Signs of a Healthy Cat

If you are a Cat Parent and currently a “Slave” to your Cat then it is important to understand signs of a healthy Cat

The thing with Cats is they are very good at hiding away any pain they are suffering so it is not easy to tell if your Cat is in pain

So it is very important as a Cat parent to recognize the signs of a healthy Cat and if there is anything wrong to take them straight to the Vets

That is why in this article I will talk about 9 signs of a Healthy Cat that you should look out for

I will then talk about common Cat health problems that you should look out for too so you have an idea and can take action straight away

So let’s get started..

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Signs Of a Healthy Cat

Here’s a list of 6 signs of a healthy Cat that you should know

1. Digestion

Cats love to eat especially if you give them a treat! My Cat demands for one ALL the time!

Most Cats like to eat regularly on small meals at least four times a day

If you notice a loss of appetite then this is a sign your Cat may be sick

Make sure your Cat gets all the nutrition they need which is essential to your Cats health and happiness.

Multi Vitamins is a great way to ensure your Cat maintains their health and well-being

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Feeding your Cat advanced nutrition will support your Cat

You should also take a peek in their litter box and see what type of poo they are doing as this will give you a good indication of your Cats digestive health.

Small and firm poo is a good sign that improved nutrition is making a difference to your Cats health because this means less food is being passed through as waste.

2. Body Condition 

Cats come in different size among individuals and breeds but with a Cat you should be able to feel and observe the waist behind their ribs.

This will give you a good indication that your Cat is in good weight and in top body shape

If you have to apply pressure to feel the waist then this could mean your Cats weight may be too high

I know Cats love to lie around and be lazy as they spend a lot of time taking a Cat nap but it is important they keep active.

You should try to spend at least 15 – 20 minutes a day playing with them as this will keep them active and also happy too. This will also create a good bond between you two

You can check out my article on How to make your Cat happy 

3. Your Cats skin and coat 

Your Cats coat should be shiny and well groomed which are signs of a healthy Cat.

Although Cats spend around 30% of their life grooming themselves you should still groom your Cat regularly which will help them prevent hairballs. This will also create a special bond and I’m sure your Cat would appreciate it too.

Grooming your Cat will also make your Cats appearance better and make them less prone to skin irritation

If your Cat starts to over groom then this could be a sign of stress and when they start over grooming their hair can fall off which will leave patches on them.

If you notice over grooming then check out how to stop your Cat from over grooming 

4. Eyes 

I love Cats eyes! Especially when the pupil goes all thin they look beautiful. A healthy Eye for your Cat should look bright and clear.

5. Dental 

If your Cat has healthy teeth and gums then this is a good sign that your Cat is healthy especially when chewing is vital for your Cats digestion of food. The mouth should smell fresh and Gums should look pink.

I know it can be difficult but try to check your Cats mouth and teeth regularly and if you notice anything different such as plaque, tartar or sores around the mouth then you should visit the Vets asap

6. Immune System 

A healthy Cat will always be on the alert of it’s surroundings and curious. This is a very good sign that your Cat’s has a good immune function. Cats love routine and if anything changes to their routine such as a new arrival of a baby or changes to the furniture this will cause stress to your Cat and will most likely result in inappropriate urination, hair loss and abnormal sleeping patterns.

7. Strong bones and joints 

You can check how well your Cats bones are and how well his joints move by getting him to Hi5 you when giving him a treat (This is something I do!) By playing with your Cat and getting him do exercise by jumping over things will help keep your Cat healthy in body and mind and not to forget how much fun you will have by bonding with him whilst playing with him. It’s a win win situation!

8. Ears 

The ears should always be clean. If there is an odor or some sort of discharge then this can be a sign of a infection

9. Nose 

Nose should always be clean and clear. Any discharge or sores should get checked by a Vet

Common Cat Health Problems 

Now that we’ve talked about signs of a healthy Cat it’s important to know what common Cat health problems are so you Cat parents can be on your toes and take action as soon as you notice something different

As I mentioned earlier how Cats are very good at hiding any pain they are suffering so it’s important that you keep an eye out for things

Here’s a list of common Cat health problems to look out for

  • Blood in the urine – Always keep a look out what your Cat is relieving. You can do this whenever you clean the litter box which you should try to do everyday
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Lumps or bumps you can see that has never been there
  • Over grooming and shedding very excessively which can result in a thin dull coat. Patches on your Cats body of hair missing due to over grooming. This could be a sign of stress but still get it checked out by a Vet
  • Sneezing or coughing fits
  • Litter box avoidance and urinating outside the litter box. This could be because of a bladder infection or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) If your Cat is avoiding the litter box then get your Cat checked out by a Vet and if this still persists then you should check out 9 Reasons why your Cat has stopped using the litter box 
  • Vomiting which is excessive and persistent
  • Loss of appetite
  • Change of behavior such as does not like being handled or just sudden biting or scratching
  • Discharge from eyes, red eyes and watery eyes
  • Discharge from ear, excessive itchy ears, foul odor emitting from the ear
  • Diarrhea – Again, be sure to check out the litter box to keep on top these things (Urine & Poo)
  • Tapeworm – This is a common Cat health problem which happens inside your Cat. These tapeworms can grow 2 feet! Symptoms of tapeworm can be subtle but may include vomiting and weight loss. The best way to check if your Cat has tapeworms is to look at your Cat’s anus when they are relaxed or sleeping. If you happen to see small white worms or what look like little grain of rice then your Cat likely has tapeworms
  • Fleas – This is a common problem for Cats and can be very annoying for them (bless them) Frontline PLUS for Cats are very good drops to use to treat fleas. Signs that your Cat has fleas  
    • Constant scratching
    • Frequent licking
    • Hair loss
    • Skin infection
    • Flea dirt on the skin (Small black tiny dots)

These are common Cat health problems that you should look out for

As you can see, Cats can have serious health issues but it’s up to us Cat parents to give them the best and healthy lifestyle to prevent any of these health issues.

You should give your Cat Multi-Vitamins to support their health and well-being which will ultimately give them a healthy and happy life

In Conclusion

Just as we want to have a healthy life and we will try our best to ensure that we should also care for our little feline friends and make sure they have a healthy happy life too.

We as Cat parents just need to be on our toes and quickly notice anything different about our Cats as they are very subtle when it comes to pain

I hope the list I have provided will be useful to you

Let’s be the best Cat parents to out Cats and give them the life they deserve!






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