How To Talk To Your Cat – (In a Way They Understand)

Want To Learn How To Talk To Your Cat? – This New Japanese Cat Communication Study Will Blow Your Mind!

That’s right, this research that has been conducted shows how our Cats have the ability to understand our words

You know what that means right?

Everything you’ve said to your Cat, they actually know what you’re talking about!

Now I’m embarrassed to face my Cat because I’ve told him things I haven’t told anyone! Lol

I bet you have too right?

Don’t worry, they won’t tell anyone – except their Cat friends!

Just make sure you avoid them..

Okay enough of the lame jokes 😛

But yeah, you can actually speak to your Cat in a way they understand

Cats have evolved throughout time – especially domestic Cats

Being with humans for such a long time they have started to understand our words

And this is backed from the research done by Japanese researchers in Tokyo

So now that we know Cats can actually understand our words

Let’s learn how we can actually communicate with our Cats

So if you want to learn how you can talk to your Cat, you’re in the right place

So let’s dive straight in!

Yes that’s right!

Meow does mean something!

What does it mean?

Good question

It’s about the same as aloha in Hawaiian

Though the meaning can change

The context of the meow matters hugely

Is it a friendly meow?

Or a mean one?

This is something we truly need to understand if we as Cat parents want to talk to your Cat

Or just to understand him

You see talking to your Cat is not just some trick you can perform to amuse your guests

It is a important part of training your Cat

Building that relationship with him

Creating that amazing bond with them

We as Cat parents are guilty of just saying “DOWN” and “NO!” or “BAD CAT”

This may make her a better pet


Words like




Will help your Cat associate something pleasurable with you

A happy feeling to be around you

Once you find out how to use Cat language

And your Cat listens

You will be amazed on how much you have missed


Here are some great tips on how to talk to your Cat

Different Ways To Communicate With Your Cat

Give your Cat love blinks

Have you ever noticed your Cat slowly blink at you when he is all relaxed?

That is a way of them showing how much they love you

So why not return the same

And show your Cat you love them too

Next time you see Cat all relaxed

Look at them

And slowly blink at them

You’ll see him return the favor

So both of you are saying “I love you” to each other

How cute is that?

Check out my article on How to show your cat you love them 

Listen To Your Cat 

A good communicator is when who listens too

Now with your Cat it’s more of about sight and observing then listening

What is your Cats body language saying to you?

What does your Cat look like when is just relaxing out in the sun?

Have you notice that same expression at other times

It’s all about understanding your Cats body language

The Cat Nose Hand

What is the Cat nose hand?

Cats tend to greet each other with their nose

Well by touching them

And you can do the same too


Curl your index finger into a shape like a Cat nose

And sit down and when your Cat is coming towards you

Slowly extend your arm out

With this gesture

You’re giving your Cat a chance to greet you in his Cat language

Make sure you extend your hand out slowly and when you’re in front of him

Not from above

Keep Your Voice Down 

When speaking to your Cat

It is best you speak in a soft tone

Cats have sensitive hearing

And if you speak like a Army sergeant to them

They will get scared and most likely run off

Share affectionate words with your little kitty

I’m sure they will appreciate it

Cat Communication Sounds

Now that we have learnt how we can talk to your Cat

Let’s see what our Cat is saying to us

Because it can be hard to understand their body language

Such as

Subtle Cat ear movements

Cat tail twitches

Cats will often use their words to help us understand what they are saying

And we owe it to them to at least understand them right?

Cats vocabulary is awesome

They have subtle sounds that are rich which they make

So let’s see what our Cats are saying to us

Cat Meowing 

If you have a kitten you will notice they tend to meow more often

Reason being is because they want attention

Similarly a adult Cat will meow at us for pretty much the same reason

They want attention

So when your Cat meows at you give him your full attention and attend to their needs


Don’t you just love it when your Cat purrs

Especially when he is taking a Cat nap on your lap and purring away

Why do Cats purr?

When they are content

But remember

They also purr when they are sick and injured to comfort themselves

Cat Trilling 

This is when your Cat is meowing and purring at the same time or in between

Consider it a friendly greeting to you

Cat Hissing 

This is a way of your Cat saying Back off when they are scared or angry

They imitate a snake

They hiss usually after they growl

Cat Chattering 

Have you ever noticed your Cat looking out the window and sees a bird

He then starts to sort of chatter his teeth

This communication tends to mean either excitement or frustration

Cat Growling 

When a Cat growl it’s a warning

Especially to other Cats

It’s like saying if you don’t back off I will use my claws!

In Conclusion 

As Cat parents you should speak to your Cat often and let them know how your day was or how much you love them

Don’t just show your Cat you love them, tell them too

Give them that affection they deserve

It’s funny because when babies cry we try our best to understand why

But when your Cat is meowing then we take it as annoying

I mean both are obviously trying to say something to us

And we know as Cat parents that Cats have a language of their own

Just as I mentioned above they communicate with us to tell us something

Did you know

An average adult Cat has a brain comparable to human adolescent in many ways

Bottom line is

If you truly want to develop a deep connection with your Cat then treat them just like how you would treat a baby

I hope after reading this article you understand how important it is to talk to your Cat

Communicate with them

This will only increase the bond between you two

We Cat parents owe it to them

To be the best Cat parents out there and show them unconditional love

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We owe it to them



10 thoughts on “How To Talk To Your Cat – (In a Way They Understand)

  1. We’ve had 5 cats all living together in our family, now only one remains
    Sally & I are together grieving the sad and sudden loss of my wife at the young age of 53

    My wife and I were both cat lovers and all of our cats passed away aged 22, Sally is only 17 so she has a way to go yet
    Sally & I are helping each other through a difficult time with love

    • Gar6 – I am so very sorry for your loss, I hope you’re receiving much love and attention from family, friends, and Sally. Please give Sally extra love and attention, she needs you as much as you need her now. Kitties are very sensitive and she’s going to worry about you. Make sure you focus on relaxing when she’s with you. I send you support, peace and compassion.

  2. I will right away take hold of your rss as I can’t to find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly let me realize in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  3. Like Gar6 above, I lost my 51 yo husband & our other cats. Only I am left here alone with our beloved Sydney, a 9 yo female Maine Coon. Our relationship has deepened even more since. I always did slow blink at her, talk to her softly, sing her name to her quietly to fall asleep together, & never ever raise my voice or got mad at her. As a result, the trust between us is truly amazing! She never struggles to get out of my arms, & goes everywhere with me. She walks on a leash next to me exactly as dogs do, sits in the children seat of shopping carts in stores, moves her mouth to ask for food or fresher water, paws at things she wants to bring my attention to, meows at the door to be let out when visiting a house with no cat box, buries her face in my neck if a large dog approaches or a loud motorcycle makes a sudden loud noise close to her (she never has run from me), & is extremely calm & mellow, with the exception of when I am having a seizure. She even recently has started notifying me of an impending seizure a couple of minutes before it happens by staring at me while tapping my left upper arm with her paw! She sleeps either spooning with her mommy (me), or very close, with at least one paw touching me. I know it is because she has to feel that physical contact in order to relax & fall asleep. Then, she sleeps through the night, until I get up. I love her to pieces. I couldn’t have gone on without her. She is so loving that everyone notices it & many people who meet her change their mind about cats. She even rides in cars or buses sitting on or next to me. I lost the 5 people closest to me last year, not just my husband, & my remaining family all live in Europe. So it’s only Sydney & me. I rely on her as much as she relies on me. It is the purest form of & most unconditional love I have ever experienced. She makes me a better person. Sometimes, I can’t imagine ever being able to go on when she’s gone. So yes, communicating with our cats & giving them a lot of love is very rewarding in a way most people can’t imagine! If dogs are man’s best friend, cats are man’s more sophisticated, relaxing & complex life companion. & not necessarily one less devoted & loving! On the contrary: when trust is earned over time, it is so much more precious & rewarding!

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