How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying In The House – Fast & Easy Way!

Your Cat Will NEVER Stop Spraying 

Of course they’ll stop spraying 

Now that I’ve got your attention, can you relate to these questions below?

Do you want your Cat to stop spraying inside your house?

Are you tired of your house smelling like Cat urine? 

Do you want to leave the house without the constant worry of your Cat marking everywhere? 

Then carry on reading because you’re going to DISCOVER how you can stop this spraying business – Permanently! 

In this article you are going to learn about how to stop your Cat from spraying in the house

The best part?

No more of your house smelling like Cat urine (The worst smell that can possibly engulf your house!)

Or worse.. getting rid of your Cat (That’ll never happen!)

Cat spraying is one of the most common problem for Cat owners… I mean Cat slaves (We are there servants after all!)

I should know because my Cat drives me insane with this behavior of spraying!

Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but coming home from a hard days work and you get a whiff of that strong Cat urine smell coming from somewhere around the house

The smell is coming from somewhere in the house and the most annoying part is.. You don’t know where it is coming from!

I’m sure you can relate right?


There’s always a solution to a problem

What we need to understand is Cats are very territorial animals.

They love their space and if they think their territory is in danger they will spray

And in reality we don’t own our Cats.. They own us!

Now, Cats are usually very clean animals and if provided with litter boxes they will usually do their business in the litter tray or even in the garden soil (if you’re okay with that, especially if it’s your neighbors! lol just kidding)

When your little furball starts to spray in the house then this could be a cause for concern.


Because it’s not natural for your Cat to start marking his territory everywhere in the house

It’s there way of communicating.. Especially with other Cats

I would like to stress on one point and that is, if your Cat does spray or is urinating in the house, punishment or shouting at your Kitty is not the way forward at all

Because this will only make the problem worse and will even make your Cat fear you!

I’m sure that is the last thing you would want to happen.

How To Stop your Cat From Spraying In The House

First we need to identify if your Cat is actually spraying/marking their territory or urinating

You see, Cats use their urine as scent signals or they use it as a mark for themselves or other Cats.

There is a difference to when a Cat sprays or is urinating

What you need to do in order to identify if your Cat is spraying or urinating is you need to do some detective work!

You’ll need to spy on your Cat and try to catch him in action.

This will determine if your Cat is actually spraying or urinating.

When a Cat a urinates, he will usually squat and urinate a amount which will look like a puddle. They would tend to urinate on the Carpet, sofas, the bath or even your duvet.

When Cats spray, they are standing and lift their tail up erect and sort of quiver. A small amount of urine is then sprayed backwards on vertical surfaces.

You’ll know the difference straight away when you catch your Cat in action.

When cats spray, they will usually spray on things like a wall, curtains, close to a door or window, especially curtains.

Some would even spray on shopping bags or electrical equipment.

Once you’ve pretty much seen what your Cat does and are certain which of the above your Cat is doing then you can take action and resolve this behavior.

Before we carry on, if you know where your Cat has urinated and can see the urine then I would really advise you to clean it up immediately with a product that uses enzyme because this will completely remove the odor and not just cover up the scent.

I have a top 5 best Cat urine odor removers which I suggest you check out.

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I stress that you make sure you cleaned the urine thoroughly because your Cat’s smell sense is stronger than yours and if there is still urine left there, although we may not be able to smell it your Cat can, and they will urinate there again

Medical Problem?

Your Cat may have started urinating inappropriately due to a medical condition so a visit to the vets should be the first thing on your checklist.

Your Cat may have Cystitis or any other type of urinary tract infection/diseases which is causing your Cat to urinate frequently.

This infection or disease could cause your Cat to not use the litter box or go outside because they can’t hold it in.

Sometimes this could be confused with your Cat spraying which is why I would advise your take your Cat to the vets and seek expert advice from a Vetiniarian.

So now if you have already taken your Cat to the vets and their is no medical condition then you may still be wondering or question how to stop a cat from spraying indoors

Well their could be a number of reasons why so let’s go through them

Let’s first go through why your Cat may be urinating in the house. (Remember there is a difference to urinating and spraying)

Problems with the litter tray 

This is one of the most common problems as to why Cats will urinate in the house.

Let’s find out what could cause this behavior of not using the litter box.

  1. Dirty litter tray – Let’s face it, why would a Cat use a litter box if it is dirty. We as humans would not want to use a toilet that is filthy and has not been cleaned so then why would our Cats want to use the litter box if it is not cleaned. Remember, Cats are very clean animals so they would expect the place they do their business to be clean
  2. Wrong type of litter – if you are always changing the litter or even adding scented litter could really put off your Cat from using the litter box. Cats usually prefer the fine grain litter with some consistency of sand. If for whatever reason you want to change the type of litter then you should gradually introduce it by mixing the litter. Do this over a week and see how your Cat feels.
  3. Location of the litter box – If the litter box is located next to the washing machine then this could frighten your Cat due to the noise which is why there is litter box avoidance. Also, if it is located next to where your Cat eats may put off your Cat. In short, make sure the litter box is some place where the Cat has privacy and also a escape route.
  4. Number of litter boxes – The general rule is to have 2 litter boxes per Cat because Cats like to urinate in one box and poo in another. Try adding more litter boxes in the house.

I have a article focusing on how to get your Cat to use the litter box which you could read by clicking here 

Now that we have covered and looked into why your Cat may be urinating in the house let’s look at the reasons why your Cat may be spraying indoors.

My Cat Has Started Spraying In The House! – How To Stop This

Okay, so why is your Cat spraying indoors and how can you stop it.

First we need to understand that all Cats spray.

Male or female

entire or neutered

Cats commonly will spray outdoors as a way to communicate with others.

For example, when my Cat goes outside he will go straight to a Car and spray! 

Usually Cats will spray to leave a scent which will alert other Cats and let them know that “This is mine”

Basically you’re entering my territory

Cats are very territorial so you can understand why this behavior.

They would also spray to make that particular area smell familiar to them which sorts of boosts their self confidence.

If your Cat is un-neutered then the urine can signal both, the presence of the Cat and the sexual status.

Most pet Cats are neutered so they won’t usually spray indoors because they don’t feel the need to.

If your neutered Cat is spraying indoors then you should take this as a sign that your Cat may be stressed and he is trying to make himself feel more secure by marking his territory with his own scent.

Your Cat may start to spray indoors and mark his territory because of a neighboring Cat. Your may start to feel threatened which results in your Cat spraying.

If this is the cause, then you should lock your Cat flap and you yourself should let your Cat outside and inside.

Your Cat may spray in or around the Cat flap to warn off other Cats.

What you could do is, replace the Cat flap to one which opens by a magnet or a electronic key on your Cats collar.

If you see the other Cats coming into your Garden then chase them away which will support your Cat outside.

Once your Cat feels the indoor environment is safe and secure then there won’t be any need for your Cat to mark his territory indoor.

Introduction of a new Cat to the household 

When you introduce a new Cat to the household then this will make your Cat feel threatened because they are entering his territory which will result in your Cat marking his territory indoors.

To combat this difficult problem you will need to be able to prevent this conflict between your Cat and the new Cat.

What you can do to start off with is give more security to the threatened Cat. Bring the Cats together and make it a means of something rewarding. Maybe give your both Cats treats together when they are in the same room.

Slowly bring them together when you are feeding them.

If your Cat likes attention then give it to him with the new Cat in the same room.

Reducing stress

Changes in the household such as redecorating or moving houses could cause your Cat to start spraying indoors.

Try to keep your Cat’s routine the same because Cats hate change.

You could also try Feline diffuse kit which contains pheromone like substances that is designed to help your Cat stay calm. It can be used to help Cats that are under stress.

You can find out more on how to help your Cat stay relaxed when he is stressed by clicking here 


Spraying is definitely a problem you don’t have to live with and I’m sure you would not want to live with because it can literally make you want to tear your hair out!

Not only can it be upsetting, it can be stressful for you too and it can be easily become incredibly expensive for you to keep cleaning the urine which is why I wanted to eradicate this problem once and for all.

When my Cat spraying indoors it got to such a problem that my family were telling to me get rid of my Cat!

That’s something that will never happen

But you know how it gets when family members start putting pressure on you, it can get difficult and stressful

If you follow these steps in the article, there’s a high chance your Cat will stop marking it’s territory with urine in your house

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