Senior Cat Urinating Everywhere – (& Discover How You Can Stop This)

This article has everything you need to know on how to stop your senior cat urinating everywhere

In this article you will learn what what is causing this behavior

And how you can help your elderly Cat stop urinating everywhere in the house

So let’s dive straight in

It’s a blessing to have a Cat for such a long period of time


Especially when you have seen them grow up from being a kitten to a full grown up adult

They become family

And seeing them everyday becomes the norm

By the time you know it, they’re 10 years old!

Just like a child, Cats grow up too quick and time just flies by!

I remember when my Cat was a kitten and now he’s nearly 13 years old!

Here’s a picture of him resting like a BOSS on my brothers lap whilst he’s using the Laptop

He’s such a lap Cat now and loves to cuddle and sleep on our Laps

Check out my article on How to raise a Kitten to be cuddly 

And as a Cat gets older they can start suffering from age related issues and one of them is urinating everywhere in the house

Age related issues may appear when they are about 7 years old

Some Cats age related issues won’t show up till they’re 10

That is why it’s vital you take your Cat to the Vets

At least once a year

If you can do twice a year then that would be great

This way the Vet can quickly notice any Cat age related issues that are starting to show up and deal with it straight away

When your senior Cat starts to urinate in the house all of a sudden then this is a message to you that something is wrong

There could be a number reasons why your elderly Cat has started behaving this way

I know this can be frustrating but instead of complaining about seeing puddles of urine everywhere, it’s best to find out what’s going on and how you can put a stop to your elderly Cat urinating in the house

Let’s first talk about Why your Cat has started peeing everywhere

Senior Cat Urinating Everywhere – Possible Reasons

So why has your senior Cat started to pee everywhere and stopped using the litter box

Medical Condition 

The first thing to do is to rule out any medical condition by taking your Cat to the vets as mentioned earlier

This is important because we all want our Cats to be healthy and happy

We want them to have a long happy life right?

Taking them to the vets can help stop any medical issues or prevent anything happening

Did you know

Senior Cats are more likely to develop kidney problems, urinary tract infections or even diabetes

That is why going to the vets is very important so if this is the case (I pray it’s not) then it can be dealt with swiftly

Litter Box 

Cats are very clean animals

Your elderly Cat will not use a litter box that is filthy, just as humans, we would not want to use a filthy washroom so why would your Cat use a litter box that is not cleaned

Make sure the litter box is cleaned regularly

If you have only one litter box per Cat I would recommend getting another litter box.

Your Cat could forget where the litter box is – They can suffer from dementia the older they get. This is called Feline Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) which is identical to Alzheimer disease

Having a second litter box will help if your Cat forgets where the other litter box is

Also Cats tend to use one litter box to pee in and another to poo in.

You can check out my article on how to get your Cat to use the litter box for more in depth detail

Location of Litter Box 

The location of the litter box is very important especially with senior Cats

Think like a senior Cat – Is the litter box somewhere high where your Cat has to climb?

Does your Cat need to jump over something or onto something to get access to the litter?

It will be difficult for a elderly Cat to require so much effort to access the litter box which could be a reason why your elderly Cat is peeing everywhere

Type Of Litter 

As Cats get older they can start to get picky and this means your Cat may not like the litter anymore or the texture of the litter is not something your Cats paws appreciate

Try changing it around and see which litter your Cat prefers


We humans or should I say “Cat Slaves” get stressed and so does your Cat

Cats can get stressed for a number of reasons

  • Another Cat entering into your Garden or neighborhood
  • You are stressed can make your Cat stressed
  • Change in environment (New furniture or renovation)
  • Moving houses

These are some factors that can trigger stress in your Cat which leads to inappropriate urination

If you think your Cat is stressed then you should read How to calm a stressed Cat down

How Do I Stop My Older Cat Urinating In The House

Now you know why your aging Cat is urinating everywhere, I’m sure you want to know how to stop this behavior

Here’s how you can put a stop to this

It’s very simple

Just as mentioned above all the reasons why your Cat may be peeing everywhere you just have to make sure you correct them

For example

The first and foremost thing you need to do is take your Cat to the Vets to ensure he is healthy and it’s not because of a medical condition.

If you have only one litter box for your Cat, get another one and see if that helps

The location of the litter box – is it in a place where your Cat has easy access?

Is your Cat stressed because of other Cats entering into his territory (your Garden or house)

These are the points you need to look at and tackle them.

Your elderly Cat will not just stop using the litter box all of a sudden

There’s a reason behind it and we as Cat parents need to play detective mode and get to the bottom of this by understanding why they are doing this

Is My Elderly Cat Spraying Or Urinating?

There are 2 types of urine that a Cat does

One is urinating which is when your Cat sits down and just slightly above the ground and relieves himself.

If you fine urine in your house and it’s a puddle then that means your Cat has urinated

Spraying – This is when your Cat lifts it’s erect and sprays urine leaving a couple of drops

You will find these drops mostly on horizontal surfaces such as curtains, doors, cupboards, by the window

When your Cat sprays then this means your Cat is marking his territory

If you have neutered your cat and he’s still spraying then check out my article

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 

This is one of the most common problems ALL Cat parents face.

My Cat loved marking his territory and would spray everywhere!

The worst thing is, you can never find where your Cat has sprayed because of the small drops

I’m sure you Cat parents must have faced this situation

I couldn’t take this behavior anymore so I bought Cat Spraying No More which is this really awesome guide that goes in depth on how to stop Cats from spraying permanently and it has been a big help in understanding why your Cat is spraying.

I would really recommend this guide to ALL Cat parents because the mistake we do when our Cat spray is shout at them and just live with it..

We need to understand why they spray and tackle the problem from it’s root

This is why Cat Spraying No More is essential for Cat Parents.

To be honest, it did look sketchy to me but I’m glad I bought this!

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You can also read my non bias Cat Spraying No More Review 

In Conclusion 

If your Cat does start urinating outside the litter box then you should visit the vets as soon as possible to make sure your Cat is not suffering from any medical conditions

By going through this article you will be able to stop this behavior and gain a better understanding why your Cat is behaving in this manner.

It does take time so patience is key

Whatever you do, please do not ever shout at your Cat or worse hit them

This will just leave a negative impact on them and they will be afraid of you which is the last thing any Cat parent would want.

Show them love and affection and be patient with them.



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