How To Stop Your Cat From Over Grooming – Stop Your Cat From Suffering!

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I’m going to show you how you can save your Cats fur and ensure your Cat is not suffering due to excessive grooming

In short: If you want your Cat to have a healthy shiny coat and no more fleas then you’ll love this article

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Cats are very clean

Very very clean!

They are probably more cleaner than us humans (Even though you probably shower everyday!)

It’s natural behavior for Cats to groom themselves.

Here's a little fact about Cats self grooming
Cats spend around 30% of their waking hours grooming themselves. Can you imagine how clean they love to be!

You see, Cats don’t need to stress about getting through their 9 – 5 or about what they have to cook for dinner however when they do stress then they tend to bite their nails or pull at their hair or what we may call it over grooming.

When Cats groom they do nibble which is normal however when they are stressed then they do it out force and you’ll notice this.

You would be able to see the difference when your little feline friend is grooming or over grooming

What Is Over-Grooming In Cats?

Before we talk about over grooming we need to understand what is over grooming.

Cats are constantly grooming themselves.

As I mentioned earlier they tend to spend 30% of their waking hours as grooming themselves.

If your Cat is spending more than 30% of their time grooming themselves then we need to be concerned.

I know this might be difficult to spot this because every time we look at our Cat he’s always grooming which we may consider to be normal but there is one important thing to consider when you see your Cat grooming.

What you need to consider is – Is your Cat losing hair? 

It is not considered normal if your Cat starts to develop bare patches on the skin because of self grooming. If this does happen then you should seek professional help.

What Causes Excessive Grooming In Cats

One of the common reason a Cat will over groom is because of fleas.

If this is the case then you should treat your Cat immediately with medication for fleas.

I would recommend getting Advantage 2 flea control for cats and kittens over 9 lbs to treat fleas for your Cat.

What I love about this product is

It kills the flea cycle

Also, when you apply this drop to your cat

Within 12 hours fleas and their larvae are killed! 

And that’s the main thing

If you want to get rid of fleas quick then this is the drops for your cat

It’s a 4 month supply too – not bad!

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It’s important you treat him immediately because your Cat will feel irritated with the constant licking and scratching.

Imagine having mosquito’s bite you constantly! It can become really frustrating.

I remember when I went India and the whole night I constantly had mosquitos biting me. I forgot to purchase them cream to treat mosquito’s so that whole night I was scratching myself! It was not a very great night of course.

Now, when I put myself in my Cats “paws” I can imagine how frustrating it can be to have fleas bite them continuously.

We love our Cats and there is not doubt about that so that is why once we see or realize our Cats has fleas then we should treat them immediately.

Other common reasons why Cats will over groom themselves are

  • Your Cat may be stressed and in order for him to relieve himself he will over groom. Whether it is severe stress or mild, Cats will resort to licking them selves excessively.
  • There could be a skin disease or an allergy that may be causing an itch that leads to over grooming.
  • Parasites or mites can be a reason for your Cat to over groom

Psychogenic Alopecia – Excessive Grooming

What is psychogenic alopecia?

psychogenic alopecia is a condition when the Cat excessively grooms themselves which then becomes an obsessive behavior. This is usually bought on by stress or anxiety.

Grooming for Cats can be calming for them so when they are faced with sudden changes to their environments or a sudden conflict or even a perceived threat they will groom themselves in order to feel calm.

In most cases, once the threat has gone the Cat will stop with this behavior.

You’ll need to keep an eye out for this because once that threat is gone but your Cat continues to lick and groom themselves in a irresistible manner then it is likely that your Cat now cannot control himself and has become compulsive behavior.

How To Treat Psychogenic Alopecia & Stop Your Cat Over Grooming

If your vet has diagnosed your Cat with psychogenic alopecia then it is vital that you try and find out what environmental changes or social changes that has occurred which has led to your Cat to being stressed.

You need to ask yourself

  • Have you recently moved home?
  • Have you introduced a new Cat?
  • Has there been an additional member to your family?
  • Litter box problems?
  • Change in litter box location?

These are some of the questions you need to answer and only you as a Cat parent would know because you know your Cat more than anyone else

If your Cat is stressed out then you need to make your Cat relaxed

Check out my article on How to calm a stressed Cat down 

Your vet may provide some medication but I believe both medication and environmental change will help your Cat

Here are some tips to help your Cat if he is suffering from psychogenic alopecia

  • It’s important that we give our Cat some play time otherwise they will get bored and this may result in them over grooming. We should at least give them 10 – 15 minutes of playtime. Your Cat will love the attention and this is a way of keeping your Cats mind off over grooming
  • Try to keep your Cats daily routine the same as possible. Keep their play time and eating time the same time as possible.
  • Introduce new play areas for your Cat. Maybe buy some new toys or some cat nip pack toys. You could also get them a scratching post, they love that! Change the toys often as this will keep them interested.
  • Avoid punishing your Cat or shouting a them as this could make the problem worse. In reality we should never shout or punish them.

How Can I Relieve My Cats Stress?

One of the main reasons your little furball is excessively grooming themselves is because they are stressed

That’s right, Cats can get stressed just as how we get stressed too

And one way of your Cat is dealing with this stress is to over-groom themselves

You must be wondering how can you calm a stressed Cat down?

I actually have written a in-depth article on how you can relieve your Cat from stress

You can check it out by clicking the link below

How to calm a stressed Cat down 

One thing I would recommend for you to do is to get yourself a Feliway Plug-In Diffuser Refill, 48 mL, 3-Pack

It’s a great way to calm a stressed Cat

It’s important to keep your Cat stress free because you don’t want any problems

And not only that, it’s not fair on them to be stressed right?

If they’re stressed they’ll also mark their territory and spray all over the house

The price is not too bad as well

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How To Stop Your Cat Over Grooming

If your Cat does suffer from over grooming then it is very important that you find out what is causing this problem

Look at the possible causes and once you have identified what the cause is, you can make the necessary changes

Try all the above methods and work on it consistently and in good time you have will have a happier and healthier cat!

If you notice fleas on your Cats then you should get this treated immediately

You don’t want your Cat to be infested with fleas

I personally have had much success with both although it’s easier to put drops on your Cats then give tablets

For example, my Cat is very clever, I would mix the tablet in his food so he’d eat it

But what he does is, eats everything and leaves the tablet out!

Here’s a quick video showing you how to apply spot on treatments

As mentioned earlier, I would recommend checking out Advantage 2 flea control for cats and kittens over 9 lbs

What’s also very important is

Fleas can be everywhere in your house

And those tiny things can infest your cat again

We can’t see them but they could be everywhere and it’s your little Furball that will suffer

A sign of fleas on your Cat means fleas in the house

The worst part?

You can’t even see the fleas or where they’ve laid their eggs

They lay eggs everywhere and that’s it – Your house is infested with fleas

And this is obviously not good for your Kitty

So you need to kill the fleas on your Cats and also kill the fleas and eggs that are in the house

And this can be a impossible job

I mean how can you kill all fleas in the house when you can barely see them

You don’t know where they are or anything

So you don’t even know where to start!

But don’t worry

There’s always a solution to a problem right?

You want your house to be flea free?

Then you need to check out Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Control 2019 (2-Pack), Plug in Home, 

You must be wondering what is this?

It’s a ultrasonic pest repellent

It pretty much works for sorts of pests including fleas

So it can be a win win situation if you have other fleas in your house

What I love about this is

Non toxic and Non poison

Completely safe for humans and pets!

Oh, how do you install this?

Just plug it in

And no, you don’t need refills

Happy days!

Just plug it in where you think there’s fleas

Or sometimes you may have seen one actually on you, or if you’re lucky jumping around on your floor in a certain room

If you do

Plug it in that room

And do the vacuum too!

This is a great way to kill them fleas

A house that is flea free means your cat will be flea free

And that means, your cat won’t over groom!

So this is a great way of dealing with fleas

It’s a battle but I’m sure if you’re prepared you will win

In Conclusion

It can be tricky to actually realize if your Cat is over-grooming so make sure to pay special attention when they are grooming themselves?

Do you notice your Cat licking himself more than usual?

If your Cat is grooming excessively due to boredom then play with your Cat. You should spend at least 15-20 minutes per day playing with your Cat

This will keep your Furball active and will also build love and a strong connection between you two

If you’re in doubt then pay a visit to the Vets just to make sure everything is okay with your Kitty

Also, if you do notice fleas then make sure this is treated immediately

You don’t want to wait around too long because fleas can reproduce






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