Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me – (Learn How You Can Get Your Cat To Stay With You)

I know it’s not the answer you don’t want to hear but your cat may run away from you simply because your kitty does not want to be pet, picked up, stroked or anything else that you may do when you approach your furbaby

The good news?

You can change this behavior and get your cat to become a cuddle bug or at least stay with you and not run away

Carry on reading..

The Worst Feeling Is, When Your Own Cat Won’t Stay With You & Always Runs Away From You

It’s upsetting right? I mean you love your Kitty so much but she keeps running away from you every time you want to pet her or just be with her

You start doubting yourself

“I’m I a good Cat parent?”

“Have I done something wrong?”

“Does my Cat just not like me?”

The answer to these questions are

You are a good Cat Parent (Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article)

You’ve done nothing wrong (But you could probably start doing things which will help your Cat stay with you)

You Cat does like you (It can take time if she’s new or just a Kitten)

So in this article we’ll go through different reasons why your Cat may be running away from you

I will show you different ways of how you can get your Cat to stay with you and build that bond with you which is pretty much the ultimate goal

So let’s dive straight in

Cats can become very unpredictable

One minute you are petting them and they cuddle with you

All of a sudden she’s running away from you

If your Cat is running away from you

There are different ways to stop them from running away from you

And staying with you

Here’s the best part

This article will help you build that strong connection with your Cat

It does take patience


And some positive reinforcements

Let’s get straight to it

Your Cat is most likely running away from you because they may not want to be pet, picked up or whatever your Cat thinks you might do that she will not like

I know this is the answer you don’t want to hear but we’re going to tackle this problem

How Do You Get Your Cat To Stop Running Away From You?


You need to show your Cat that staying with you is something positive

You have to make sure you make it a positive experience every time your Cat is near you

The way to do this is

Cat Treats

You can give your Cat a treat every time you call him

By doing this, your Cat will associate a good positive feeling when they are with you and will most likely stick around with you

Try and be consistent in doing this and show your Cat that being around you is cool and he gets a treat for it

Soon, he will just come for you but be prepared because he will want a treat!

Reward Your Cat 

When your Cat starts to gradually stay with you, reward your Cat.

Again, with treats or just praise him or pet him.

Make your Cat feel positive around you

Always keep a low voice when praising as Cats can get scared with a loud voice

Cats love praises (Juts like us humans)

Stick Around Near Your Cat When They Are Busy

So what does this mean?

Let me explain

If your Cat is very jumpy and runs away every time you go near him then approach your Cat when they are distracted

For example

When they are eating their dinner

Go stand next to your Cat and don’t make any sudden movements.

Stay still and just lurk around

Let your Cat know that it’s okay with you being around him

Do this often

Let your Cat get used to the fact that you are not a threat or there’s nothing to be scared about when you are around

You can repeat this process when they are taking a nap

If you see your Cat sleeping on the couch then just go near him and sit there or stand around by him

Your Cat may wake up and look at you, but if you are still then he will most likely go back to sleep

Just stay there for a minute or two and then leave

Do this often because your Cat will get the idea that you’re just going to stand there or sit there when you are close to them.

Your Cat will feel at ease because of this and will let you come close to him

You’ll get the idea that your Cat is used to you and trusts you because the hesitation from your Cat is not there anymore.

Once you’ve gained this trust with your Cat, you can now start to walk to him but slowly when they are just sitting there doing nothing.

Just walk up to your Cat

Stand there for a few minutes

Then just leave

Do this for a few times

Your Cat will then stop running away from you when you walk towards him

Once you’ve established that trust with your Cat when you walk towards them

Show your Cat that when you go to them something really nice is going to happen

And that’s where giving treats come in

Or rewarding them like I have mentioned earlier

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me When Playing

My Tigger does this too

He’ll play for a little while and then just run away

I wouldn’t worry too much about it

It could be just a cat thing

Another possible reason could be your cat may just want to give himself a timeout and basically run away and wants his own space now

Or maybe your cat just got bored playing with the same toy

You can try a different toy and see if your cat wants to play again

Tigger goes crazy over a laser!

Make sure to be responsible when shining a laser – avoid getting it in your cats eyes

Another thing, let your cat catch the laser too!

Wrapping It Up

Don’t be too worried if your Cat runs away from you especially if your Cat is new to you

This is something that happens at the beginning

I remember when I first got my Cat, he would not come anywhere near me

No matter what I did he’d just stay away from me

But gradually as time went by my Cat got used to me and my family

And now he’s such a cuddly cat now

He’s a lap Cat now (Loves sleeping and chilling on our laps)

He’ll look for every opportunity

So the main thing is you just have to be patient

Show them some love and affection

How do you show them love?

You can check out my article on How do you tell your Cat you love them  

They’re some great tips in this article and will really help you build that connection with your Cat

Work through them and show your Cat how much you love them!

Once you get your cat to stay beside you for a little while

Play with your cat

Do fun things together

Show your cat you’re a fun cat parent!

Here’s a article I wrote on different fun things to do with your cat

Fun things to do with your cat 

I personally believe it’s important to understand our Cats

What they are saying

Why they are upset or happy

Or are they hungry

They’re family right so we need to treat them like our little babies

This is important to build that relationship with them

if you are dead serious on becoming the best Cat parent out there and you want to learn how to speak to your Cat and understand them, what they’re saying to us

Basically, you want to build that strong bond and connection

The I would really recommend checking out Cat Language Bible 

This is a guide that teaches you everything you need to know on how to connect with your Cat

What I love about this guide is, you learn how to actually communicate with your Cat just how we communicate with our children 

You’ll learn how to hold a actual conversation with them!

You’re probably thinking – How can you have a conversation with your Cat?

But you can and scientific research backs that up

There was research done on how Cats have evolved especially domestic Cats

They’ve learned to understand our words and what we’re saying to them

You can find out more about all this by clicking here 

This guide is a must have for ALL Cat parents

You can also read my Cat Language Bible Review 


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    • I got my cat Lily 2 months ago. She is 3 years old and lived with a foster for those 3 years. She’s finally warmed up to me and my boyfriend. She sits with us every night after dinner and comes to bed with us. However she will run away everytime we stand up. Even if she was just cuddling with us and then we stand up she runs away. I don’t understand because she’s purring and licking our hands and then she acts like she doesn’t know who we are. I’m not even trying to pick her up. I’ll just be walking to the kitchen for something and she runs. Sometimes I’m standing in the kitchen cooking/cleaning or just standing still watching her watch me. She will try to sneak past me and as soon as she’s lined up with me she makes a mad dash away from me. It’s heartbreaking!

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