How To Get Rid Of Cat Spray Smell

Tired Of Cat Urine Smell Engulfing Your House? 

Want To Learn How You Can Get Rid Of This Foul Smell Once And For All?

Carry on reading because In this article you’re going to learn how to get rid of Cat spray smell

What do I mean by Cat Spray Smell?

It’s the time when your Cat wants to mark his territory

Different to Cat Urine because Cat Urine looks like a puddle but when a Cat sprays it’s drops of urine and trust me. such small drops of urine give out the strongest smell!

You must know what the smell is like otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article

Enough about how bad Cat urine odor is

Let’s get cracking on how we can get rid of this smell!

Sound good?

Let’s dive straight in

As a Cat owner… I mean a Cat slave!

I love my Cat

I love him to bits.

And I’m sure you as a Cat owner (Slave) love your Cat too, right?

Otherwise you wouldn’t have one in the first place (obviously)

I mean who doesn’t love Cats! They’re too cute and adorable and once we “own” them (We really don’t because they own us!) they become family.

They become very close to us that we can never imagine life without them

They’re such fun and provide us with entertainment with their curiosity and just being themselves

But it’s not always like that right?

Because when your Cat sprays and marks their territory, there is no denying the strong odor that will affect a large area of your home, even though if the problem area is small.

This can really frustrate us Cat owners!

It actually makes us want to tear our hair out!

Drives us crazy!

Especially if we can’t locate where our Cat has sprayed and we are literally sniffing everywhere to look for any urine marks.

Like a Police Dog searching for drugs!

I know the feeling and can strongly relate because my Cat does this too. (Well used too) I found a solution! More about that later on

The worst thing is, coming home from work and your Cat has decided he wants to play a game with you – “Where have I marked my territory?” and let’s face it, it’s not a game we would want to be playing!

Well, I got some good news for you because in this article you are going to learn how to get rid of Cat spray smell

If you can see where your Cat has sprayed then you are very lucky and can clean it up immediately!

However, once the urine has dried then you will have to try to sniff your way to the smell or use a black UV light

How to get rid of Cat spray smell

Once you have found the problem area then it is very important to take some care to remove the urine as completely as possible – not just because of the strong odor smell that makes it feel like it’s destroying your nose! But also to discourage your Cat from thinking the spot is it’s bathroom.

There are organic compounds which are found in Cat pee which can pose some problems when removing the odor.

Some of the compounds are water soluble however the uric acid is not only capable of binding to nearby surfaces but it is also not soluble by water.

When you do find fresh urine you should

  • Wipe up the urine from hard surfaces with a paper towel and then use that same paper towel to wipe any marks found on furniture or rugs. I would recommend not to use cloth unless you are okay with throwing it away after use
  • Your best choice for removing Cat urine would be an enzyme cleaner. Why? Because these cleaners are specifically designed to to break down the uric acid into Carbon dioxide and ammonia which will basically off gas naturally afterwards
  • When using enzyme cleaners do not try to rush the drying process because this can interrupt the normal diffusion of the carbon dioxide and ammonia.
  • When choosing enzyme cleaners – use the best available because the inexpensive cleaners usually requires it being used more than once before they actually remove the odor of Cat urine. I’m sure you would want to get rid of Cat urine as quickly as possible.
  • When using the cleaner then let the enzymes really do their job. You can do this by soaking the area that’s affected with cleaner.
  • Let the enzyme cleaner stay on the area for around a quarter of an hour. You can then blot it up and let the spot dry off naturally.

Rugs are usually the most common area a Cat may urinate however your Cat may also urinate on Clothing, beds or sofas. You should use the same procedure on these as you did on your rugs.

Enzyme cleaners which has been used on slipcovers or clothing should be washed separately

Spray marking will be found on surfaces which are vertical for example a door or a chair leg.

If you want to get the best product to remove Cat urine odor then check out my article where I recommend the best product out there

Best Product To Remove Cat Urine Smell 

In Conclusion

If you have found where your Cat has peed or marked his territory then it is important you act immediately.

I personally believe, instead of waiting for the next accident to happen and then going through this whole process again, it’s better that we as Cat owners learn why our Kitty is urinating someplace else other than his litter box because in reality your Cat should be using the litter box right?

We need to understand our Cat and why they are behaving in a certain way and then tackle the problem from the root

If we do this then I’m positive that you’ll have a very stress free life with a clean smelling house! (Not that our Cats give us stress but urine odor is the worst smell ever!)

Otherwise you’re buying this UV light and this urine remover and going around in circles spending money after money.

It can get quite expensive and we wouldn’t even realize!

It can get worse too

Relationships can get strained

You love your Kitty, but this problem has got family members saying to get rid of your Cat

So you have no choice but to consider giving up your little furball

But the will never happen because they’re family

This all causes stress to both you and your Cat

Having your Cat spraying everywhere can cause emotional stress

But what if I was to tell you

You don’t need to get rid of your Kitty?

Or relationships will not get strained?

Or you can come home knowing it is not going to smell like Cat urine?

Yes, you can keep your Cat indoors and not worry about him spraying on your expensive curtains

Or urinating on your beautiful Rug

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s important to tackle this problem from the root

What do I mean by that?

Well, why is your Cat spraying?

What is causing this behavior?

You have to play detective mode

I know it’s not easy

It can be difficult

But not to worry

Because you can put a stop to this behavior without doing all the research!

No more googling here and there and feeling overwhelmed with all the information

It can get confusing

What if there was a easy system you can follow?

A step by step process

Wouldn’t that make life so much easier right?

That is why I recommend you check out Cat Spraying No More

I personally bought this guide and let me tell you it’s awesome!

It is a guide/system you can follow to stop your Cat from spraying

This guide goes real in depth about how you can stop a Cat spraying

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My Cat would spray everywhere in the house

And it’s so difficult understanding why he’s spraying

The internet doesn’t help too

One website says do this and another website advises to do something else!

This wasn’t helping me

It got to a point where my family members were telling me we can’t have him anymore!

That was NOT going to happen

Thankfully it didn’t 🙂

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