How To Stop a Cat From Meowing At Night – Keep Your Cat Indoors & Enjoy a Goodnight’s Sleep

In this article I’m going to talk about how to stop a Cat from meowing at night

I’m going to talk about why they meow at night

How you can stop this.. Once and for all!

The best part?

You can finally get a good nights sleep

Let’s get straight to it…

Cats are adorable right?

They become family right away

And we love them to bits!

Unconditional love we have for them


Until they start doing things which can really frustrate us

And one of them is the constant meowing at night

I mean non stop meowing

It can really drive a person insane

Especially when you are trying to sleep

And you have work the next morning

My Cat would love to wake me up at 5am! (I would start work at 9am)

Imagine this scenario or you don’t need to

Because I’m sure you’ve been there


Already in this scenario!

You need to be up at 6am and your Cat has decided to meow constantly from 1am!

Non stop meowing..

Burying your head under your pillow to drown out the meowing does not help at all

You got no choice

So you have to get up

That precious sleep you’re losing

All of us need that beauty sleep

This can drive anyone insane

I’m sure ALL Cat parents would want a solution to this problem

On how to stop a cat from meowing at night

Here’s the best part

You can get them to stop meowing

And get that sleep you need


Before we talk about how to stop a Cat from meowing at night

I would like to stress the importance of understanding our Cat

What they are trying to say to us

Why are they meowing

It’s important for ALL Cat parents to understand our little feline friend

You should check out a book called Cat Language Bible

This book will help you understand your Cat and also look after them better

Here’s a non bias review of this book I have written

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How To Stop a Cat From Meowing At Night

Let’s look at some ways you can get your Cat to stop meowing at night

1. Medical Condition

The first thing you need to do is rule out any medical conditions

You should take them to the vets

Cats can become vocal due to something that is bothering them

As Cats get older, they’re prone to developing thyroid or kidney diseases

It’s important to make sure your Cat is healthy and is not in pain

2. Feed Your Cat Later In The Evening 

Cats will sleep well after they have had a good meal

Feed your Cat just before you go to sleep

That should help your Cat sleep during the night

For example

You may need to divide your Cats last meal of the deal into two servings

So you could feed your Cat at 5pm

Then give the last portion at 10pm

This will help your Cat feel satiated throughout the night and into the morning

Even us humans sleep well after a good meal!

3. Play With Your Cat During The Evening

You could schedule some time during the evening to play with your Cat

What I love doing is playing with a toy that has mouse at the end of it

This toy mouse squeaks every time it moves

Then I let my Cat run after it

He loves that

He will chase it so much

This is a good idea of getting your Cat tired which will make him want to sleep during the night

You can also get a Cat laser toy

They love chasing that red dot

They literally go crazy over it

Be cautious with this and make sure it is never shone directly in your Cats eyes

4. Introduce Another Cat For Companion 

Who wouldn’t love some company

Your Cat will have someone to play with if he is active at night

This could be a great way of getting your Cat to stop meowing at night

Do remember

Both romping Cats can make a lot of noise which could disturb your sleep just as one trying to wake you up!

5.Play during the day 

Just like playing with your Cat during the evening

You should play with your Cat during the day and burn some of that energy your Cat has

The more active your Cat is during the day and the more she plays

The more tired he’ll be at night which will make him sleep

Try getting a variety of toys so they don’ get bored easily

6.Keep Your Cat Stress Free 

If you have moved houses or even just redecorated the house this can cause your Cat to be upset

Which will lead to stress

If you’re moving houses then the daily routine of your Cat will literally go all pear shaped

What you should try and do is keep the routine as similar to normal as possible

Try to keep the feeding schedule the same

Make some time for your Cat and play with him

Show him love and affection during these times

A Cat that is not stressed and feels safe and secure is most likely not going to meow constantly at night

If your Cat is stressed then check out my article on how to calm a stressed Cat down 

7.Ignore Your Cats Behavior and Meowing 

If your Cat has just started meowing then it is vital that you do not encourage this behavior

Don’t give your Cat any attention when he is constantly meowing

If you do this then your Cat will used to the fact that every time he meows he’ll get a response

This will create a real problem

What you do is

Stop giving him attention

He will try twice as hard to try and get your attention until he understands that meowing will not get him anywhere

This strategy is called extinction burst or you could say “it gets worse before it gets better”

You have to be patient though

As this could last up to a few weeks

But continue to ignore the behavior no matter what and it should get better

8. Fresh Water Available 

Cats can get thirsty at times and they’ll meow to let you know they are thirsty.

Do make sure you have fresh water available for your kitty at all times

9. Night Light For Elderly Cat 

If your Cat is elderly then his Eyes may not work as well as it used to.

Your Cat will benefit from a night light and this may help him sleep at night

How To Get a Cat To Sleep At Night

If you follow the points mentioned above

This will help not only you get a goodnight sleep


Get your Cat to sleep at night too

That way you can play with your Cat during the day


Most importantly get a good nights sleep

Just to summarize on how to get a Cat to sleep at night

  • Set up a schedule for your Cat and stick to this schedule. Cats love routine so try to ensure you go to bed at a certain time. This will help your Cat adjust to your timing
  • Try and create the same environment every night. If you sleep with the lights off (I’m sure you do!) then turn them off. Create the same environment and your Cat will pick up that it is time to sleep
  • As mentioned earlier, feed your Cat just before you go to bed. This will keep your Cat full during the night
  • Play with your Cat during the day. Your Cat has plenty of energy especially if he is a Kitten. Try to tire them out during the day so they can sleep during the night

In Conclusion 


The main thing is we need to understand our Cat

What they are saying to us

We as Cat Parents need to know if our Cat is in pain or wants food

If we can’t understand our Cat and they’re in pain that in reality that is not fair on your Cat

That is why the first thing you should do is go to the vets

To ensure he is healthy

Understanding your Cat can be difficult because they can be very subtle

That is why you should check out Cat Language Bible 

Cat Language Bible will help you understand your Cat better then you can imagine

And not only that

But to take better of your Cat too

Which is the ultimate goal for ALL Cat parents




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