Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere All Of a Sudden – How You Can Put a Stop To This

This will be the most valuable article you’ll ever read about why your Cat is urinating everywhere all of a sudden

I’m going to show you how you can put a stop to this behavior.. Once and for all!

In short: If you want your Cat to stop peeing everywhere and use the Litter box then you’re going to love this article

Let’s get started

Has your Cat ever gone from using the Litter box to suddenly stopped using it?

Have you ever asked this question:

Why is my Cat peeing in the house all of a sudden”

I mean he was using the litter box but now he’s decided to pee everywhere but the Litter box

On the wall,

The carpet

Pee on your shoes! (check out my article on how stop your cat peeing on shoes)

Frustrating right?

The crazy thing is it just happens all of a sudden

But not to worry because this behavior can be stopped

The best part?

Your house won’t smell like Cat urine anymore!

Your cat won’t pee outside the litter box anymore because you’re going to discover 3 things in this article

How to stop your cats spraying/peeing everywhere

What product to use to remove the smell of cat urine

Get your cat to use the litter tray

Why Is Your Cat Peeing In The House?

If your Cat has just start peeing everywhere all of a sudden then of course this is not normal behavior

Your Cat won’t just start behaving in this manner for no reason

This is a way of your Cat trying to tell you something

Bless them, they can’t speak so it’s a way for them to communicate with you when something is wrong

And the worst thing a Cat owners can do is shout at your Cat

This will just make things worse and have a negative impact on your Cat

Not only that, the peeing will continue to happen

So you gotta try and be calm and have some patience during this time

You need to look at why your Cat is peeing everywhere

It can be difficult to find out the reason why your Cat is peeing everywhere

That’s why this article will make it easy for you to determine what is causing this problem

Carry on reading..


There are many reasons for your little Kitty to start urinating all over the house

Before you do anything and figure out the problem 

You should clean up the area where your little furball has urinated!


Because you don’t want your house to smell of course

And, If it’s not cleaned thoroughly then chances are your cat will come back and pee in that same very spot! 

No, don’t use wipes or this homemade product

You want something that will actually do the job and get rid of the smell!

A product that has enzyme cleaners in them

This ingredient literally kills the smell of urine that your cat will have no idea it peed there (It’s not easy to outsmart your cat)

But which product does that and is the best in removing cat urine? 

Great question!

I would recommend you to check out

Cat urine remover

The All Natural Enzymatic Cleaner 

You won’t go wrong with this awesome cat urine remover

Not does it only remove the stain and smell of cat urine

But you could use it for any stains for example ketchup stain on your shirt

A lot of Cat parents use this and it does the job

Remove the smell and stain of cat urine… completely! 

Price is actually not bad too

Oh and they have a 60 day money back guarantee!

That’s 2 MONTHS!

Which company would give 60 days for you to decide if its for you

I’ll tell you

A company that has confident that their product works!

So, imagine if for whatever reason you didn’t like this urine remover (Which I doubt) then you have up to 60 days to make your mind up

It doesn’t get better than that

There have a promotion too so you might want to act quick and get your hands on this!

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Another cat urine remover that is very popular is Rocco & Roxie cat urine and stain eliminator

Very popular on Amazon

The price is actually not bad too

Check Price On Amazon

If you want to learn more then I have a in-depth review which you can check out too

Rocco And Roxie Stain And Odor Eliminator Review

Medical Condition 

The first thing you should do straight away if your Cat has all of a sudden stopped using the litter box is to pay a visit to the Vets.

You want to make sure your Cat is medically okay and healthy.

Cats may suffer from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which could be the reason why your Cat is peeing everywhere and avoiding the litter box

Other possible reasons medically could be

– Kidney Stones 

– Cystitis 

– Diarrhea 

What if I told you, you can detect any early signs of these health problems just by cat litter?

You’ll be able to tell if your cat has these health problems straight away!

How awesome would that be and how much would that mean to your cats health?

You can’t put a price on it

Here’s how

I don’t know if you’ve heard of pretty litter

it ticks all the boxes to being the best litter out there

But one unique feature that makes this litter stand out is you can actually detect if your cat has any medical issues as I mentioned earlier

When your cat pees in the litter, the color changes

And each color identifies a health problem

This is great because cats are really good at hiding problems so with pretty litter you will be able to find out and act quickly!

One of the most common medical problems is urinary tract infection and with pretty litter you’ll be able to find out straight away

You can find out more by checking out my in-depth Pretty Litter Review

There’s actually a promotion where you get 20% off your first month and a free toy for your furbaby

I don’t know how long this promotion will last

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That is why when you are faced with this behavior from your Cat, go straight to the vets to ensure your Cat is healthy

Okay, so your Cat is all okay and the vets said he’s medically all good

Well, that’s good news

So now what?

Is your Cat stressed?


That’s right! Your Cat can get stressed which is one of the major causes of Cats urinating everywhere

When your Cat starts peeing everywhere all of a sudden, it’s a way for your Cat to express themselves that they are stressed

What are the causes that stress your Cat out?

Cats are very routine animals and they love routine so as soon as there is a change in their routine this can cause them stress.


Changes in their environment can cause them stress such as new furniture or you have redecorated your house.

A new family such as a new baby has come into the household can also cause your Cat to be stressed

Did you know even when you are stressed your Cat can sense that which can stress them out too

What you can do to “destress” your Cat

If your Cat is stressed then there are a few things you can do to help them reduce their stress which will get them back to using the litter box again or stop them from peeing everywhere

You need to show your Cat more love and affection by taking time out and just sitting with him and stroking him.

This will be a great comfort for your Cat and keep him calm and help him when he needs it the most

If you have introduced a new routine such as feeding him a different time then it’s best you stick to his schedule.

If you have to change his routine then change it but change it gradually 

We all get stressed from work or family disputes and it’s something that we can’t help

But you can control it

I’ll tell you how

Next time whenever you are feeling stressed, just sit down with your Cat and stroke him

You’ll feel relaxed and your Cat will feel relaxed too

It’s a win win situation!

I would recommend checking out Feliway Plug-In Diffuser Refill, 48 mL, 3-Pack

It’s a great way to comfort your Cat when he stressed out or in stressful situations

This will help your Cat stay calm

It’s a great way to get your Cat to use the litter box

Some Cat parents have said, after using Feliway Plug-In Diffuser Refill, 48 mL, 3-Pack there Cats have stopped peeing everywhere but in the Litter box

It works quickly too

Click the link below to check the price on Amazon

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To learn more about helping your Cat when he is stressed then check out my article How to Calm a Stressed Cat Down 

Of course this all takes patience, time and understanding but if you keep at it you will have a happy Cat and a house that does not smell like Cat urine!

Don’t forget to show your cat you love them 

Another thing that causes a Cat to pee everywhere is the Litter Box

Litter box Problem

Litter boxes play an important part in your cats life

The litter box is another cause that makes your Cat pee all over the house and outside the litter box

If there is something wrong with the litter box your Cat will avoid it for sure

So what makes a Cat not use their litter boxes?

Dirty Litter Box 

If your Cats litter box is dirty then they won’t use it just as we won’t use a dirty washroom.

Make sure your Cat’s litter box is cleaned regularly

Not Enough Litter Box 

Cats tend to pee in one litter box and poo in another so if you have one litter box for your Cat then it will be a good idea to get an extra and see if that helps


Location of the litter box is very important because if it is in the wrong location your Cat will not use it

For example

If you keep the litter box in the laundry room – The laundry room will make a lot of noise which will deter your Cat to use the litter box because they will get scared. This will cause a negative association with the litter box

Another example is keeping it next to the washing machine

This again can cause negative association because of the noise can make your cat scared

Another thing is keeping the litter box next to your Cats food bowl because which Cat would want to relieve themselves right next to where they eat right?

If you have a small apartment and don’t know where you can put the litter box you should check out my article

Where to put the Cat litter box in a small Apartment 

Wrong Type Of Litter 

Your Cat may not like the type of litter so try using different litter and see which one they like the best.

Introduce a different type of litter slowly and you’ll get the idea which one they prefer

Try to use a dust free cat litter

It’s more healthier for your cat and family too

If you want to find out which is the best then check out my article

Top 6 Best Dust Free Cat Litter For Asthma

Not Accessible 

The litter box may be in a place where it is hard for your Cat to use for example it may be too high and if your Cat is elderly then this will make it difficult for them as some Cat cans suffer from arthritis 

Wrong Type Of Litter Box 

Cats can be fussy so if the litter box is not to your Cats liking they’ll avoid it

Main thing to consider is to make sure your Cat is comfortable using the litter box

You don’t want something too big or too small

This Litter box Nature’s Miracle Hooded Flip Top Litter Box, Oval, With Odor Control on Amazon looks pretty awesome

It’s not too big or too small

Cats parent seem to love it because it’s got 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon

That must be good!

I’m actually shocked at how affordable this is

Click the link below to check out how cheap it is! 

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Is it spraying or urinating?

You need to identify if it is urine or spraying

So what is the difference between the two?

A spraying cat is when your Cat lifts it’s tail up erect and sort of quivers and sprays a few drops of urine

They do this usually to mark their territory

When Cats spray, your cat may spray usually on things such as Walls, Doors, curtains

Basically anything that is vertical

When a Cat urinates then they will squat and urinate which will leave a puddle of urine

They will usually urinate on things such as Carpet, rugs on your Bed or in your Bathroom

Stopping Your Cat Spraying Indoors

If your Cat is spraying in the house then this is a sign of your Cat marking his territory

As mentioned before the signs of why Cats peeing everywhere could be the same of why your Cat is spraying indoors.

One of the main factors why your Cat would be spraying and marking their territory is because of a another Cat entering into their territory

This will cause your Cat to start marking which is basically like a warning to other Cats saying “This is my territory”

It also makes them feel safe because they leave a scent when they spray

To find out more on how to stop your Cat from spraying inside your house you can check out my article

How to stop your cat from spraying in the house 

If you don’t like reading then you can check out this video

Before I carry on I want to mention another thing you can do

And that is getting your cat neutered

This will reduce the chances of your cat marking their territory

But it doesn’t mean it’ll stop completely!

Some cats may continue to spray even after being neutered

I’ve actually written an article on this subject too

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 

Is This The Permanent Solution You’re Looking For?

The million dollar question – What is the solution to Cat spraying or peeing everywhere? 

I mean we love our Cats right and they sure are entertaining

They become family and we love them to bits

Until they start doing things which can annoy us and frustrate us too (I’m talking about spraying and peeing!)

Not only that,

It can become expensive too

How many times can we wash that expensive Carpet

Or buy new Rugs

Or Bed sheets

It does become really expensive

How much can we search for answers and get information overload

This website says to do this but then this blogger said don’t do this but do that!

It does become really frustrating

Sometimes it can get to a point where you have to think about getting rid of your little feline friend

And I know that’s not something you wish to do

What can happen too is your family members start to say to get rid of the Cat

I’ve had that said to me too! (When my Cat used to pee everywhere)

Thankfully he doesn’t do that anymore

And you won’t have to ever get rid of your Cat too

Here’s the best part

There is a solution to this behavior

A Permanent solution

It’s a guide

A step by step system that any Cat parent can follow

What is that system/guide?

Cat Spraying No More

This is a awesome guide set out by Sarah Richards SPCA Veterinary Technician is very easy to follow

I bought this guide myself because my Cat would spray everywhere and to be honest this guide goes really in depth to why Cats spray or pee everywhere and how you can put a stop to this permanently. 

You can check out my review of Cat Spraying No More by clicking here 

We Cat parents want to live that carefree life knowing if I leave my Cat alone in the house it’s okay

Confident enough to not stress every time you go out of the house

Instead of wasting so much money buying new carpets or rugs

And hoping your Cat will stop spraying by themselves (Highly unlikely)

Why not learn about why Cats spray

Understand this behavior so you can tackle it

This guide helps you to do that

I didn’t even mention the 4 bonuses you get with Cat Spraying No More

Oh and there’s a coupon code that gives you $10 OFF the original price

And thee’s a special offer of another $10 OFF

That makes it $20 OFF the Original price 

I don’t know how long this offer is going to last for so you might wanna act quick

Here’s the $10 OFF coupon code 

Act quick before this offer expires! 

You can find out more about what this guide is all about by checking out the video below

If you don’t think Cat Spraying No More will not help you

Then here’s another unique guide you can check out

It’s called Cat Spray Stop

Why is this unique?

Because what you’ll learn is the TTS method

T – Taste

T – Touch

S – Smell

It’s a unique method using your cats senses to actually stopped them from spraying and using the litter box in just 7 DAYS! 

That’s right in just 7 days your cat will stop spraying everywhere 

I talk more about this TTS method in my article TTS method for cats 

Very interesting. (Backed with a 60 day money back guarantee) 

Want to learn more?

Check out my review

Cat Spray Stop Review 

In Conclusion

Cats peeing everywhere or peeing outside the litter tray is a common problem that can be tackled when done correctly

It’s all about understanding why they are behaving this way and then tackling it from the root because there could be many reasons

Please do not shout at your Cat if they pee somewhere other than the litter box

Shouting will just make things worse and even make your Cat scared of you!

And this will make your cat carry on peeing outside the litter tray

So cat owners should not shout or punish their cat

It does take patience and time but your Cat will stop this behavior and will use the litter tray

Is your Cat peeing everywhere? Is your cat peeing outside the litter tray? Which tip are you going to try? Or maybe you have done something which I haven’t mentioned

Let me know in the comments below


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3 thoughts on “Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere All Of a Sudden – How You Can Put a Stop To This

  1. My Cat is blatently peeing on articles of my clothing. Even though he has a clean litter box. He is urinating and not spraying. We also have a dog who recently has had face to face contact with. My cat was scared. We have had the dog since easter and he has never peed on anything before until now. We live in Idaho and its getting colder so the dog and cat are mainly indoors now. IN NEED OF HELP!! PLEASE! I DONT WANT TO GIVE UP MY CAT

    • Hi Monique,

      So sorry to hear about the problem you are facing but know this that it’s only temporary.

      There’s always a solution to a problem

      I think your cat is being territorial due to the dog

      How did you introduce your cat to the dog?

      When a cat is scared then this can lead to inappropriate urinating

      I would recommend you check out this guide called cat spraying no more

      It’s a in depth guide that teaches you how to get your cat to use the litter box

      it’s worth a shot (I personally purchased this myself)

      You can read my review on this >> https://catloverhere.com/2018/04/17/catsprayingnomorereview/

      Hopefully this helps you out as it’s a step by step system you can follow

      Please don’t give up

      Patience is key here

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