communication

If you want to build that connection with your Cat then Cat Language Bible is for you

You can check out my honest review – Cat Language Bible Review

I would love to know what will you be doing this month?

Spend more time with your Little feline friend?

Play with him more?

Or show him more love and affection?

Maybe I missed something

Let me know in the comments below

And don’t forget to share this article! 

Let’s tell the world about Happy Cat Month

Do it for our Cats

They deserve it the most





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