How To Raise a Kitten To Be Cuddly – (Make Your Kitten a Cuddle Bug)

In this article you’re going to learn about how to raise a kitten to be cuddly

You’re going to learn what you can do to raise your kitten to grow up and be a cuddle bug

You’ll learn the different methods you can show your little kitten how much you love them so when they grow up they’ll become a lap Cat (A Cat that just loves sleeping on your lap)

Sound good?

Let’s dive straight in!

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Do you want your Kitten to be a Cat that is Cuddly and just loves to cuddle?

Then you’re in the right place

Because today I am going to talk about and give you the answer that is asked by first time kitten owners which is – “how to raise a kitten to be cuddly”

The best Part?

It’s very easy because all you have to do is¬†follow these easy steps

We Cat Parents all want our little feline friend to be all huggy and cuddly.

Who wouldn’t want that right?

Coming back from a hard days work and cuddling with your kitten.

That is a heavenly feeling!

Not to forget cuddling with your Cat on a cold day

That warm feeling when your Cat is cuddling with you is much needed when it’s cold!

So how do you raise a kitten to be cuddly?

It’s every Cat parents wish that there Cats are raised to be cuddly.

And it was my wish too!

Let me tell you,

My Cat was not cuddly at all too!

Until now

He’s around 12 years old

And he just loves to cuddle now

He always looks for every opportunity to sleep in any of my family members lap!

I love it when he sleeps on my lap because that means I can’t get up

Which means, I don’t need to do any house chores! (Lol)

I guess the more older they become they tend to cuddle more and become more affectionate with age..


That does not mean you can’t raise your kitten to be cuddly

You just need to show your kitten how much you love them and they will in return become affectionate to you

How To Raise a Kitten To Be a Lap Cat

Here are 12 ways you can use to raise your kitten to be a affectionate cuddly Cat

Look After Your Cats Needs

You have to make sure your kittens needs are being met in order for her to be happy, comfortable and healthy.

And how can you do this?


Litter Box 

Make sure your Kittys litter box is cleaned regularly

No Cat would want to use a litter box that is filthy right?

Fresh Water Available

Ensure there is always fresh water available for your kitten.


Give your kitten the best of quality of food that are full of great nutrients


Mae sure you have a variety of toys that your kitten can play with because if you have the same old toys then eventually your kitty will get bored


Cats love treats and they’ll do anything for them! My Cat demands treats and won’t stop demanding till he gets one! So treat your kitty and give her treats and she’ll appreciate that and that will bring a closer bond between the two of you

Cat bed 

Your kitty would want their own personal space and own sleeping place too. You should buy them a good Cat bed or make them one with soft bedding. What you could also do is, you can rub her bedding against you as that way the bedding will have some of your scent to it. Why? because her safe resting area will be associated with your scent. That way she will be more inclined to cuddle with you due to the scent

Scratching post

Cats need to scratch because they have retractable claws. There is a sheath that is located within their paws that the claws retract to.

You see what happens is that your kitty needs to regularly shed these sheaths in order for new claws to grow which make it a necessity for them to scratch.

Providing them with a scratching post will help her with basic needs and keep her happy. A bonus is this will prevent your kitty from scratching the furniture!

You can check out this scratching post from Entirely Pets (25% off) 

Provide your little furball with a safe environment, keep her happy and make sure her basic needs are met will make her feel relaxed and most likely this will open up doors for bonding with you and ultimately she will start to cuddle with you

Calmness Around Your Kitty

Being calm around your kitty is vital in order to build that connection. Kittens do get scared very easily with sudden movements.

Don’t forget they are still kinda new to the world.

You have to make sure you do not show any kind of aggression.

Always be calm and happy around your kitten

There may be times where your kitten may test your patience for example not using the litter box.

If they do create an accident and you are having problems with your kitten not using the litter box then I would strongly recommend checking out my other article I wrote on how to litter train your kitten fast

If your kitten has just moved in with you then you should try and move slowly around her and let her get used to you and being in your presence.

This will be appreciated by your kitten for sure!

Play with your Kitten

Kittens have loads of energy!

Trust me

My brother had a kitten and my word he was so full of energy!

He would chase after anything that moves.

They need to use up all that energy and the way to do this is play with them

2 reasons

This will help them release all the energy they have



This will create an amazing bond between you two

I’m not saying spend the whole day playing with your kitty

Spend at least 15 – 20 mins giving some of your time and playing with her

She will appreciate this and will build that connection

I would recommend buying a variety of toys, this way she won’t get bored easily

When you think she is comfortable around you playing with her you can try holding your kitten and leaving her in your lap and see how she responds.

A word of advice –

Do NOT let your kitten play with your hand

That would be a very big mistake


Because in the beginning, her biting your hand won’t hurt

Though when she does get older and she has the habit of biting your hand

It will be painful

You should check out my article on how to stop a cat from biting you 

Feed her and show affection too

Kittens love being fed

Who doesn’t?

So next time you feed your kitten

Stay with her

And stroke her gently whilst she is eating

Try to do this whenever you feed her

Because the positive feeling of being fed will be associated with your touch as well

Shower your Kitty with Love

Just like us humans, Cats want to be loved too

There’s a myth about how Cats are independent and don’t need us which is completely untrue

Cats do need us and want out love and affection

Did you know Cats are emotionally intelligent? You can find out more about this by clicking here 

There are many ways you can show your Cat love

Let me show you different ways you can

  • Let your Cat sleep with you or what I call it “Cat Nap”¬†
  • Groom your kitty by stroking them behind their ears or under their chin.. They love that!¬†
  • Slowly blink at your Cat – This is a way of telling them you love them.. Cute eh?¬†
  • Spending quality time with your kitty and playing with her¬†
  • Giving them Cat treats!¬†

These are some of the ways you can show your Cat love

I have written a in depth article on How do you tell your Cat you love them talking about each bullet points

It’s very important we show our Kitty love¬†everyday¬†because of course they can see this and also understand this.

Let’s make it a habit to spend at least 15 minutes with our little feline friends and build that connection with them

This will definitely be reciprocated and make our kitten grow up to be a cuddle bug!

Stroke your Kitty in places she loves

So where are those places to stoke your kitty that she loves?

Let me tell you

Behind the ears – Your kitten will love that. Give it a go and see how she responds

Under the chin – Watch how your kitty will lift her head up and push it more towards you when you do this!

At least once a day stroke your kitten as this will also build a great bond and connection.

Your kitty will get used to this and in no time will jump on your lap wanting to be stroked

And also don’t forget

Stroking a Cat does have benefits!

It relaxes you and also is very soothing for your Cat

So, next time you have had a long day at work, try stroking your Cat and see how that releases your stress and makes your feel calm.

Here’s a video version of this article if you don’t enjoy reading

In Conclusion 


The main thing is, that we show love to our Cat and make sure we meet her basic needs and create a safe environment for her because by doing this, she will definitely appreciate it and will become close to you and will want the cuddles.. She won’t want them she’ll demand them!

This will also create such an amazing special bond and you’ll notice how she has started to become cuddly with you

Yes, it can be hard work but don’t out little kitty deserve it? She deserves the best and it’s up to us Cat parents to be the best

Not only should we meet her needs and show love to them

We need to also understand our Cat

Understand what they are saying to us

Are they in pain?

Why is she meowing?

Is she hungry?

Does she want attention?

These are all questions we need to answer and find a solution too.

That is why I recommend Cat Language Bible 

It’s an awesome book that teaches you how to speak to your Cat in a way she understands!

Crazy right?

But you can speak to your Cat, and not only communicate with your little kitty in a better way, but you’ll also be able to care for her in better way too

And isn’t the ultimate objective of keeping a Cat, is to care for her in the best possible way you can?

This book teaches you how you can exactly do that – Take good care of your Kitten and also how to hold a actual conversation with your Kitty

If you want your Kitten to be cuddly then you need to show her you love her in a way she understands

Imagine telling your little furball how much you love her and she understands what you’re saying

That would build a strong connection with your Kitten and this will make your Kitten grow up to become a cuddle bug

And then your Cat will sleep on your Lap on every opportunity she can get!

It’s best to build that strong connection with your Kitty at a young age

This Cat Language Bible will basically give you a advantage over other Kitten parents

You’re going to learn all the secrets to human – feline connection

Not only that but you get some really cool bonuses with Cat Language Bible

Here are the bonuses you’ll get along with Cat Language Bible

Bonus 1 РThe Cat Care Guide 

Give yourself a head-start and learn how you can show love to your Cat in a way that only few other can match!

Bonus 2 РTraining Your Cat 

Yes! You can train your Cat too! This bonus will teach you how you can build obedience in your Cat the¬†correct way.¬†You;’ll learn how you could do this using love, language feedback and instruction

Bonus 3 РA-To-Z Feline Nutrition 

This guide will show you how you can give your Cat a life full of strength, creativity and vitality. Nutrition is very important for your Cat which is why this guide is so essential for Cat parents

Bonus 4 РFREE Lifetime updates 

If there are any updates (research is always ongoing) then you’ll receive all the updates free!

There you have it!

The Cat Language Bible with 4 awesome bonuses!

I didn’t even mention the price!

This ALL costs..¬†$27 but hurry because I think they’re having a offer of $10 OFF¬†

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If you’re still feeling skeptical and not 100% sure this guide is for you then you should check out my Cat Language Bible Review¬†

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