How To Stop a Female Cat From Spraying Everywhere – Finally! No More Urine Smell In Your House!

Being a Cat parent myself I was wondering how to stop a Female Cat from spraying

So I decided to do some research and find out the reason why they spray

It’s important to find out the reasons for this behavior rather than just trying to stop it blindly

So in this article I will talk about why do female Cats spray

I will then give a solution to this spraying problem

The best part?

You can finally put an end to this spraying problem that all Cat parents face

Make sure you read till the end because you’re going to have a proven step by step system that you can follow to stop this behavior once and for all! 

When your cute adorable female Cat starts to spray everywhere then this can make you want to tear your hair out

The smell that literally engulfs your whole house

The worst thing is, you have no idea where it is coming from!


Because when Cat spray they leave little drops of urine and finding that is like finding a needle in a hay stack

It can become really frustrating

To a point where relationships can become strained

And talks of getting rid of the Cat becomes topic in family discussions

This is the last thing any Cat parent would want to do

To get rid of Your Cat

Here’s the deal

You don’t need to get rid of your Cat

We are going to tackle this problem from the root

And how are we going to do that?


First we need to identify why this behavior is happening

Why Do Female Cats Spray

Cats are territorial animals and the more territorial they are the more they will spray to mark their territory. There are a number of reasons why female cats spray

  • Introduction of a new animal to the household – If you have got yourself a new pet for example another Cat this will trigger your female Cat to spray because of territorial. They will spray to let other Cats know that this is her territory.
  • Change in environment – Cats love routine and they love everything the way it is. As soon as things change your Cat will spray due to anxiety and stress. Even if it is just a new piece of furniture
  • Recognize their scent – You Cat will sometime spray in their territory to recognize their own smell
  • Stress – Yes Cats do get stressed and when they do this will result in Spraying. It’s important to understand if your Cat is stressed and how you can calm a stressed out Cat down 
  • Other Cats coming into the area – When unfamiliar Cats start to hang around in your kitty’s territory (The front of your House or Garden) They will spray around the windows or doors to let other Cats know that this area belongs to your Cat. Do you see how territorial Cats are?

How To Stop a Female Cat From Spraying Everywhere

This can be a challenge but it can be done

My Cat would spray everywhere so I decided to buy a guide called “Cat Spraying No More” to help me solve this behavior and it has actually been a really great help in understanding why my Cat is spraying and how to tackle this

Nonetheless here’s some tips and suggestions you can follow on how to stop a female Cat from spraying

  • Visit to the vets – The first thing you should do is take your Cat to the vets to make sure there is no medical condition that is causing your Cat to spray.
  • Never punish your Cat – Punishing your Cat will only make things worse. Not only that, it will create a negative effect on your Cat and she may get scared of you and get more stressed. That will just increase the spraying. Your Kitty is not spraying to make you mad. There is a reason behind it and we as Cat parents need understand why they are spraying and how you can help them to stop this spraying 
  • Enzyme Cleaner – If you see your Cat spray or know where they have sprayed then make sure you clean the urine up thoroughly. You should use a Urine remover product that has a Enzyme Cleaner in them. You can check out my list on best Cat urine remover 
  • Stop Neighborhood Cats – You can keep Cats out of your garden or area by chasing them away so they get scared to come back. You can also place safe deterrents around the outside of your home to stop them coming. You can also temporary block the windows to stop your Cat seeing outside until the other Cats stop coming.
  • Interact with your Cat – Play with your Cat everyday. Spend at least 15 – 20 minutes playing with her and just showing how much you love her. This will reduce her stress and make her feel loved.
  • Lock the doors – If your Cat has a habit of spraying in a certain room you can temporary lock your Cat out of the room

What Does Cat Spray Look Like?

There is a difference when a Cat urinates and when a Cat sprays.

Cat urine is a puddle that you will literally find on the floor if your Cat decides to relieve herself there

Cat Spray looks like little drops which is usually found on vertical surfaces such as Doors, windows, curtains or anything vertical.. you get the picture!

You will just see drops of urine which is very hard to find if you haven’t caught your Cat in the act!

And I’m sure you know how bad it can smell!

Do female Cats Spray After Being Fixed?

In short yes.

If a Cat can pee then they can still spray even if they have been spayed.

Nothing can stop a Cat from spraying regardless of which Vet or “guru” told you

Spaying your Cat is not the solution to your Cats spraying.

Many Cat parents believe that by getting their Cats spayed this will put an instant stop to spraying

This is not always the case

Getting your female Cat spayed can get them to stop spraying

But this is just a temporary solution

A Cat can start spraying again due to the reasons we have just covered.

That is why it can take a lot of patience and detective role into figuring out why your Cat is spraying

We can’t do everything ourselves and surely need guidance in achieving this solution to this problem

In Conclusion 

You can stop your female Cat from spraying but it does take time and patience

It’s not a impossible job to stop your Cat from spraying and I understand it can be very frustrating and annoying but the key to this is not to get angry with your Cat.

This will only make matters worse and even worse than that is, your Cat will be scared of you! I’m sure you don’t want that to happen

The trick is, you have to get to the root of the problem and find out why they are spraying

What’s the cause for them to spray everywhere

Your Cat will only spray if there is a problem

Your Cat is not doing anything wrong when they are spraying.

It’s in their nature and it’s what Cats do.

I know, it can be a very difficult process when trying to figure out why your female Cat is spraying everywhere

It is frustrating and can get to a point where relationships can become strained

The worst part?

Family members start saying to get rid of your Kitty!

So here you are, trying to figure it out why your Cat is spraying and on the other hand you got pressure from family members to get rid of the Cat

It can become very stressful

This actually happened with me you know

My Cat was spraying everywhere in the house!

The whole house would just smell like urine and that can be the worst smell ever!

I couldn’t even clean it because I had no idea where in the house he sprayed

Then I had family members saying to put my Cat up for sale because it was getting too much

So I had to act fast and do something about this spraying problem

I went straight on the internet and started searching why my Cat is spraying

I came across this guide called Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More

This was the solution to this spraying problem


Because it had all the information, advice needed to stop this behavior

It’s a step by step system that you follow and it’s very easy to!

So I purchased it

Cat Spraying No More

And you know what? It’s the best decision I ever made

My Cat has finally stopped spraying everywhere in the house!

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