Why Has My Cat Stopped Using Litter Box

As a Cat parent myself this is such a common questions asked – “Why has my cat stopped using litter box”

So in this article you will learn the reason why your Cat is not using the litter box

Then I will talk about how to make your Cat use the litter box

Sound good?

Let’s get straight to it

Why Has My Cat Stopped Using Litter Box

Cats are awesome and that’s a fact

Otherwise you wouldn’t have one as a pet (Although we are their slaves in reality!)

But they are such good animals and they do give us great entertainment

Especially kittens

But the moment they decide to not use the litter box

And start peeing in places you don’t want them to pee (on your expensive Carpet) then this is something that can be beyond frustrating and really annoying

It’s important to be patient and try to understand why your Cat has stopped using the litter

You see, Cat won’t just stop using the litter box for no reason or just to get you angry

There could be a number of reasons so let’s see why your Cat has stopped using the litter box

  1. Visit to the Vets – The first thing you should do is make sure nothing is wrong with your Cat medically. One of the reasons why Cats will suddenly stop using the litter box is because of a infection such as Cystitis. You should also check the poo and make sure everything looks normal as they could be having problems with their bowels or kidney. A visit to the vets should be done asap just to make sure everything is okay. You can get a multivitamin chewable wafer for your Cat by clicking here which basically improves your Cats health. We as Cat parents need to ensure our Cat is healthy and price should not be a factor when it comes to health
  2. Change of Environment – Cats love routine and as soon as something changes like moving houses, adding new furniture or redecoration this can cause your Cat stress which will result in litter box avoidance. If you think your Cat is stressed I would recommend reading how to calm a stressed Cat down 
  3. Number Of Litter Boxes – You could try adding another litter box if you only have one litter box as Cats tend to pee in one and poo in another
  4. Change in Litter – Cats are very fussy (Like me!) and if you have changed litter they will not use the litter tray. Try different litter and see which one your Cat prefers
  5. Amount of Litter – Some Cat like to use a litter box that has very deep litter
  6. Litter box location – Just as us humans would want privacy when using the washroom the same goes with your Kitty. Make sure litter box is kept somewhere your Cat has privacy and also a escape route. If you have a small apartment then you can check out my article Where to put Cat litter box in a small apartment. 
  7. Dirty Litter Box – Would you use a washroom that is filthy? Then your Cat will not use a litter box that is dirty and not cleaned. Try cleaning the Litter box everyday and keep it fresh for your Cat to use!
  8. Multi Cat Household – If you have multiple Cats then just as mentioned before make sure you have 2 litter boxes per Cat.
  9. Type Of Litter Box – Some Cats prefer a large litter box where they can easily access into and get out.

If you notice, the most common reason for a Cat not to use the litter box has got to do with the litter box itself.

So now we know what may be the reason why your Cat has stopped using the litter box it’s time to find out how to make them use the litter box

Carry on reading..

How To Make Cats Use The Litter Box

After getting your Cat checked out by the vets to ensure there is no medical issue then you can start looking at different ways to get your Cat to use the litter box

Here’s a list of what you can do right now

  1. Add a extra litter box for your Cat if you only have one.
  2. Make sure you clean the litter box everyday as your Cat will not use one that is dirty
  3. You need to check where are you putting the litter box. It has to be convenient for your Cat and not for you. You don’t want to put their litter box where their food bowl is or next to a washing machine as the sound will scare them. Give your Cat some privacy.
  4. Try different litter and gradually introduce them and see which one your Cat prefers.
  5. If your Cat has a designated spot to urinate outside the litter box then make that place less appealing by putting double sided sticky tape or tin foil. You could also place a extra litter box there and see if that helps
  6. Clean the area where your Cat has urinated outside the litter box with a Urine odor remover that has enzyme cleaners in them. I would recommend The All Natural Enzymatic Cleaner  
  7. Is your Litter box easily accessible for your Cat especially if your Cat is elderly he may find it hard to jump heights if the litter box is located somewhere high.

These are some of the tips and advice you can use right now.

Here’s an article I go in depth with in getting your Cat to use the litter box which you can check out by clicking here

If you have a kitten and just started training them to use the litter box you should check out how to litter train a kitten fast 

Why not get one month worth of litter delivered to you every month with free shipping.

Sounds interesting? Click here to find out more 

What Not To Do

It’s easy to get frustrated and shout at your Cat and I understand that because when they start avoiding using the litter box it can be a right pain!

Especially if they spoil your brand new carpet 

But this is not the way at all

This will only make the problem worse and ultimately your Cat will be scared of you which is the last thing you want

The solution to this problem is tackling this problem from the route and understanding why your Cat is behaving in this manner and hopefully this article has given you a better understanding and also a solution


If your Cat has urinated elsewhere just make sure it is cleaned thoroughly with a product that has enzymatic cleaner in them like the one I recommended or if you already have one then great!

This will completely remove the urine odor and will remove the scent that would have bought your Cat back to the same place

If you are not sure which urine remover you want to use then check out best Cat urine remover in 2018 

Also don’t confine your Cat in a room with their litter box for days or weeks without even trying to understand the problem. This won’t solve anything

In Conclusion

There are number of reasons why your Cat is not using the litter box and it is up to us as Cat parents to find out why and get to the root of the problem

Cats won’t just stop using the litter box so the good news is that your will eventually use the litter box, it just takes a little effort and patience.

Remember patience is the key

If your Cat is stressed then do ensure you show your Cat love and affection to help him.

Cats do need us just as much as we need them

If you want to find out how you can show your Cat love then check out How do you tell your Cat you love them 

Has your Cat stopped using the litter box?

What did you do to get them to use the litter box again?

Let us know in the comments below!

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