How Cold Is Too Cold For Cats In a House

In this article I’m going to talk about how cold is too cold for Cats In a house

I will also talk about how to know when your Cat is cold

You will also learn what the ideal room temperature is for Cats in winter

Sound good?

Let’s get into it

How Cold Is Too Cold For Cats In a House

As winter approaches we will welcome cold weather

If you live in a country where winter is really bad

Then of course it can become really freezing

With heavy snow falling

Snow storms

And temperature reaching below freezing!

Which is why it is very important to know how cold is too cold for your Cat inside your house

We as Cat parents need to make sure that our Cats stay warm in winter

Because it can be very dangerous for your Cat to be exposed to such cold weather

You need to ensure your house is warm enough for your Cat

It’s important to know what is the ideal room temperature for Cats in a house

You see Cats are very independent creatures and they can look after themselves (Unlike me! I’m still a grown up baby that needs my mom when I’m feeling ill!)

I mean they spend around 30% of their life grooming themselves!

But when it comes to winter even a stubborn Cat can feel the effects of the cold winter

Cats do have a warm coat that keeps them warm when the temperature is above freezing

But, when the temperature falls below 32 degrees then this can be dangerous for your Cat

Because Cats can face serious medical conditions such as hypothermia or even frost bite

And this could be life threatening

Your Cats normal temperature is roughly between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit and when your Cats temperature falls below this average then this is when Hypothermia can occur.

Hypothermia could be mild or severe and if it’s severe, this can lead to frostbite

Frostbites can occur on your Cats tail, toes, and tip of their ears.

The reason why frostbites can be so dangerous is because signs of it are clear immediately

It may take up to a few days to actually notice anything so the condition could get more serious without you even realizing

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Cold

Our Cats can’t talk to us and literally tell us “I’m feeling cold” so it’s up to us Cat parents to know when our Cats are feeling cold

You also need to ask yourself “is my house too cold for my Cat

So how can you tell if your Cat is cold?

Let me tell you

A good way you can do this is to feel their ears or tip of their tail

You see, when a Cat is feeling cold then they would conserve heat by reducing the blood flow to the extremities of their body

That way they can preserve their heat to important parts of their body such as their internal organs in order to function properly

So if your Cats ear or tip of the tail is cold then it’s most likely your Cat is feeling cold

Although we can’t say for sure that your Cat is feeling cold because the sense of feeling cold is also determined by the Cats neurons and their brain

But if your Cats extremities are cold, then I’m sure they would appreciate being warmed up!

Another way you can also tell if your Cat is feeling cold is looking at how they are sleeping

A Cat that may be feeling cold would sleep in a “Meatloaf” position, tightly compressed and with her paws tucked under her belly instead of being spread out. This helps them conserve energy.

Ideal Room Temperature For Cats In Winter

What is the ideal room temperature for Cats in winter?

The general rule is if you’re feeling cold then it is most likely your Cat is feeling cold too

It is pretty obvious but it’s something to point out because we tend to overlook this

You see, just because cats have fur does not mean they stay warm

I know it is important to save money with heating bills but if you turn it up just a bit, it can be the difference between a healthy and happy Cat and a unhappy sick Cat.

Cats like to stay slightly more warmer than the normal temperature for humans

So you should try to keep the room temperature above 90OF

That may mean that you have to have a hot room

But there’s another way around this too

Instead of leaving the heating on all day and then receive a huge bill come end of the month

It’s a better idea if you get your cat a nice heated cat bed

You can check out my article on my top 3 heated cat beds for winter by clicking the link below

Best Heated Cat Bed Reviews -(The Best Out There In 2019)

It’s important that we keep our Cats warm indoors and have the room temperature warm enough for our Cats

Do Cats Get Cold In The House?

The answer is yes

Just as humans can feel cold indoors a Cat can get cold indoors

Especially if the owner out and the heating is switched off

As mentioned before, it’s important to have the room temperature warm for your Cats

We want to ensure our Cats are kept nice and warm in Winter

I’ve actually written an article about Cats feeling cold in the house

You can check this out by clicking the link below

Do cats get cold in the house?

What Temperature Can Cats Tolerate Outside

If your Cat is an outdoor Cat then it is important to know and have an understanding of what temperature can your Cat tolerate outside, especially in winter.

Cats can adapt very well to cold weather except in below freezing degrees as mentioned earlier

Although Cats can adapt to cold weather it’s best if you can keep your Cat indoors during the winter because you don’t know if during the night the weather can drop below freezing and if your Cat is outside then this can be dangerous for her

If your Cat does not like coming inside then you can build a outside shelter for your Cat. Put warm bedding inside so your Cat has a safe warm place to go to when it gets bitter.

Here’s an article I’ve written about if it’s okay for cats to be outside in winter

Is it OK to leave cats outside in winter 

Best Way To Keep Your Cat Warm Inside During Winter

The first thing you need to make sure is that the house is warm enough for your cat

Sure, when we’re at home we leave the heating on to warm up the house

But it’s a different story when we are at work

Is the house warm enough for your cat?

This is something that you need pay attention to

Before you leave the house for work or whatever the reason may be,

Try to keep the house warm

Maybe can leave the heating on an hour before you leave

That way the house is warmed up

Block any drafts that creeps through under the doors or windows etc

You want the house to be nice and cosy for your little furball

Cat Beds

This is a really cool way to ensure your cat has a place to snuggle up in

You could even possibly not leave the heating on (Saves you money) but your cat can just snuggle up in his bed

This way you know your little feline friend has some place in the house to go to when they feel cold

You can’t go wrong

Okay, but which cat bed should I get? 

You can check out my top 3 best cat beds to buy this winter 2019 by clicking the link below

Best Heated Cat Bed Reviews -(The Best Out There In 2019)

If you’re still reading then the number one recommendation in my top 3 is..

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed, Mocha, Small

Why do I recommend this heated cat bed?

I mean just look at the picture!

How cosy does that look?

Your cat will love that

You want your cat to stay warm on cold winter nights?

Then this bed will do the job!

Just picture him/her in there all snuggled up

Perfect for winter

Perfect for when the house gets cold and you’re out

Your cat can just snuggle up in there and take a nice cosy nap

It’s spacious too

But what I really love about this is

It has a heated pad that slides into the bottom of the bed and this then heats up to your cats body temperature everytime your cat uses it

What about when your cat is not using the bed?

The bed stays 12 – 15 degrees above room temperature

That way it’s easier for your cat to detect where the warmth is coming from

Oh and it’s MET listed which means it’s been tested for safety so you got nothing to worry about

The soft foam wall will cuddle your cat and make him feel safe and secure and warm of course!

It comes in different colors too – happy days!

You must be thinking – this is going to cost a lot!

But if you’re anything like me and love spoiling your cat you’re going to love the price on this

Because it’s actually a really great price

You can check out the price by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

Keep Outdoor Cats Warm In Winter

I remember when I went Canada during the winter (My wife is from Canada)

And my god, it was absolutely freezing!

It was -13 and with the wind chills it would go to -23

I seriously could not go outside

I had to literally wear layer of clothes to go outside

Now imagine a Outdoor Cat living in those conditions

I know they have fur which can keep them warm

But in temperatures that go below -10?

They would feel extremely cold

I get it, Cats can be stubborn and won’t come indoors

Or it could be difficult for you to keep them indoors because they’re just so use to staying outdoors

So, what you could do, is provide them with the necessary equipment to keep them warm

I would recommend

This will keep your little furball warm outside
It’s a shelter that your Cat could sleep in during the winter nights
What I love about this is, it comes with a medium outdoor heated bed so you don’t need to worry if your Cat is feeling cold inside this awesome shelter
It’s also waterproof so if it rains it’s all good because your little kitty will stay dry
It’s a must have for Cat parents that have outdoor Cats
You don’t want your Cat to feel beyond freezing outside right?
Another feature I love about this is it has 2 exists so your Cat won’t feel trapped if a predator comes
You’ll be surprised at how cheap you can get this
There’s actually a discount so you might wanna quickly grab it before the price goes back up!
Just like every product there are always pros and cons
I think it’s important to look at both before making a decision
Let’s look at the pros and cons of this shelter

Can accommodate multiple Cats


Tool – free assemble

1 Year Warranty 

2 Exists to prevent Cats being trapped by predators 

Comes with a heated bed 


Need to secure the tent with a brick or something as it’s light 

Overall, I can’t seem to find any faults with this except Cat parents have complained how this shelter is light weight and can actually blow away!

I don’t think this could be a serious issue as you can just put something heavy like a brick or a stone to secure the tent

I think this is something essential for Cat parents especially during the winter because they need to be warm and secure.

In Conclusion

When it comes to judging if your Cat is too cold the best way to go about it is to think about your own comfort level.

If you’re feeling cold then the chances are that your Cat is feeling cold too

Ensure your Cat is warm during the winter times because the last thing you want is your Cat to catch Hypothermia or something even worse – frost bite.

If you ever have to leave the house then do ensure your house is warm for your Cat

And if your Cat is an outdoor Cat then do try to keep them inside during winter. That would be best for them

If your Cat does not want to stay inside then check out

The most important thing is that your Cat is healthy and happy at all times especially during winter



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