How To Litter Train a Kitten Fast

Hi there, for those who are new to my website, my name is Ibrahim and in this article I will talk about how to litter train a kitten fast.

First of all Congratulation on your new kitten!

Let me tell you something.

Kittens are awesome!

I remember when I first adopted my little kitten who’s name is Tiger (He’s gone very big now)

This is a picture of him.

He was only 8 weeks old in this picture

Doesn’t he look so adorable?

And trust me, when they are at a young age they can be very hyper and full of energy!

They pounce on everything and anything.

They may even bite you! If this is the case then you should check out my article on how to get your Cat to stop biting you 

Anyway, all this excitement and playing with your kitten is something new!

I know the feeling.

Especially coming home from a hard days work and you see your little furball and then to play with him is a amazing feeling.


When your little kitten won’t use the litter box and starts to leave poo or urine everywhere in the house it can become a nightmare!

Don’t get me wrong, it is all part of having a little adorable kitten as a pet

Training them to use the litter box can be difficult!

As a Cat parent it is important to get them to use the litter box at early, as it is a important part of early feline development.

I have got some good news for you so carry on reading..

Kittens are quick learners and will naturally understand to use the litter box when they need to use it.

This is as long as you provide the correct encorougement

So here’s what can you do to help your kitten to use the litter box fast!

Check it out below.

How to litter train a kitten fast 

1 – It is important to introduce litter at the right time

This is crucial in getting your kitten to use the litter box at the right time.

You should wait till your kitten is around 4 weeks old which they may start to play around with the litter and start digging naturally.

This is when they pretty much use their instinct to start burying their feaces which is why at around 4 weeks old it is the right time to get them started using the litter box.

This does not mean that once you put your kitten in the litter box they will automatically start using it.

You have to be patient and let them dig and play in it.

This will get them familiarize with the litter.

If for whatever reason your little furball does not play or dig the litter you will need to show them how it’s done.

You can create his interest by you demonstrating how to dig the litter.

Or another way is you can hold his paw and stimulate the action of digging.

Just remember, every kitten learn at different pace so you have to be patient!

2. Choosing the right litter 

When choosing litter for your kitten’s litter box it is important to choose the right one because after all your kitten should feel comfortable when using the litter box. We should try to make it as convenient for them as possible because this will only get them to use the litter box fast right?

Kittens are like babies, they love to explore with their mouth which is why they may sometime consume the litter so when buying litter make sure you get something that is safe for your kitten and is not dangerous.

Kittens tend to prefer unscented litter and also fine textured litter.

If you cannot decide which litter is the best for your kitten then just buy several different types and see for yourself which litter they prefer

3. Cleaning the litter box regularly 

Just like how we would not want to use a dirty toilet, your kitten will not want to use a dirty litter box!

What we Cat parents need to understand that Cats are extremely clean animals. I mean, they spend around 30% of their life grooming themselves!

So, what this basically means is, if the litter box is not regularly cleaned then most likely your little kitten will avoid it. No lazying around with cleaning your kitten’s litter box!

You should at least scoop the litter boxes once a day.

Remember, a clean litter box is pleasant for us and for them and this will only encourage your kitten to come back every time they need to relieve themselves.

4. Praise your Kitten often – NEVER Punish them

Every time your kitten uses the litter box, you should praise them often. Maybe give them a treat too. (My Cat will do anything for a treat!)

When you praise your kitten every time he uses the litter box, they will soon learn to associate a good feeling every time they use the litter box. This will only help them use the litter box fast!

A little patience, lots of encorougement will surely get your kitten using the litter box quickly.

If for whatever reason your kitten has peed outside the litter box, then immediately clean and disinfect the area because trust me, that Cat urine will smell up the whole room!

You can check out my top 5 Cat urine removers in 2018 by clicking here

5. Add more Litter boxes 

You should always have more than one litter box for each Cat. So, if this is your first kitten then you should get 2 litter box. Some Cats like to urinate in one and poo in a different litter box.

Other Cats won’t use a litter box that has been used by another Cat so if you have more Cats then be prepared to buy more litter boxes.

Here’s a great litter box you can buy for your little kitten

6. Litter Box Location 

This is very important if you want to train your kitten to use the litter box fast!

Cats prefer to have their litter box located somewhere quiet, in a private place. This makes them feel safe.

If the litter box is placed in the house where there is loud noise such as a washing machine or dryers this will startle them. You’d want to give your little kitten some privacy when they are using the litter box right? I mean we’d want privacy when we go use the washroom.

If these steps are not in place, this could be enough for your kitten pee outside the litter box someplace else in the house.

If you have more than once Cat in your household then make sure the litter box is located somewhere in the house where there is an entrance and also a escape route. You don’t want your kitten to feel cornered by another dominant Cat.

These are all points to be considered when you choose the location to place a litter box.

7. Size of litter box 

When your kitten wants to use the litter box they will want a litter box that is big enough otherwise they will avoid using the litter box altogether! Having a large litter box will avoid any “over the side” accident

8. Time to visit the vet 

If none of these steps work then it would be best to go and see a Vet just to be on the safe side and rule out any medical conditions.

You can check out a number of reasons why your Kitten may not be using the litter box in my other article How to get your Cat to use the litter box 

In Conclusion 

Training your little kitten to use the litter box will take time and patience.

Keep rewarding them when they do and encourage them as this will only get them to use the litter tray more quicker.

There will be times when your kitten will not use the litter box for some reason but this is where you will come in and and identify why they are not using the litter box.

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End of the day, we want to have that great connection with our little furball right?

Last thing us Cat owners want to do is, shout at them and get angry at them.

They’re doing something which in reality is not their fault and here we are shouting at them and poor them they don’t even know what they’re doing wrong.

I think it’s necessary we understand our Cats and help them.

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