How to get your Cat to stop biting you

“How to get your Cat to stop biting you?” is a question all Cat owners tend to ask.. including me!

Hi I’m Ibrahim and in this article I’m going to talk about how you can get your little feline friend to stop biting that hand that feeds them.

I mean we love our Cats, infact love them to bits. They become family right?

However, their behavior can become really frustrating!

They can tend to get aggressive when playing.. or just attack you out of nowhere!

Check out the scenarios below and I’m sure you’d agree.. I would not be surprised if these scenarios have actually happened to you already because It’s happened to me..

You’ve just come home from work and all of a sudden your Cat out of nowhere attacks you and bites you.

Or you’re just sitting down minding your own business and again your Cat decides he wants to bite you and takes a little nibble on your arm or bites your ankle.

Or the one that always happens to me – Your Cat knows where you keep the treats so he decides to hang out there and DEMANDS a treat.. You ignore them, they get angry and lash out!

It has happened to you right?

It is frustrating and annoying which we can’t deny

But the last thing we want to do is shout at them or scold them! This will harm your relationship with your Cat and that’s not something us Cat parents would want.

You should never punish your Cat if he has bitten you or attacked you.

It could have a lasting negative impact on your Cat

Punishing your Cat could lead to

  • Stress
  • Increased Unwanted behavior
  • Your Cat may become afraid of you
  • Your Cat may not even know why she is being punished
  • The behavior could get worse

All the above points is something we Cat parents would want to highly avoid right?

So I can’t stress how important it is to never resort to punishing your Cat.

End of the day your Cat deserves better.

Here are 6 ways on how to get your Cat to stop biting you

1.Never use your fingers as toys

If you have never given your fingers or your hand as a toy to your Cat or kitten then I would highly advise you not to! Why? Because it may be very cute when your little kitten that weighs 2 pounds playing with you with their baby teeth however when they are a fully grown adult with grown little fangs digging right into your flesh will be a different story

Get your Cat to play with real toys from the beginning that way they get used to playing with toys. If you give them your hand then of course they will get use to playing with your hand then you’ll have to get used spending the next 15 or so years covering your hand and arms!

2. Provide toys for your Cat 

Just how we get bored your Cat does not want to get bored too. Your Cat is a predator so they want to hunt and kill. They have this adrenaline in them that they need to release so if they have been using your hand or arms as toys then this is what they will prey upon. Providing your Cat with toys will help both of you. There are many toys out there that you can purchase. Play around with a couple and see which one your Cat loves. Then play with him everyday for at least 15 – 20 minutes. This will not only keep your Cat entertained but will also strengthen the bond between you two.

If you have only one Cat then another thing you could think about is getting another Cat. If you are not at home for most of the day and there is nobody else to play with him then getting another Cat will give your little feline friend company. They could play together so that way when you’re at work or gone out they can keep themselves busy.

3. Find out why your Cat is biting you

Are you getting your Cat angry without even knowing? Or maybe he is stressed? Do you have children or kids that come over and run after your Cat trying to stroke him or pet him? These are some of the things you need to analyze and figure out why your Cat may be biting. He may be bored and wants to play so to get your attention your Cat may bite you.

4. Spray him with water

This is pretty simple. When your Cat bites you then you spray him with a water bottle or a small water gun. The only problem with this method is – you need to know when exactly your Cat bites you so you’re ready to spray with the water bottle. This needs to be consistent and also done exactly when your Cat bites you. This is because your Cat then can associate biting you with water being sprayed towards him. If you spray the water bottle 2 – 3 minutes after he has has bitten you, your Cat will not learn and may result in your Cat biting even more!

This method will work and be most effective if your Cat bites you at a specific time or place so you can be ready with the spray bottle. My Cat tends to get aggressive when he wants a treat and we don’t give him! He’s more demanding then my 18 month old daughter! But hey, I love my Cat to bits

5Stop Playtime when it becomes aggressive 

If you notice that your Cat is biting you during playtime with him then you need to show him that this behavior is not acceptable. You can do this by turning your back towards him when he attacks you and stopping play immediately. In this moment, do not speak to him and resume play after a minute or two. If you consistently do this then your Cat will get the message

6. Start using Time out

If number 5 does not work then you can be a bit more stern in your approach and send out a stronger message to your cat when bites you during play. What you do is, as soon as he bites you, stop playing him,pick him up, take him to another room and walk away. This will help him understand the connection between when he bites you and how that results in the fun being completely stopped.

7. Infected tooth or Gum Disease 

One of the reasons your Cat may be biting at you is because of a infected tooth or even a gum disease. If you notice your Cat has started snapping at you for no reason then it may be worth taking them for a check up at the vets.

8. Stop petting your Cat and give him some space 

When my Cat has had enough of petting and stroking him then he will lash out at me. This is a warning from my Cat saying “back off please because now is not a good time”. What I do in this situation is slowly back off and speak to him softly and stop petting him or stroking (I love petting him though!). We all love stroking our little feline friend but hey! Too much can get annoying for the little fella right? When he wants affection or wants to be stroked let them come to you

In Conclusion – How to get your Cat to stop biting you

It is normal when you have a Cat that bites because they use their mouth and paw to explore the world and in reality you can’t stop them from this but what you can do is go through this list and find out why they may be biting you.

We as Cat owners need to understand our Cats so we can built that connection with them.

Otherwise if there is no connection then ultimately there’s no love.

Just as we as humans need love and affection, our Cats do too

We as Cat Parents need to understand why our Cat may be biting us, or scratching us.

There’s no point in just shouting at them or spraying them with water

That does not solve the problem.

Infact, it could make things worse between you and your litter furball

That is why I believe it is essential we take out some time from our busy days and learn about our Cats.

If you haven’t already, you should check out my in depth review on “Cat Language Bible” by clicking here

This guide I would really recommend to Cat owners because we don’t want to be just like casual roommates to each other and all we do is give a wink or a nod of the head.

We should build that connection with them.


Because this will only help strengthen our bond and connection with them.

We owe it to our Cats

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