Best Cat Urine Remover

Every Cat owner wants to know what is the best Cat urine remover (I’m a proud Cat Owner too!)

Me personally as a Cat owner can understand the frustration of smelling Cat urine somewhere in the house.

Once you find where your Cat has either peed or marked his territory that in itself is a accomplishment!

Next – Getting rid of that smell is something near to impossible


Because no matter what you do, what product you use, that smell is always there

I’m sure just like me, you’ll use this product and wash it over 100 times and still the smell is there.

Every time you enter that room, you can still smell it.

You then ask yourself – Will my room ever smell the same again.

It can be very frustrating and annoying and at one point you just want to tear you hair out!

But – we love our cute adorable feline friends no matter what they do.

After all they are family!

What makes the best cat urine remover?

We first need to understand what we are looking for. What will make an excellent cat urine remover. Well, an excellent product would that which eliminates the odor quickly, it get rids of it completely and also permanently. Where ever your little Feline friend has urinated, for how long that urine has been there for and also how severe the urine is means that you may have to apply more than one time. In this scenario – The best cat urine remover would require the least amount of application and will literally remove every trace of Cat urine.

What to look for when choosing the best cat urine remover

What is actually found in Cat urine? Or you can say what is Cat urine made of? They are a combination of urobilin, sodium, uric acid, urea, creatinine, and other electrolytes and pheromones. Therefore when choosing a Cat urine odor remover. it is important you choose one that is designed to not only neutralize all the components found in Cat urine effectively but to also remove them.

Enzymatic Cleaners

The uric acid which is found in Cat urine is not a water-soluble solution and it remains very tightly to whatever it is in contact with. This cannot be removed with products such as soap, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide or vinegar which are all very common and also recommended when using to remove Cat urine. Although these solutions can remove the smell of Cat urine odor on temporary basis and can also appear to be effective, this in reality does not actually break down the odor-releasing uric acid. As the uric acid is still there, this can continue to release that foul urine odor for years! This may not smell to us Cat parents but this may cause your Cat to return and urinate again which is something we don’t want right?

What Enzymatic cleaners do is they break down the uric acid that is found in Cat urine into carbon dioxide and ammonia which then quickly evaporates. This finally puts an end to that awful Cat urine smell. Happy days!

Here’s a list of my top 5.

Check it out

Top 5 Best Cat Urine Remover


1. SIMPLE SOLUTION Stain & Odor Remover for CATS & DOGS (32 fl oz)

More than just an ordinary deodorizer, this product Simple Solution completely eliminates all organic stains and odor

This product has a combination of advanced cleansers with beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Because of this combination it can provide a big punch however it is safe to use on carpets, pet bedding, clothing, tile, concrete and any other water safe area. Not only does simple solution eliminate cat urine, it also removes vomit, feces, blood, dirt, grass, red wine, juice, coffee, tea and much more!

All the ingredients are non-toxic so it’s harmless to pets and people.

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2. FON (Feline Odor Neutralizer) Spray (8 oz)

This product is by summer hill labs. FON does not mask the odors it actually breaks down the urine and fecal matter which means no more urine smell!

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This is a multi-enzyme formula that works effectively within minutes to break down organic soils. This is a perfect product you need to get rid of that Cat urine smell as this will remove that smell we Cat owners hate! Like I mentioned before about enzymatic cleaners and what they do so this is a all natural Enzymatic cleaner. It has all the ingredients needed to break down the uric acid that is found in Cat urine.  Click here to buy it now 


How Urine Away works is that it’s made with a proprietary, triple action formulation that works at the molecular level to eliminate urine and odor for good! This triple action formula also keeps the odor from coming back. All you need to do is apply and dry. It is also safe and non toxic and non irritating. It has had 4.8* out of 5*

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5. Urine Off Odor & Stain Remover for Cats (32 oz.)

This Urine Off Odor and Stain Remover does exactly what we Cat Owners would want it to do, that is to eliminate the foul smell of urine. This formula just does not cover up or mask the odor, it actually eliminates the odor and also removes the stains that could have been many years old. The pheromone blockers help train cats from future marking which is what we Cat parents want right? Me personally, I get tired of cleaning up the same spot over and over again. The whole objective of using a product to clean the urine is to hope our Cat does not spray in the same spot. This product tackles this issue. Safe to use around people and pets.
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