How To Make Your Cat Happy

In this article I’m going to talk about how to make your Cat happy

You will learn the 17 different ways you can make your Cat feel loved

Let’s get straight to it

Cats give us so much joy

I’m pretty certain your little feline friend provides you with a lot of entertainment

It’s only fair we do the same and keep them happy


Cats can get bored

Just as us humans do

They can also get depressed

Feel lonely

Cats are sensitive animals

They can detect when you are stressed which can have a negative impact on them

You can make sure your Cat does not feel this way at all

The best part?

Keeping them happy is not a hard task to do

Once you understand your Cat and what gives them joy

It will only get easier in keeping them happy

I would really recommend Cat Language Bible to help you understand your Cat better

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The main thing is,

You provide their basic needs

Such as




Entertainment (Playing with them)


Of course Show them love

And in return you will get lots of purrs

And head bumps (I love it when my Cat does this)

After doing some research I have come up with 17 different ways on how to make your Cat feel loved

Let’s look at the different ways in how to make your Cat happy

17 Way On How To Make Your Cat Happy

1. Show love and affection to your Cat 

Some Cat parents wonder do Indoor Cats get depressed?

Truth is they can



Just as humans want affection

Cats want it too

Some people think that Cats are independent so they don’t need any time or affection from us

They think that they’re all good spending time on their own

Even if they don’t mind being alone

They still would love your company

And you attention on them

You should take some time out and spend some quality time with them

Shower them with love

Play with them

Pet them where they being petted for example my Cat loves being stroked under the chin


Or behind the ear

Give it a go and see how your Cat starts purring!

You can check out my article on how to show your Cat you love them 

2. Feed Them And Provide Fresh Water For Them All The Time 

Do you love to eat? I do.. Your Cat does too!

They actually love to eat often

The main thing here is

Not to feed them often

You don’t want them to go overweight and become obese

This can lead to a unhealthy Cat which means they will become unhappy

Give your Cat the occasional treat

(My Cat loves treats! He demands them all the time!)

Just make sure you don’t over do it

You can get advice from your Vet and see how much food you should give your kitty

I know it can be hard to say no to that meow

It can really hit the heart when they keep meowing especially when you’re eating

But you need to keep your Cat health in mind

Make sure there is always fresh water available for your Cat

Dry food has only 10% of water

Wet food has 80% water

So if you’re feeding your Cat dry food

Keep an eye on your Cats water intake

3. Check Your Cat’s Health Often

My Cat hates going to the vets

Does your Cat hate it too?

It’s important to get regular check ups at the vets even though your Cat hates it

A healthy Cat is a happy Cat

4. Provide a Scratching Place

It’s in your Cats natural instinct to scratch

This helps sharpen their claws

Helps remove dead outer layer of their claws

This also marks their territory visually and by scent

You see how important it is for them to scratch

Some Cats prefer horizontal scratching posts

And others prefer vertical scratching posts

It would be a good idea if you get them both

Depending on your Cats mood

They will use either

Instead of your Cats scratching your Carpet or rug

Which will only get you angry

Providing them with scratching posts will let them do what they need to

And you are happy too

So it’s a win win situation

5. Give Your Cat Entertainment 


Cats are predators

They love to hunt

And Catch prey

If your Cat is a indoor Cat

And they have nothing to do all day

They will get bored sooner or later

Cats love to adventure and hunt

You should try and create a environment suitable for their interests

My Cat loves stalking a toy mouse at then end of a string.

I move it slowly and make it go behind something and he will go all crouching

And shake his bum slightly before he pounces on it!

You can do the same too and see how much your Cat loves it

There are plenty of other entertainment you can provide for your Kitty

Here are just a few you can do right now

  • There should be plenty of toys available for your Cat. Have a variety so they don’t get bored. You can get a toy similar to mine (a string with a toy mouse at the end of it) If you are away due to work, then you can get a automatic Cat toy so they can play by themselves
  • Play with your Cat everyday at least 15 – 20 minutes a day. Try playing different games with them. You could even get a laser toy. They love chasing that red dot!
  • If you have enough space at home then have a room specifically for them. An indoor playground for your Cat where they could run around, climb jump and just be themselves
  • Keep it fresh and new for your Cat. Once you’ve played with certain type of toys, hide them and play with a different one. After a little while you can bring those old toys back. This will make the old toys exciting again

A Cat that is tired and exhausted of playing is a happy Cat

This will also help your Cat sleep at night (Cats are awake during the night)

If your Cat has a habit of waking you up in the middle of the night then check out my article on How to stop a Cat from meowing at night

6. Give Your Cat Safe Outdoor Access 

Whether you should keep your Cat indoors or let them venture outdoors on their own is a whole new topic on it’s own

If it’s dangerous where you live then I wouldn’t advice to let you Cat out unsupervised

You should always put your Cats safety first

Here’s a few safe ways of letting your Cat enjoy the outdoors

  • Screened porch
  • You could walk your Cat on a leash – They will need to be trained to do that
  • If you have a balcony and is Cat proofed, you can let your Cat go on it
  • You can fence your back garden so your Cat can’t escape but can still enjoy the sun and fresh air

7. View Of The Outside World 

Cats love to spend time by the window and looking at birds or squirrels

They could do that for hours

Try to ensure your Cat has a decent view of the outside and a suitable place to sit and lie down enjoying the sun

You can get a window perch which will make it comfortable for your Cat to just chill and look at birds and chatter away!

8. Keeping The Environment Clean 

Cats are very clean animals

I mean, they spend 30% of their life grooming themselves!


So you want to ensure their living space is spotless

They hate a dirty litter box

This can cause litter box avoidance

Just as us humans won’t use a filthy washroom your Cat will not use a dirty litter box

You should clean the litter box everyday

If your Cat does not use the litter box you can check out my article How to get your Cat to use the litter box

9. Give Them Space 

Everyone loves their own space and Cats do too


They love some me time

They like hiding in secluded places where they can go and take a Catnap, relax and sleep

Their little hideaway can be very ordinary

Like a Cardboard box

Or on your bed

A place where they feel secure

10. Get Them a Companion 

Whilst some Cats love to be the king or queen in their territory (Your home) others would love some company

Are you at work for most of the day? Or do you think your Cat feels lonely?

They might appreciate another Cat and become BFF!

If you do decide to get another Cat, make sure to introduce them slowly so they can start off on the right page

And quickly become best buddies

11. Converse With Your Cat

Call me crazy but I talk to my Cat

You should too

They are great listeners

And they will respond back to you

Did you know you can tell a Cat you love them in their language?

Slowly blinking at them is a way of you saying to your Cat “I love you”

How cute is that!

If you want to find out more about talking to your Cat check out How to talk to your Cat 

12. Praise Your Cat

Who doesn’t love praise

Cats love them too

And you should let them know how great they are!

Cats can sense when we’re stressed and this can cause them to be stressed

So if we give off happy vibes your Cat will feel happy too!

13. Brush Your Cat

Although Cats groom themselves

But if you help them out

You can reduce hairballs and create a bonding moment with them

Great way to build that connection and make them happy

I’m sure they would appreciate this!

Especially long haired Cats

14. Grow Grass For Your Cat 

It’s normal for a Cat to nibble on Grass when they stay outdoors

Why not grow some grass for your indoor Cat

Chewing on grass can be very beneficial for your Cat’s health

Here are some plants which you can grow for your Cat

  • Alfafa Grass
  • Oat
  • Catnip
  • Barley
  • Wheatgrass
  • Lemongrass

You can grow these grass indoors and it doesn’t take too long

So give it a go for your Cat

They’ll nibble away at the grass!

15. Give Your Cat a Challenge

Feeding your Cat the same food at the same time can have it’s benefits

But it can get boring

So why not make it fun for your Cat

Let your Cat use their hunting skills and let them hunt for their food

So instead of just feeding your Cat

You can encourage your Cat to use their mental stimulation and work for their food

Use puzzle feeders or food dispenser toys to give your little furrball a challenge

This will be great fun for your Cat and also provides them a source of entertainment

A great way of keeping your Cat happy

16. Litter Box Location 

This is another way of giving your Cat privacy by providing them private place to relieve themselves

If you could provide them a whole room for themselves that would be awesome

Otherwise if you have a small apartment and don’t know where to put the litter box you can check out my article on Litter box location – Where to put Cat Litter Box In a Small Apartment

17. Take a Cat Nap With Your Cat 

Let your Cat take a Cat nap with you

When you’re sleeping on the sofa relaxing let your Cat join you

Your Cat will feel loved knowing that you trust them and you’ll feel warm and have a Cat purring on you

The best feeling ever!

In Conclusion 

It’s important we show our Cat that we love them by making them happy

They’re family and it’s not fair we don’t give them any affection or love

They show us unconditional love and provide us with entertainment by them just being themselves

It’s time we show them love too

Not only that

We need to understand them too

That is why I would really recommend Cat Language Bible

This book will help you become a better Cat Parent by understanding your Cat in a better way

You can FINALLY tell them exactly how much they mean to you

I’m pretty certain every Cat parent would love to have a true detailed conversation with their Cat like a parent would have with their children

You’re not strangers right? You’re family 

Now it’s time to have family discussions!

You can check out my review on Cat Language Bible by clicking here 

Must have for ALL Cat parents! 



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