How To Stop a Cat From Pooping On The Floor

This article has everything you need to know about how to stop a Cat from pooping on the floor

So if you want your Cat to use the litter box and not your Carpet or that new rug you just bought, you’re in the right place

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When your Cat decides not use the litter box and instead poops on the floor,

This can be a really frustrating problem!

It can be very annoying too!

Especially when your Cat has the litter box right there in front of them

But he decides

To poo on your beautiful Carpet

Or that expensive rug

This is such a common problem for Cat parents

Basically avoiding the litter box and pooing in places your Cat shouldn’t be

I can relate

Because my Cat used to do the same thing!

Poo anywhere and everywhere

And the worst place is on the carpet

Cleaning that up

I’ll let you decide how much of a hard work that is!

But let me give you some glad tidings

My Cat has stopped this behavior!

Yes that’s right

He does not poo on the floor anymore

The best part?

You can do this too

More about this later on

First we need to understand why your Cat is pooping on the floor

And not using the litter box

So the question you should ask is what is causing your Cat to not use the litter box and poo all over the house

There could be a number of reasons why your Cat is pooping on the floor

Medical Issue 

The first thing you should do is take your Cat to the vets to rule out any medical conditions

Your Cat won’t just suddenly not use the litter box for no reason

Or just to annoy you

There could be a underlying problem which is causing your Cat to poo outside the litter box

Maybe your Cat is feeling constipated which is causing your Cat to not use the litter box

Taking your Cat to the vet will ensure that your Cat is healthy and nothing medically is causing him to avoid using the litter box

Litter Box

One of main and common reasons why a Cat will avoid using the litter box is because the litter box itself!

There are so many things to consider with the litter box

Let’s go through them!

Clean litter box 

Cats are very clean animals and they expect their litter box to be clean too

I mean, would you use a washroom that is filthy and not clean?

Then your Cat is the same!

Clean the litter box everyday and make sure it is clean for your Cat to use

Litter box location 

Is the litter box located near your Cats food or where your Cat drinks

This will put off your Cat as they would not want to relieve themselves at a place where they eat

Pretty much common sense!

Another location you should avoid putting the litter box is near a place where your Cat will get scared

For example,

Near a washing machine or a dishwasher

The noise would get your Cat scared which is the reason your Cat is pooping outside the litter box

Another thing to consider is,

Does your Cat have a escape route once he has relieved himself?

Is your Cat safe when using the litter box?

One i’m getting at is, make sure the litter box is in a safe place basically

Number of litter box 

How many litter boxes do you have for your Cat?

If the answer is “1” then you should add on more per Cat

You see, Cats tend to pee in one and poo in another

So this could be a reason why your Cat has started pooping on the floor

If you have a multi Cat household then each Cat should have 2 litter boxes

You can read more about getting your Cat to use the litter box by visiting How to train your Cat to use the litter box


Did you know Cat can get stressed too?

They are very emotional animals

And intelligent too!

If you are feeling stressed due to work or just family related, then this can have a effect on your Cat

Which will lead to your Cat defecating outside the litter box

Another reason your Cat could get stressed is because of the following

  • Another Cat or Pet or a new member has been introduced to the family. This will stress your Cat out as Cats are very territorial
  • New house or change in environment
  • Other Cats entering into your Garden or are coming into your area
  • Absence of the owner – If you have been away more than usual can upset your Cat and cause him stress

All these points mentioned above are factors that can cause your Cat to be stressed

And this will result in your Cat not using the litter box and pooping on your Carpet or rug!

If your Cat is stressed then I would recommend you read my article on how to calm a stressed Cat down 

How To Stop a Cat From Pooping On The Floor

If your Cat has started to poop all of a sudden then as mentioned before take your Cat to the vets to rule out any medical conditions

If your Cat is all healthy then you can follow these steps to stop your Cat from pooping on your Carpet or rug!

Clean the area thoroughly 

Make sure your clean the area where your Cat has pooped thoroughly

This will ensure your Cat does not come back to the same spot

Work on the litter box

As mentioned earlier regarding the litter box make sure it is cleaned everyday

You can go through the points above and ensure the litter box is up to the standards your Cat requires

Stop your cat from going into those areas where he has pooped 

What I mean by this is,

Wherever your Cat has pooped make that place very unattractive as possible

You can put foil or double sided tape which will deter your Cat to use that place again

The aim is to make the litter box the best place for your Cat to use when he needs to relieve himself

Create a fun loving environment 

If your Cat is not stressed then he will use the litter box

You need to make sure your Cat is healthy, happy and his standards of life is being met.

Play with your Cat everyday

Show him some love!

Here’s an article I wrote on how to show your Cat you love them 


You can train your Cat to use the litter box if your Cat is still or a kitten or you have recently adopted

You can check out my article on How to train your Cat to use the litter box 

And if you have a kitten you can check out this article How to litter train a kitten fast

Patient and consistency 

Remember patience is key here

You need to be have patience and be consistent in getting your Cat to use the litter box

Using the litter box is second nature so it should not be too hard!

Cat Spraying No More

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The way I done this was

I bought this in depth guide written by a veterinarian Sarah Richards

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Using the litter box!

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I would really recommend Cat spraying No More to ALL Cat parents!

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In Conclusion 

There’s always a reason why your Cat is suddenly pooping on the floor and it’s up to us to understand what the reason is

I know it can be frustrating and annoying

Especially if your Cat has pooped on a brand new carpet or rug!


It’s not their fault as they can’t speak

Do not shout at your Cat if he has pooped outside the litter box

That will just make matter worse!

If you follow the tips above then in no time your Cat will start using the litter box!

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