Why Won’t My Cat Use The Litter Box? – Discover The Secret In Changing This!

In this article you’re going to learn how to get your Cat to use the Litter box

We’ll first look at the different reasons why your Kitty is not using the Litter tray

We’ll then look at how you can solve this problem and get your feline friend to use the litter box again

Sound good?

Let’s dive right in

It can be really frustrating when you come home from a longs day work to find out that your Cat has decided to pee outside the litter box.

Your cat has decided to pee on the couch again, the same spot! 

I understand the feeling and the annoyance this can bring to a Cat parent.

Not only has your Cat not used the litter box that is provided for him but now the whole house smells of Cat urine.

And, let’s face it, Cat urine odor is not the best of odor you would want your house to smell like.

On top of all this, Cat urine can stain fabrics.

If your cat is not using his litter box then this is something you need to look into and find out why this sudden change has happened.

I stress that you should not punish your Cat nor scold him as this can have a very negative impact on your Cat and elimnating this behavior.

First, let’s find out why your Cat may not be using the litter box  

Why Won’t My Cat Use The Litter Box?

There are many reasons why your Cat is not using the litter box so it’s important to understand what is causing this problem

Let’s take a look at different reasons why your little feline friend has stopped using the litter box

Eliminating Any Medical Issue

The first thing all Cat owners should do when they realize their Cats are not using their litter box is to see if there is any medical issues. You should not just assume it is a behavioral problem without taking your Cat to the vet just to ensure there is no medical issues. It could be that your Cat cannot make it to the litter box due to some discomfort

The thing with knowing if your cat has any medical problems is they are so good at hiding their pain

It’s hard to figure out if they’re in pain or not

So your cat could be walking playing but internally they are suffering! 

What if I told you – You can detect any early signs of medical issues in your cat by just your cat using the litter box?

That’s right – with a routine trip of your cat using the litter box you’ll be able to tell if they are healthy or not!

How you ask?

By this revolutionary litter name – Pretty Litter

What is pretty litter?

It’s a odor less litter that changes color if your cat has any medical problems such as UTI or Kidney disease

It changes to 4 colors

Red – This could mean Kidney Disease, Inflammation of Bladder, Blood clotting

Blue – UTI or Kidney stones

Dark Green – Again it could be UTI or kidney stones

Orange – It could mean kidney problems

So by detecting any early signs you can potentially save your cats life by getting them checked asap by the vets

A must have for cat parents

You can learn more about this litter by checking out by in-depth review

Pretty Litter Review (With a Discount Code) Pretty Litter Review With a Discount Code


If you have declawed your Cat then this could be a reason why your Cat may not be using his litter tray. Why? because Cats that have been declawed may still feel pain and discomfort long after the healing period. The Paws of some Cats that have been declawed tend to remain sensitive for the rest of their lives which leads to the texture of litter being too uncomfortable for them. If you are thinking about getting your Cat declawed (I would strongly advise you not to) then read this article about declawing first by clicking here 

Not Enough Litter Box 

Most Cats are not fond of sharing the litter box with one another. If you have multiple Cats then you should provide a litter box for each one of them.

Wrong Litter Box Location 

Most Cats want their privacy when they want to relieve themselves.

You should not look at what is convenient for you but look at what is the best for your adorable feline friend.

The location choice should be convenient for your Cat and safe also.

Avoid putting the litter box where your Cat eats and drinks.

The litter box should also not be placed somewhere in the house where they may get scared for example a Washing Machine.

If it is a multi-cat household then it shouldn’t be lined up in one room rather have them scattered around the house.

The last thing you want is that your Cat is avoiding the litter box because he is afraid to cross the path of another Cat just to get into the one room where they are all located.

Basically, place each box to the Cat’s preference.

If your Cat is peeing in the same spot all the time (Which can be very frustrating) then you should check out my article on how to stop a Cat from peeing on the same spot by clicking here 

Not Enough Litter In The Box 

Be generous when filling up the litter box with litter. Keep a good amount of litter in the box and try to keep it consistent. 3 inches of litter is a good amount.

A Dirty Litter Box  

Cats are very clean animals so they would expect their litter box to be cleaned too. If it is dirty then they will look for other alternatives to relieve themselves. Ask yourself, Would you want to use a toilet that is not flushed or completely dirty? Of course not! So then why would your Cat? You should scoop the litter box at least twice a day. Wash the litter box every month that way it is regularly cleaned and fresh for your Cat to use.

Check out my article – Do cats like clean litter boxes

Wrong Sized Litter Box 

When choosing a litter box, rather choosing one based on the convenience on where it is going to be located in the house, it is better to choose one based on the size of your Cat. In general it should be 1 and half times the size of your Cat.

The Wrong Litter Being Used 

Many Cats don’t like scented litter so it is better to stick with unscented litter. It is natural for a Cat to look for dry loose soil or sand in which they urinate. If you have litter that is similar to this then there is a good chance your Cat using the litter box without any problems. I would recommend using Breeze Tidy Cat Pellets

Stress and Environment Can Affect Your Cat 

Stress could be a factor why your Cat is avoiding the litter box. This can be due to multi cat issues, a sudden change in the house environment such as a new baby, a new spouse, a renovation or maybe you’ve just moved into a new house. This sudden change can cause stress to your Cat. We have to understand that Cats are creatures of habit so when there is a sudden change in their normal routine, they don’t adjust well to this. You should address these issues and ensure your Cat feels safe and secure in his own territory

Do You Have To Train a Cat To Use The Litter Box?

Cats tend to learn themselves to use the Litter box

If you have had your Cat from the time they were kittens then they usually start digging in the sand or litter by 4 weeks

But not all Cats are the same

Some Cats will learn by themselves so you have nothing to worry about

Other Cats may need some encouragement or some sort of training to use the Litter box

Not to worry though because they tend to pick up quickly

So if your Cat is not using the litter box and you’re frustrated about this behavior than you need to look at different ways to train your Cat to use the litter box

This can happen when your Cat has stopped using the litter box because of the reasons I had mentioned above

So let’s take a look at how you can get your Cat to use the litter box again

Carry on reading because I’m going to reveal a step by step guide that you can follow that will make things 100x easier for you

But first let’s look at

How Can I Get My Cat To Pee In The Litter Box

Well, first and foremost it’s important that the points mentioned above, you have taken action.

For example cleaning out the litter box and using the appropriate litter or putting the litter box in the right location

This could be enough to get your cat to start using the litter box.

If you’re struggling with this then you need to create a positive association to get your Cat to use the litter tray

Creating a Positive Association To Assist In Getting Your Cat To Use The Litter Box 

If you do see your Cat using an area in the house he is not supposed to then you should pick him up immediately and place him in the litter box. It’s important to let him know how good he is especially if he has used the litter box.

Make a big deal out of it.

Praise him, pet him

Even give him a treat! (My Cat demands treats Lol!)

This way, you are creating a positive experience for your Cat when he has used the litter box

One thing you need to remember and I strongly advise about this

Do not shout or scold your Cat under any circumstance if he has urinated in the wrong area.

I understand this can be very frustrating

Especially if your new Carpet has been soiled!

Or he’s peed on your clothes

You just gotta have patience


Because shouting at your Cat will create a negative association in your Cats mind with the litter box which will only result in making it harder to get your Cat to use the litter box.

And this means more urine puddles in the house

A house smelling like Cat urine is not something you would want!

In these situation you need to understand your Cat and help them.

Another way you can comfort your feline friend is using Feliway as this creates a calming effects on Cats in stressful environments and helps to de-stress your Cat.

You can get some really good ones on Amazon

Click to here to check price on Amazon 

FELIWAY 30 Day Starter Kit (48mL)If your Cat has urinated outside his litter box then make sure you clean the area immediately.

Because if you don’t do this, chances are your Cat will come back to that very same spot and pee again 

To find out how to get rid of the smell of Cat urine then you can check out my article by clicking here

Most Cats will start using the litter box fairly quickly when you start creating a positive association using the litter box so make this a priority

If your Cat used to use the litter box and has suddenly stopped then this could be a medical problem so you should schedule a visit to your veterinary as soon as possible.

In Conclusion 

It can be frustrating when your Cat is not using the litter box.

I completely understand as I have a Cat of my own and when he does not use the litter box it makes me want to tear my hair out!

And sometimes your Cat won’t just use the litter box no matter how much you try

It’s hard figuring it out too

You could do research all over the Internet trying to figure out why your Cat is not using the litter box, but then that can become information overload!

It can get overwhelming

I mean, one website is saying to do this, and then you got another website telling you something completely different

It can take months to actually figure out how to stop this behavior!

And in that meantime your house is smelling of Cat urine

Relationship with family members is starting to become strained

It can take become really difficult

But what if I told you there was a quicker way?

You can train your Cat to use the litter box quick

All you have to do is follow a step by step system

A guide that is easy to follow

What is that guide you ask?

It’s a guide called Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More

In this guide you’ll learn everything about Cats and not using the litter box!

And I mean every single thing because it goes in really deep!

It’s a step by step system created by Sarah Richards (Veterinarian) on how you can get your Cat to use the Litter box (Again)

It’s very easy to understand and follow

I personally purchased this guide myself which is why I recommend it to all Cat Parents

Here’s a screenshot of my order

Cat Spraying No More

And you know what I loved about this guide

The guide itself of course

But the FREE bonuses that comes with it 😀 

Here’s a screenshot of the bonuses I received

Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More

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But you can check out the bonuses I got by going over to the website

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You’ll truly appreciate your Cat (Even though he’s not using the litter box!) because you’ll learn different in depth reasons why they’re avoiding the Litter tray

If you’re tired of your Cat peeing everywhere but the Litter box and want to put a stop to this behavior you can check out my Cat Spraying No More Review 

I go in depth and cover what it actually is, how it’s helped so many Cat parents with this issue of not using the litter box

Oh, I forgot to mention it has a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you like it, great!

If not (which I doubt) then you can get your money back and you have 60 days to decide

Now that is a win win situation!


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  1. I have 3 cats all together. Two of my cats are 10 months old and the other one is about 4 months. One of my two 10 month old, refuses to use the litter box! My house smells like cat urine and my finace is getting tired of it and is wanting me to get rid of him. I have two cat litter boxes and I just don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried training him like a puppy by being consistent. I’ve talked to a vet and she said that getting him neutered might help but she’s worried about it being a behavioral issue at his age. I NEED help. I really don’t want to get rid of him!

  2. This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me. Many thanks!

  3. That has used litter box without issue for almost thirteen years. Now she’s suddenly not using litter box and only goes outside. I’m thankful she’s not peeing in the house but at the same time I have no idea why she’s not using the Box. I took her to the vet and she got a clean bill of health. Do you have any other suggestions how to get her to use it again. I have tried changing the litter and the box and the location. I don’t know what else to do

  4. My cat ran away and was missing for 2.5 months. When finally found and retrieved he was emaciated and had some significant injuries. He has been nursed back to health but ever since his return he is peeing in the house and only uses the litter box every now and then. Nothing has changed with regards to the location, little, box style, etc. The only change was his hiatus for 2.5 months. Any suggestions? He has been relegated to an outdoor cat until I can figure out a plan to resolve the issue

    • I think it’s because for 2.5 months he was out and must have been petrified right? So this could have a impact on your cat in regards to stress.. Stress can cause litter box avoidance. Can you not leave your cat inside? He must be scared of the outdoors. How many litter boxes do you have? I would recommend Cat Spraying No More – It’s a guide that helps you get your cat to use the litter box. Worth a read especially now that we are at home. It gets sent to you via email straight away so you can work on it right away – I personally got this myself. I’ve written a review on it which you can read and see if this is for you – https://catloverhere.com/2018/04/17/catsprayingnomorereview/ Hope this helps and all the best. Try not to worry too much because it’s a phase that will soon pass 🙂

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