Cat Arthritis Supplements

In this article I am going to talk about Cat Arthritis

I will talk about the signs of Cat Arthritis that you should look out for

Then I will recommend the best Cat Arthritis Supplements that you should give your Cat

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Let’s get straight to it

As our Cats get older things they could do when they were kittens become harder such as jumping or even just getting into and out of the litter box – This is because Cats can suffer from arthritis

To ensure our Cats stay healthy we need to give them Multivitamins to improve their health and give them a long, healthy happy life.

That is why I would recommend giving your Cat Pet Bounce Multivitamin which is a advance formula that is created to help your Cats health and well-being.

It is a chewy wafer that your Cat will love

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As a Cat parent myself and my Cat getting older (he’s 12 years old now) a question comes to mind is

What can i give my cat for arthritis pain

Although my Cat does not suffer from arthritis it’s something that I wanted to share with other Cat parents


Our Cat can’t speak for themselves when they are feeling pain and with Cats they are very subtle when they are actually in pain

But as Cat parents we can tell when our little feline friend is hurting.

You’d be able to tell the difference right

All of a sudden they’re having difficulty getting up after a rest

Or they don’t like jumping onto your lap anymore

It’s sad to see how they were once full of energy but now they have difficulty walking

And this does make you feel helpless

That is why it is so important to provide them with the right vitamin supplement to help ease this pain

If you are not aware of what are the symptoms of arthritis in your Cat then carry on reading and we will go through them

Symptoms Of Arthritis In Cats

You should really keep an eye out on your Cat for any changes in their behavior especially as they get older

Here are 7 signs of Arthritis in Cats

1. Limping 

Your Cat walking suddenly changes. You may notice your Cat limping or just favoring one or more his legs depending on what joint is arthritic

It may seem worse when they get up from a Cat nap but then as they start moving around it does not become more noticeable

2. Difficulty Moving 

Your Cat stops doing things which he used to do all the time such as jumping on the kitchen counter or even jumping onto your lap when you’re sitting down simply because of the pain and discomfort they are feeling

3. Spine 

Arthritis can occur in the spine too and this can result in your Cat having a “hunch” in the back which will give your Cat a abnormal posture. It can also give your Cat a sore neck too

4. Tiredness 

Your Cat will not play as much and tend to rest/sleep more. If your Cat does play then he gets tired quickly or just stops because of the pain

5. Changes in Grooming behavior

Cats spend around 30% of their life grooming and if your Cat is suffering from arthritis then you will notice that he does not groom himself as much due to pain.

Or your Cat could over groom the painful joints which could result in self trauma to that particular area such as infected skin or hair loss

6. Changes in Personality 

Cats with arthritis may become more aggressive and snap or bite you when they are approached or handled, especially if they are being stroked or petted in such a manner that it just increases their pain.

If your Cat does behave like this, please do not shout at them or punish them because they are not at fault. Have patience.

7. Litter box difficulty 

Your Cat will find it difficult to get in and out of the litter box due to the pain.

These are signs you should look out for in your Cat

You see Cats suffer from the pain and swelling of arthritis just as we do but you can help them by getting the best Cat Arthritis supplements.

What Can I Give My Cat For Arthritis Pain

There are a number of supplements you can give your Cat

Here’s the best part:

I will save you the research to search for the best supplements because your Cat deserves the best especially when it comes to health

Here’s a list of the best Cat Arthritis Supplements you can give to your little feline friend


Joint MAX Liquid for Cats (8 fl oz)

If your Cat is undergoing joint discomforts from normal daily exercise or just normal daily activity then Joint Max Liquid can help.

The great thing about this liquid is your Cat will love the taste so getting them to use it will be easy. I know as a Cat parent, giving your Cat medication can be one of the hardest things to do in life! I mean they just won’t take it or will spit it back out but with Joint Max Liquid you do not need to worry about your Cat not taking this as they will love the flavor of this liquid

Looking through the reviews Cat parents have said just by going through half the bottle of Joint Max Liquid their Cat has made a big difference already.

The main thing is that your Cat will take this liquid as most Cat parents have said it’s not a issue when giving them this medication

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Joint MAX Granules for Cats (60 Doses)

Joint Max Granules is recommended for joint health with powerful active ingredients that enhance the functions of joint and connective tissue as well antioxidants to help reduce oxidative stress.

The great thing about Joint Max Granules is the speedy results Cat parents have seen after giving their Cats these capsules. Three weeks in and Cats are now jumping and running again which results in a happy Cat and that is the ultimate goal.

If you want speedy results then I would recommend Joint Max Granules 

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Tomlyn Joint & Hip Chews for Cats (30 count)


Tomlyn Joint & Hips Chews For Cats is a delicious treat that your Cat will love and not only that it will help your Cat by protecting your Cats hip and joint functions
Cat Parents who have used this have said it is easy to give to their Cats as they like it and have seen improved results very quickly.

Arthrimed Powder for Dogs and Cats

Arthrimed Powderis a tasty oral treatment that can cure the pain of arthritis.

Not only does it cure it but it also improves the joints as well as the tendons.

The powder is very easy to mix with food and has helped many Cats that have reached old age

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In Conclusion 

Our Cats deserve the best especially when they go into old age these problems can occur just how it can occur to us

And just as how we would want the best medication out there our Cat would want that too

That is why I have recommend the best Cat Arthritis Supplements and saved you the research of trying to find out which one is the best

We all love Cats which is obviously why we have them and it is our responsibility to ensure they have a healthy life which will make us happy and also our Cats happy too

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