Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Owners

As a Cat owner.. Sorry not Cat Owner but a Cat Slave, I was wondering why do Cats sleep with their owners (Slaves)?

I mean we provide them with such a comfortable bed yet they decide to sleep with their owners

And to be honest with you

I love it when by Cat sleeps next to me

Especially on a cold winter night

The warmth they give out

It does feel good


After doing research I will talk about the reason behind Cats sleeping with their owners

So let’s dive straight in

Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Owners

There are a number of reasons why Cats like to snuggle up with their owners rather then sleeping in their own bed


Cats love sleeping in warm places

They do this because their body don’t need to work as hard to keep warm

Sleeping next to a human is indeed a very warm place for them

You may notice

During the day they love spreading themselves out in the sun

But at night

They are all cuddled up next to their owners

As their is no place warmer then next to a human

Not only do they get to cuddle with a human

They get the warmth from the duvet and blanket

That’s a bonus to them!


Believe it or not

Your Cat does love you

More than you can probably imagine

When they sleep next to you

It’s a way of them telling you

They want to spend some quality time with you

You can show them how much you love them too

Check out my article on How do you tell your Cat you love them 


Just as how we want to be comfortable when we want to sleep

Cats are the same

And they feel comfortable sleeping next to you

With your blanket and duvets

On a soft warm bed

You Cats wants that too!


Cats are always on the lookout and constantly alert

To hunt


Ready to pounce

Or even hide

It’s in their natural instinct

When it comes to bedtime

It gives them the chance to relax

And when a Cat has their trusted owner next to him

He knows he is protected from any danger

And can finally relax that energetic body

Human Scent 

Your scent is a great source of comfort for your Cat

Cats can recognize your scent

And this makes them feel relaxed and safe too

Which is why they sleep with their owners

Consider it love when your Cat is sleeping next to you

As you are one of their favorite human beings

Should Cats Sleep In Your Bed

This is entirely up to the Cat parents

Some Cats will sleep throughout the night

Like my Cat

Will sleep all night

Other Cats could wake up and start meowing…. Constantly

And if you have work the next day

You won’t be a happy bunny

So you have to look at it both ways

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Cats sleeping with you

And you can decide which is best for you and your Cat

Pros Of Cat Sleeping With You 

Bond with your Cat – This is a great way of you bonding with your Cat. The more time you spend with your Cat the closer the bond will become. Cats are loyal animals and they will become your best friend. My Cat will recognize me from a distant and will come running to me which is cute. People are under the impression that Cats are independent and don’t need our love and affection which is wrong. Cats are sensitive and they love spending time with their owners

Stress Relief – Cats are a great stress relief. Did you know just by petting and stroking them can release your stress? So imagine a long day at work and snuggling with your Cat in bed will be a great stress relief for you. Sleeping with your Cat will make you feel relaxed too

Warm And Cosy – Sleeping with your Cat on a cold winter night is the best feeling because of how warm your Cat gets and the heat he gives out. Both you and your Cat will benefit from this warmth. My Cat loves sleeping by my leg and with my younger brother he sleeps on his chest! Talk about trust!

Cons Of Cat Sleeping With You

Disturbed Sleep – Cats are predators and they hunt during the night which means your Cat could wake up in the middle of the night and want to play! And trust me, they can meow for ages (I’m sure you can relate) If your Cat does meow all night you should check out my article on how to stop a Cat from meowing all night 

Allergies – Letting your Cat sleep with you all the time could lead to allergies you have never had in your life. The hair from your Cat that will be left on your bed could be the reason. It is a risk especially for those who suffer from asthma. I suffer from asthma and with my Cat sleeping with me has never had an effect on me. Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones

Cats Dirty Feet – If your Cat is an outdoor Cat then they would have gone everywhere which will obviously make their paws dirty. This could get your bed dirty too. Same applies with indoor Cats. They use the litter box and the dirt from the litter box could get onto your bed.

In Conclusion 

It’s entirely up to you if you want to let your Cat sleep with you. If your Cat sleeps throughout the night and won’t disturb you then why not? Spending that quality time together will only benefit you and your Cat.

On the other hand, if your Cat stays awake at night or will wake up during the night, then it’s obviously not a good idea

Do you let your Cats sleep with you? Let us know in the comments below




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6 thoughts on “Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Owners

  1. Yes, a lot of the time she sleeps with me. I love it and she is family right? On the other hand we have central air and I keep a fan blowing on me at night because of hot flashes, so she doesn’t like that.

  2. I love my cats sleeping with me. If they are on the bed first I make sure not to wake the so I sleep in some funny positions. After all it’s their house and they just let me live there lol . Years ago in Egypt cats were treated like gods and they haven’t forgotten that.

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