Where To Put Cat Litter Box In a Small Apartment

If you have a small apartment or a small house and you have a Cat then looking for a litter box location can be difficult

The main thing is to get it right

Litter box issues can be a common problem for Cat parents

The first thing you need to address is

How many litter boxes do you need 

The general rule for a Cat is to have one litter box plus an extra

Cats tend to pee in one and poo in another

Having a small apartment can be difficult to have 2 litter boxes

So what you should do is,

Clean it regularly

Because Cats are clean animals

And just as us humans would not want to use a washroom that is filthy

A Cat would not want to use a litter box that is filthy too

The most frustrating problem ALL Cat parents face is when there Cat decides to not use the litter box!

One of the reasons is because of where the litter box is kept

Unfortunately, many Cat parents do not realize the importance of litter box location

In reality,

You can have the perfect litter box

The highest quality of litter

But this can easily be refused by your Cat

Simply because of where the litter box is placed

One rule that should never be broken by Cat parents

The litter box should never be placed where your Cat eats and drinks

Many Cat parents think that placing the litter box next to their Cats food and water will make it easier for them to use the litter box as it’s a constant reminder

But that is wrong mentality to have

Because this plan will backfire

And become the start of a huge problem – Litter box avoidance

That’s the last thing a Cat parent would want

You see,

By placing the litter box next to where your Cat eats and drinks will send out a confuse message.

This will result in your Cat having to choose whether that area is a place to eat or an elimination spot

Because the food is only available in one area

Your Cat will look for a different location to use to relieve himself

Now if you have no choice but to put the litter box and food bowl in the same room due to a small apartment

Then the very best you can do is,

Keep the food bowl and litter box as far apart as you can

The most common place Cat parents put the litter box is in the bathroom

This is a very convenient and good spot if you have the room to do so

This will make cleaning the litter box easy as it is convenient in terms of you being able to clean it up regularly

Do remember though

If there is lots of hot showers being taken in the bathroom, this can become steamy

Which will make it humid

That may cause the litter to take longer to dry

Another common and popular location is in the laundry room

This is a ideal location due to no carpet being there which makes it easier to clean up.

The only negative side to this is

If the washing machine decides to spin whilst your Cat is using the litter box

This will scare him and give him a bad experience using the litter box

The best place for litter box location is some where, where it is quite

This will provide a sense of safety and security for your Cat

It will also give him some privacy too

Keep an eye on your Cat using the litter box

Once you have found a suitable place for the litter box in your apartment

Keep an eye on your Cats behavior

Is he able to access the litter box easily

Does he have a quick escape route

Try to ensure that your Cat isn’t disturbed accidentally by noise or guests or even little children

If the litter box location is working great then that’s great news!

Otherwise if you notice your Cat is not using the litter box and is relieving himself where he shouldn’t be then you need to reassess

You may have to move the litter box someplace else

If this is the case then what you should do is,

Gradually move the litter box where you want it to be

Do not just move it abruptly

This may confuse your Cat and will lead to avoidance of the litter box

Another trick you could do is

Leave the old litter box there and get a new one and place that where you think is ideal for your Cat

Once the old litter box becomes dirty your Cat will not use it

The new litter box will be more attractive for your Cat

Remember Cats prefer a clean place to go and a new litter box will be your Cat first choice

IF you are still struggling to get your Cat to use the litter box you should check out my article

How to train your Cat to use the litter box  

In Conclusion 

Finding a ideal litter box location for your Cat in a small apartment may be tricky

But it can be done

You have to think like a Cat

And going through these steps I have mentioned will help you

The last thing any Cat parent want is their Cat to start urinating everywhere and pooping on their expensive rug or carpet! 

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